Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Emma Eteson of Knaresborough (1835-1911)

The entry on Emma Eteson of Knaresborough among the dramatis personae of John Richard Stubbs' diaries caught the eye of a reader:
Emma ETESON of/in  Knaresborough
Diary references:
9 Jul 1855: “ Emma Eteson &c to tea”
14 Oct 1856:  “ Miss Stotts...Emma Eteson & Jacob...&c &c”
15 Oct 1856: “ Mrs Powells party  Had cards  Emma Eteson & I played Joe & Miss Smith”
21 Oct 1856: “ Humburton..had a large party  Emma Eteson was there  had a jolly dance”
My correspondent tells me that this would be Emma Jane Eteson (1835-1911), the eldest daughter of William Eteson and Ann Powell.

William was born in 1796, the son of John Eteson (b1767) & Mary Ann Clough (1774-1833).  Ann, who died in 1851, was the daughter of Samuel Powell (1777-1859) and Ann Bolland (1779-1868).

John Stubbs will have been referring to Mrs Ann Eteson and her mother Mrs Ann Powell in this entry:
20 Jan 1857:  “Mother was at Mrs Powells at tea.  Mrs Eteson of Knaresboro was there”
Emma was left a good sum of money from her father's estate, some put in trust for her until she reached the age of 21.  She married George Wailes (1833-1915) in 1859.

This photograph shows the house in Windsor Lane, Knaresborough where William & Ann Eteson were living at the time of the 1851 Census