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Appendix I: Barlow Family Tree

John Barlow = Ann [?Wilson]
  James           Mary          Isabella        John          Anne         Robert
 Barlow         Sophia       Catherine     Wilson     "Nanny"       Joseph
   Hoy            Barlow        Barlow       Barlow      Barlow        Barlow

James Barlow Hoy (c1792-1843) married Marian D’Oyley Bird (1814-85) in 1831. 
Their only child Louisa Barlow Hoy (1838-?) married Guadagno Guadagni and had four children: Guitto, Catherine, Aurora and Mary. 

Their adopted daughter Elencho Marie Pera, later Ellen Mary, was born c1834.  She married Robert Claude Evans.  Following the death of James Barlow Hoy, Marian D’Oyley Bird married Captain Richard Meredith; following his death she married John Richard Digby Beste.
Mary Sophia Barlow (c1795-1873)

Isabella Catherine Barlow (c1799-1874)

John Wilson Barlow (c1800-37) married Georgina Borough (c1804-?) in 1831. 
Their only child was James John Barlow, of whom nothing is known.
Anne “Nanny” Barlow, Mrs Vaughan (c1801-67) married the Revd Hector Francis Vaughan (c1785-1834) in 1830. 
Their only child, Hector Barlow Vaughan (c1833-85) married Wilhelmina Christiana Mathews and had two children, Caroline and Hectoria Vaughan
Robert Joseph Barlow (c1804-78) married Marianne Webb (c1782-1852) in 1829.  They had no children

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