About this Blog

Briefly a solicitor - a local historian for a long time now - until very recently I ran a local history website called www.jakesbarn.co.uk.  My main focus was the area round Hutton Rudby, where I lived for many years.

Unfortunately, the site was old and creaky and got hacked once too often.  I nearly gave it all up, but I know a lot of people had found it useful - so I've decided to try using a blog instead.  Here goes ...


  1. Great to see you back with these beautiful snippets of our history..Take care. Dave

  2. I was pleased to receive your email telling me about your new family history blog. I wonder if you plan to have have a way that one can subscribe to your blog, either by email or by becoming "follower"?
    M any thanks,
    Marilyn Hall.

  3. I've put it at the bottom of the page -

  4. I used to enjoy visiting Jakes Barn but this is even better. A superb site - not just amazingly informative but interestingly written. Keep up the amazing work - and thank you!

    Laurel Sayer

  5. Enjoying your blog very much - please keep going. A branch of my family, Rickatson, seem to have wandered to Hutton Rudby from Stainton in Cleveland in early (19th - while my direct line took a more extreme diversion all the way to NZ. So I have much too learn about what they had left behind.

  6. Fantastic site. I'm researching my family history and come from the Whorlton/Honeyman line, so whilst the name confusion still isn't cleared up at least I know I'm not going mad!

  7. I've just come across your new website Alice when looking for a photo of All Saints Hutton Rudby to use on our Christmas Card. I will contact you for permission if it is decided to use one.

  8. I am researching my family history, descended from Jane Flintoff who lived in this interesting village, but left (probably) with her brother Christopher or sisters Mary or Sarah around 1772-1774 to move to Nova Scotia on Canada's east coast. I think her father's name was also Christopher and in Nova Scotia, she married William Humphrey (another Yorkshire emigrant, thought to be from Northallerton). They had 5 children and interestingly the name Flintoff remained in the Humphrey family for 4 generations!

    I am coming to visit the area in mid Oct and would love to speak with a local historian who may be able to fill in some blanks. My email is
    jonseymcd@gmail.com look forward to seeing Hutton Rudby and meeting my past...

    Joan McDougall

  9. Great site! It's been really useful in researching my family tree. I'm related to both the Fawcetts of Crathorne and the Honeymans of Hutton Rudby. My great-great-grandfather George Fawcett married my great-great-grandmother Mary Honeyman in Seamer (near Stokesley) in 1876.

  10. With regard to the Honeyman Families of Hutton Rudby, I've done quite a bit of research and am willing to share it.
    I have a website called the Honneybunch, you'd need to e-mail me for the access code: davehonneyman@live.co.uk

    I'm particularly interested in contacting "Andrew" (Fawcett/Honeyman line), and "Annonymous" (Whorlton/Honeyman line).
    Dave Honneyman.