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Sandsend & Lythe in 1823

Baines' Directory 1823: 

Sand's End, in the parish of Lythe, wap. and liberty of Langbargh; 3 miles NW of Whitby, situated on the face of a rocky cliff near the sea.  Here is an extensive establishment for making of alum, the property of Lord Mulgrave.  There is also an abundance of terrace-stone, which is burnt and used for cement ; the soil abounds with limestone.  In the rocks here, and other places along the coast, black amber or jett is frequently found, of which Solinus says, "in Britain there is a great store of Gagetes or Jett, a very fine stone; if you ask the colour, it is black and shining; if the quality, it is exceedingly light; if the nature, it burns in water, and is quenched with oil; if the virtue, it has an attractive power, when heated with rubbing.

Lythe, in the wap. and liberty of Langbargh; 4 miles WNW of Whitby.  Lythe is pleasantly situated near the eastern extremity of Cleveland, about 1 mile distant from the sea.  Peter de Mauley, III. in the 38th of Henry the Third, obtained a licence for a weekly market, and a fair yearly, to be held on the Eve of St Oswald, but being in the vicinity of Whitby, both the fairs and market have long been discontinued.  The lord of the manor is the Earl of Mulgrave, who resides here, in a stately mansion, which stands a little South of the village, upon the brow of a gently rising hill, commanding a pleasing and extensive prospect of the country and the sea.  The Church, dedicated to St Oswald, is an ancient structure, but owing to a thorough repair, which it received in 1819, has rather a modern appearance at first sight … There is also a Methodist Chapel, built in 1822.  Pop. 1,134

Letters are despatched to, and received from Whitby every day at 1 o’clock.

Champion Mrs. gentlewoman
Long Rev. Wm. officiating curate
Porter Rev. Thomas, vicar
Sowerby John M., land & alum agent for Earl Mulgrave
Stonehouse Thomas, master mariner

Chapman John
Ward John

Jackson John
Newholm Wm.

Bean John
Hoggart Wm.
Humphrey Philip
Laverick Francis
Laverick Wm.
Stanghow Mrs.
Stonehouse Robt.
Taylorson Wm.
Ward John

Grocers, &c
Leonard Geo.
Mackenzie John

Joiners, &c
Davison James
Thirlwall John

Elland Wm.
Leonard Geo.
Rountree John
Ward Thos.

Watson Leonard
Watson Richard

Taylor Clement
Thompson John
Thompson Thos.

Duck Mary, vict. Red Lion, (post office)
Frank John, gamekeeper
Hill James, weaver
Huntrodes Wm. tailor
Naggs Thomas, vict. Ship
Readman John, tailor
Tyas James, butcher

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