Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mrs Barlow Hoy and the new church at Bitterne, Hampshire

Another glimpse of James Barlow Hoy and his wife Marian [cf Remarkable, but still True].  Here they are going about their public duties on his new estates in Hampshire:
On Monday, April 18th, the first stone of the new church at Bitterne was laid by Mrs Barlow Hoy.  The site of the church is in the angle of a field, close to the junction of the roads leading to Swathling, Itchen, Ferry, Bursledon, and Moor Green.  The service was read by the Rev W D Harrison, the vicar.  The inscription on the plate was as follows:-
The first stone of this church, built by subscription, on ground presented by J Barlow Hoy, Esq., MP, was laid on the 18th of April, 1836.  W D Harrison, vicar.  R Scott, and J Gale, churchwardens.  J W Wild, architect.
The style chosen by the architect is the simple Gothic of the 13th century; the church will have a nave and two aisles; there will be a west-end gallery, but no other; accommodation will be afforded for 640 sittings, of which 392 are to be free.  The name is to be “St James's Chapel, West-end.” The Rev E R Breton is to have the perpetual curacy.

[from The British Magazine, and Monthly Register of Religious and Ecclesiastical Information, Vol IX]

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