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Local solicitors and World War One

The Record of Service of Solicitors & Articled Clerks with His Majesty's Forces, 1914-9 contains a list of lawyers who served during the First World War.

It isn't complete.  This can be seen from the fact that it does not include George William Wynne Barnley of the Royal Garrison Artillery.  He was one of the local solicitors to win the Military Cross (four more are listed below).
George William Wynne Barnley was the son of George Edward Barnley, solicitor, and his wife Emily.  The elder Mr George Barnley was born in Teignmouth, Devon; the younger was born in Middlesbrough in 1883.  The 1911 Census finds the family living in Danby. 

Edinburgh Gazette, 26 September 1918
Capt. (A./Maj.) George William Wynne Barnley, M.C., R.G.A.
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in command of his battery.  By his untiring energy and skilful arrangements the battery occupied many positions during the retreat, and was brought out of very difficult situations without the loss of guns, stores or transport.  It never failed to answer all calls made for maintenance of fire in support of infantry.
(M.C. gazetted 3rd June, 1918) 
Northumbrian Heavy Battery RGA - GWW Barnley is 2nd from left

This story was told with great affection by those who knew him: 
George Barnley suffered from a slight stammer.  On one occasion he led his men forward with the cry, "F-f-follow m-me, men!" and disappeared into a water-filled crater, from where he could be heard to shout, "D-don't b-bloody well f-follow me here!"

IX Corps Heavy Artillery
5th April 1919
Dear Major Barnley,
I wish to express my thanks to you personally for all the help you have given me during the past two years.
When I look back upon that time I shall always think most of the fierce fighting and dark days of the German attacks of 1918, illumined by the memory of the North Riding Heavy and some other batteries.  The North Riding never wavered, never failed and whilst I know well the gallantry of your men and the devotion of your officers and non-commissioned officers I recognize that in greatest measure the success was due to your leadership and example.
I wish you success on your return to civil life.  I shall always be glad to hear of yourself and the battery.  It would give me great pleasure if some day I might attend a reunion of the old North Riding men in England.
Yours very sincerely,
G B Mackenzie
George Barnley was in practice in Meek, Stubbs & Barnley, Albert Road, Middlesbrough after the War; he lived in Stokesley during his last years.

But the Record does list the men whose names appear below.  They will all have known each other – in many cases their families will have been friends over several generations.  The gap they left behind when they went to the War must have been enormous, not only for their families and friends but also to the legal world in Cleveland.  This must explain why John Richard Stubbs, after several years in retirement, went back to work in January 1915.

I will begin with George Lucas, who, with John Stubbs' son Thomas Duncan Henlock Stubbs, was a member of Lucas, Hutchinson & Meek.

George Frederick Lucas
Admitted Aug 1903.  Member of Lucas, Hutchinson & Meek, of Darlington.  Joined Aug 1914, as Lieut., 4th Batt. Yorkshire Regt., promoted Capt. Aug 1915, transferred to Royal Flying Corps Sept 1916.  Once mentioned in Dispatches.  Served in France 1915 to 1916.  Wounded at Ypres, May 1915.
The records for Cambridge Alumni show that George Frederick Lucas was born 11 February 1879.  He was the fourth son of Dr Herbert Lucas of Huntingdon, and attended Lancing College.  He was admitted to Pembroke College, Cambridge in Michaelmas Term 1897 and took his degree in 1900.  He later practised at Market Harborough, living at The Bury House, Cottingham, Market Harborough.  J.P. for Durham, 1925 and Northants., 1933.  Joint Master of the Woodland Pytchley Hunt, 1926-30.
The 1911 Census shows that he was then living at Leconfield, Darlington:  George Frederick Lucas, 32, single, solicitor, b Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire.  3 servants: cook, housemaid, valet.
A letter survives from George Lucas, who was living at Rose Cottage, Middleton One Row when war broke out, to J M Meek, written just before his departure for France.
7th May 1915
Dear Mr Meek,
I am afraid I have been so busy & harassed lately that I have broken my vow about the enclosed papers, and done nothing.  I am off to France in an hours time, and before going I want to thank you for all you have done during my absence.
I hope to return safely, but if God wills otherwise I shall only thank him for all the pleasant things which the earth has given me, not forgetting the association with you at Middlesbro' for the last eleven years.
Effie has a power of attorney for all my private affairs and Arthur Whitwell is undertaking my trusts.  So with all good wishes to you
Believe me,
Ever your affectionately,
Frederick Lucas
Middlesbrough solicitors

George Hutton Bowes-Wilson
Admitted April 1902, practised at Middlesbrough.  Mobilised as Capt., 4th Batt. Yorkshire Regt (T.).  Served at Home and in France and Belgium 1914 and 1915.  Killed in action near Ypres June 17, 1915.

Frederick Hyman Bloom
Admitted March 1915, practising at Middlesbrough.  Served as Lance-Corporal Royal Engineers

Henry Bloom
Admitted May 1912.  Practised at Middlesbrough.  Joined the Durham OTC on the outbreak of war and gazetted 2nd Lieut. 12th (S.) Batt. Yorkshire Regt (Teeside Pioneers.) Killed in action in France Feb 14, 1917, whilst serving as a machine-gun officer.

Albert Edward Forbes
Admitted April 1905.  Member of Forbes & Nixon, of Middlesbrough.  Joined Feb 8, 1917, Royal Field Artillery and subsequently transferred to Royal Garrison Artillery.  Served in France.

Ernest Frankland
Admitted Oct 1908, practising at Middlesbrough.  Joined May 1916, as Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery, promoted Lance-Bombardier Dec 1918.  Served in France

Edgar Francis Hutchinson

Admitted March 1914.  Member of M W & E F Hutchinson, of Middlesbrough.  Joined Nov 1914, as Private, Inns of Court OTC.  Commissioned as 2nd Lieut. 4th Batt. Yorkshire Regt (T.) March 1915.  Served in France.  Killed in action at Ypres May 24, 1915.

Miles William Hutchinson
Admitted Feb 1903.  Member of M W & E F Hutchinson, of Middlesbrough.  Joined May 4, 1917, as Private, 83rd Training Reserve Batt. Yorkshire Regt., transferred to 3rd Batt. Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regt. July 1917, and to 19th Officers Cadet Batt. Nov. 1917.  Gazetted 2nd Lieut. 2nd Batt. Notts and Derby Regt. (Sherwood Foresters) May 1918.  Served at Home and in France. 

Leonard Percy I'Anson
Admitted Feb 1901, practised at Middlesbrough.  Mobilised Aug 1914, as Lieut., 4th Batt (T.) Yorkshire Regt ("Green Howards").  Served in France.  Killed at the Battle of St Julien, near Ypres, April 27, 1915, within a few days of landing.

Basil Jackson
Admitted July 1905.  Member of Jacksons & Monk, of Middlesbrough.  Mobilised Aug 1914, as Capt., 4th Batt APWO Yorkshire Regt (T.), promoted Major April 1915, Staff Capt Aug 1914 to Aug 1916, Brigade Major 142nd Infantry Brigade Aug 1916 to Jan 1917, attached British Mission to Portuguese Expeditionary Force Jan to Dec 1917, G.S.O. VII. Corps Dec 1917 to Nov 1918.  Twice mentioned in Dispatches.  Awarded the D.S.O., T.D., and Ancient Order of Aviz of Portugal.  Served in France and at Home.  Wounded April 22, 1915

Luther Vincent Burgoyne Johnson
Articled to O H Cochrane, of Middlesbrough.  Mobilised Aug 1914, as Lieut, 8th Batt Durham Light Infantry (T), promoted Capt Sept 1914.  Served in France.  Killed at Grafenstaffel Ridge, N.E of Ypres, April 25, 1915

John Vivian Nancarrow

Admitted Jan 1910, practised at Middlesbrough.  Mobilised Aug 1914, as Capt 4th Batt Yorkshire Regt (T), sent to Flanders in April 1915.  Killed at Fortuyn, near St Julien, April 24, 1915

Robert Henry Pawson
Admitted March 1911.  Managing Clerk with Belk, Cochrane & Belk, of Middlesbrough.  Joined Jan 1915, as Private 4th Batt Yorkshire Regt.  Gazetted Sub-Lieut Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Nelson Batt. Dec 15, 1916, subsequently amalgamated with Drake Batt.  Served in France.  Reported wounded and missing, afterwards killed, March 25, 1918

Ewart Richardson
Admitted Feb 1904, practised at Middlesbrough.  Joined July 1915, as 2nd Lieut., 4th Batt Yorkshire Regt.  Served in France May to Sept 1916.  Killed in action near Martinpuich Sept 26, 1916

Edward Norman Robinson
Articled to E W Dawes, of Middlesbrough.  Joined Feb 14, 1916, as Private, 4th Batt Yorkshire Regt.  Gazetted 2nd Lieut 13th Batt Yorkshire Regt, Dec 19, 1916, promoted Lieut. June 1918.  Once mentioned in Dispatches.  Served in France, Belgium and North Russia.  Wounded Nov 25, 1917

George Robinson
Admitted Aug 1908, practising at Middlesbrough.  Joined Apr 26, 1916, as Gunner, transferred to 3rd Field Survey Batt. Royal Engineers as Sapper April 1917.  Served in France Sept 1916 to Jan 1919

Thomas Frank Sill
Admitted Jan 1910.  Member of A H Sill & Son, of Middlesbrough.  Served as Gunner, 4th Battery 1st (Reserve) Brigade Royal Field Artillery

Thomas Duncan Henlock Stubbs
Admitted March 1895.  Member of Lucas, Hutchinson & Meek, of Middlesbrough.  Mobilised as Major, Northumbrian (North Riding) Royal Garrison Artillery and subsequently with the 189th Heavy Battery, the 32nd Siege Battery, the 509th Siege Battery, and Second in Command of 4th Siege Artillery Brigade, Aldershot.  Once mentioned in Dispatches.  Awarded the T.D.  Served in Belgium April 1915 to July 1916 and April to Oct 1917, and at Home Aug 1914 to April 1915, July 1916 to April 1917, and Oct 1917 to April 1919.  Twice invalided home.

John Peirson Watson
Admitted Feb 1906.  Member of H & J P Watson, of Middlesbrough.  Joined Dec 11, 1915, as Private, Middlesex Regt.  Gazetted 2nd Lieut April 26, 1917, and appointed to East Yorkshire Regt May 1917.  Served in Belgium and France 1916 and 1917.  Reported wounded and missing July 29, 1917, subsequently presumed killed.

Stockton-on-Tees solicitors

Ronald Hedley Archer
Admitted Feb 1899.  Member of Archer, Parkin & Archer, of Stockton-on-Tees.  Joined Jan 1916, as 2nd Lieut, Northumberland Fusiliers, promoted 1st Lieut. 1916.  Served at Home and in France.  Wounded and taken prisoner Dec 1917 in Bullecourt Sector and escaped same day.  Died on Dec 27, 1917 from wounds in Hospital near Bapaume

Henry Grey Faber
Admitted Oct 1911.  Member of Faber, Fawcett & Faber, of Stockton-on-Tees.  Mobilised Aug 1914 as Capt., 5th Batt. Durham Light Infantry, promoted Major June 1916.  Once mentioned in Dispatches.  Served at Home and in Flanders and France.  Wounded May 24, 1915

James Cleveland Farmer
Articled to J S Farmer, of Stockton-on-Tees.  Served as Bombadier, Somerset Royal Horse Artillery (T.)

Stanley Inglis
Admitted Oct 1913, practised at Stockton-on-Tees.  Joined May 1916, as Private, Cameron Highlanders.  Served in France and Flanders.  Killed in action near Kemmel April 5, 1918

Thomas Jackson
Articled to Reuben Cohen, of Stockton-on-Tees.  Served as Private, Royal Army Medical Corps (T.)

John Kingsley Lunn Martin
Admitted June 1906, practised at Stockton-on-Tees.  Mobilised Aug 1914, as Capt, Durham Light Infantry, being attached to the 17th Batt., and afterwards the 10th Batt.  Served at Home, Monserrat, and in France.  Killed at Hooge Aug 1, 1915

Godfrey Laird Rutherford
Articled to C J Archer, of Stockton-on-Tees.  Joined Sept 15, 1914, as 2nd Lieut, 5th Batt Durham Light Infantry (T), promoted Substantive Lieut July 1916, Substantive Capt May 1918.  Once mentioned in Dispatches.  Awarded the M.C.  Served at Home Sept 1914 to April 1915 and May 1915 to Jan 1916, and in France April to May 1915 and Jan 1916 to Dec 1918.  Wounded at Sanctuary Wood, near Ypres, May 15, 1915

Arthur Meredyth Wynne
Articled to C J Archer, of Stockton-on-Tees.  Served as 2nd Lieut., Royal Flying Corps.  Awarded the AFC

Darlington solicitors

Edward Earle Jones
Articled to A P Whitwell, of Darlington.  Joined Jan 1915 Inns of Court OTC.  Commissioned as 2nd Lieut 4th Batt. Yorkshire Regt Feb 13, 1915.  Served in France.  Severely wounded at Hooge May 24, 1915.  Died Aug 1, 1916, of wounds received near Remy the previous day

Ernest Anthony Meek
Articled to G F Lucas, of Darlington.  Joined Jan 29, 1914, as 2nd Lieut., 5th Batt Durham Light Infantry (T.), promoted Substantive Lieut Aug 1915, Capt June 1916.  Once mentioned in Dispatches.  Awarded the M.C.  Served in France 3½  years.  Wounded May 29, 1918

Herbert Walker Summerson
Admitted Feb 1912, practised at Darlington.  Joined Dec 1915, as Private, 28th Batt Royal Fusiliers.  Gazetted 2nd Lieut, in 9th Batt Loyal North Lancashire Regt Sept 1917.  Served in France.  Died of wounds June 5, 1918

Francis Edward Steavenson Townsend
Articled to H G Steavenson, Town Clerk, of Darlington.  Joined Aug 1914, as 2nd Lieut., 5th Batt Durham Light Infantry, promoted Lieut July 1915.  Served in France April 1915 to Sept 1916.  Wounded on the Somme Sept 16, 1916, and died at Abbeville Sept 30, 1916.

Lawrence Cecil Watson
Admitted Dec 1905.  Member of Watson & Watson, of Darlington.  Joined Dec 1915 as Private, Inns of Court OTC.  Gazetted 2nd Lieut 6th Batt Durham Light Infantry Mar 1, 1917, promoted Lieut Sept 1918.  Served in France.  Wounded near Estaires Apr 9, 1918

Saltburn solicitors

William Gordon Hutchence
Admitted Nov 1909, practised at Saltburn-by-the-Sea.  Served as Capt., 18th (Service) Batt. Durham Light Infantry, promoted Major Jan 1917

Guisborough solicitors

Henry Parrington BarughAdmitted May 1907.  Member of Buchannan, Richardson & Barugh, of Guisborough.  Joined Feb 6, 1915, as 2nd Lieut., Royal Army Service Corps, promoted Lieut. July 1915, Capt. April 1916.  Twice mentioned in Dispatches.  Served at Home till July 1915, France and Belgium July 1915 to Nov 1917, Italy Nov 1917 to March 1919

Arthur John Buchannan Richardson
Articled to William Richardson [his father], of Guisborough, Yorks.  Joined June 1913, as 2nd Lieut, 4th Batt Yorkshire Regt.  Died of cerebro-spinal meningitis contracted on service Jan 4, 1915

Isaac Hinton Scarth
Articled to William Richardson, of Guisborough, Yorks.  Joined May 4, 1915, as 2nd Lieut., 4th Batt Yorkshire Regt., promoted Lieut April 1917.  Served in France and Belgium.  Killed at Wancourt April 23, 1917

Charles Tudor Trevor
Admitted Feb 1901, practising at Guisborough.  Joined Aug 4, 1915, as Gunner, Royal Field Artillery, Motor Machine Gun Service.  Gazetted 2nd Lieut Northumbrian (North Riding) Royal Garrison Artillery (T.) Nov 15, 1915, promoted Lieut June 1917, attached 91st Heavy Battery, 10th Heavy Battery and "X" Battery 2nd Reserve Brigade Heavy Artillery Training Centre.  Served in Egypt and Palestine.

West Hartlepool solicitors

Arthur Campion Bennett
Admitted Feb 1907, practising at West Hartlepool.  Mobilised Aug 1914 as Capt., Durham Royal Garrison Artillery (T.F), promoted Major June 1916, seconded for service with Royal Garrison Artillery (Regular Forces) Dec 1915.  Served in France and Belgium

Charles Gilbert Bunting
Admitted June 1911, practising at West Hartlepool.  Enlisted March 29, 1916, as Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery (T.), promoted Bombadier Sept 1916.  Gazetted 2nd Lieut. Royal Garrison Artillery (T.) April 30, 1917, promoted Lieut. Sept 1918.  Served on Coast Defence.

Christopher John Elgie

Admitted July 1897, practised at West Hartlepool.  Served as Capt., Royal Garrison Artillery

John Tilly
Admitted Oct 1911.  Managing Clerk with Turnbull & Tilly, of West Hartlepool.  Enlisted Sept 15, 1914, as Private, 21st (Service) Batt Royal Fusiliers.  Gazetted 2nd Lieut 8th Batt Yorkshire Regt Sept 22, 1914, promoted Lieut Jan 1915, Capt July 1916.  Awarded the M.C.  Served in France 1915, 1916, 1917, and in Italy 1918.  Wounded Nov 22, 1915, and Aug 5, 1916.  Killed in action at Asiago, Italy, June 8, 1918

Whitby solicitors

Colin Edwin Brown
Admitted April 1901.  Member of Colin Brown, Wilkinson & Wharton, of Whitby and Scarborough.  Enlisted Dec 13, 1915, as Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery, promoted Bombardier about Dec 1917.  Served in France.

Vivian Seaton Gray
Articled to W S Gray, of Whitby.  Served as 2nd Lieut., Mechanical Transport Royal Army Service Corps, and subsequently attained the rank of Major

William Percy Ness-Walker
Admitted Nov 1908, practised at Whitby.  Mobilised Aug 1914, as Capt., North Riding Battery, 2nd Northumbrian Brigade, Royal Field Artillery (T.), promoted Major June 1918.  Awarded the M.C.  Served in France.  Killed Dec 30, 1917

Basil March Smith
Articled to Middleton Smith, of Whitby, Yorkshire.  Joined Aug 18, 1915, as Private, Royal Artillery Company.  Commissioned as 2nd Lieut Royal Field Artillery Feb 20, 1917, promoted Lieut Aug 1918.  Served in Greece, Serbia, and Bulgaria

Norman Wharton
Admitted Aug 1900.  Member of Wilkinson, Wharton & Brown, of Scarborough & Whitby.  Joined Nov 12, 1915, as Private, 21st Batt King's Royal Rifle Corps.  Obtained commission in Durham Light Infantry Jan 25, 1917, promoted Lieut July 1918.  Served in France April to Aug 1916 and Mar to Nov 1917.  Gassed Nov 3, 1917.

Reginald Frankland White
Admitted July 1913, practising at Whitby.  Served as Private, Hon Artillery Company (Infantry).

Two more Cleveland men – Alexander was born in Whitby, where his father and brother were in practice as solicitors.  George was born in Guisborough, where his father was in practice.  They were cousins.
Alexander Buchannan
Admitted June 1901, practised at Thirsk.  Joined May 17, 1915, as 2nd Lieut., 6th Batt. West Yorkshire Regt. (T), promoted Temp. Capt. April 1916.  Attached to 16th Batt. on going to France with the rank of 2nd Lieut.  Served in France from Jan to July 1917.  Killed in action near Arras July 21, 1917.

George Herbert Buchannan
Admitted May 1900.  Member of Forsdike, Buchannan & Giles, of Cardiff.  Joined Dec 30, 1915, as 2nd Lieut., subsequently promoted to Capt.

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