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Names & places mentioned by John Stubbs in his 1862 diary

 I post this in case it's of any use to readers, either to identify people mentioned in the diary or to look for particular names ... it's a bit scrappy, I'm afraid ...

Adelphi Theatre, London
Alice – his youngest sister [Boroughbridge]
Appleton, Sarah [Boroughbridge]
Appleton, the Misses  [Boroughbridge]
Archbishop of York
Argyle Rooms, London

Bains/Baines, Nellie [at Redcar]
Baldrey [Boroughbridge]
Baltic Tavern
Barracks, the
Barroby, Miss [Dishforth – relations of Stubbs]
Bath Terrace, Redcar (No. 4)
Beaumont, D  [Boroughbridge]
Beaumont, Miss, of Knaresborough 
Bell, Aunt – his mother's sister [Boroughbridge]

Binns, Godfrey Mr & Mrs
Godfrey Binns jun of Newhouse Hall, Huddersfield married Ellen Holgate, third daughter of John Scholfield of Faxfleet Hall in 1859 and Thomas Binns, eldest son of Godfrey Ginns, Esq, Warrenfield House, Huddersfield married Frances Anna, second daughter of John Scholfield Esq in 1860.  The Scholfields were cousins of H H Capes
Black Lion, The [Stockton]
Blondin [on Middlesbrough Cricket Field]
Bolckow, Carl
Borough Hotel, The
Bottomley, Miss – sisters of Mrs Sampson  [Boroughbridge]
Bottomley, Miss Selina  [Boroughbridge]
Bradley, Mrs
Brewster, Johnny
Brown, Miss Lavinia [sister of Mrs Godfrey Binns]
Brown, Miss Sophie
Buchannan of Whitby = John Buchannan of Whitby, solicitor
Buckingham, Mr [Boroughbridge]
Burnicles [Redcar]
Burrows[?], Miss  [Knaresborough]
Buttery, Roger [Helperby]

Cadle, Mr & Mrs of Stockton
Capes – his brother-in-law Henry Hawksley Capes [lives in Knaresborough]
Capes, Hawksley – his nephew
Capes, Jane – his sister
Carass, Henry  [Boroughbridge]
Cargo Fleet
Carter, Miss  [Boroughbridge]
Carter, Miss Fanny [at Knaresborough]
Cass, Mr of Hammerton
Clark, Charles – farming at Heaton House [Boroughbridge]
Clark, Edwin Charles [Cambridge academic, born Boroughbridge]
Clark, Marianne – Charles Clark's daughter  [Boroughbridge]
Clarke, Mrs, of Guisborough [Anne Louise Weatherill, sister of Mrs Richardson, married to Rev Henry Clarke of Guisborough]
Clarke, Young – son of the Rev Henry Clarke of Guisborough
Cochrane, Brodie
Cochrane, Mr & Mrs Henry
Cochrane's Works
Cock, The [Guisborough] was owned by Thomas Weatherill
Cricket Field, the [at Middlesbrough]
Crosby, Mr, Registrar of Stockton County Court
Crown, The – famous BB coaching inn  [Boroughbridge]
Crusee [taking care of Gillan's business in his absence]
Cunynghame, Dr – Miss Cunynghame married Heaton Clark [Boroughbridge]
Cunynghame, Miss

Davis, his clerk
Dawson, George [gave a lecture]
Dawson, Miss
Dobson, Mr Christopher
Dobson, Mr of Linthorpe
Dobson, Mr Thomas
Dobson, Mr Thomas
Dobson, Tom [John walked to his farm from Lloyds]
Dobsons, of Linthorpe
Dora – his cousin, Dora Hirst  [Boroughbridge]
Dugdale, Mr [Gt Ouseburn]
Dunning [?]
Durfoot [ran a race]

Elephant, The [Knaresborough]
Elgee, Mr J F [The Manager at Messrs Backhouse & Co’s Bank]
Ellis, Mr [friend of Gillan]
Elwon, Major Thomas Light
Emmerson, Mr & Mrs of Easby Hall
Eston & Normanby Burial Board
Eston Nab

Faber & Wilson, solrs, Stockton
Father – Thomas Stubbs of Boroughbridge
Fawcett of Yarm [solicitor]
Firth, Mr [client of John Richardson of Knaresborough]

Gillan (Bob) – Robert Gillan of Gillan, Schmitz & Co
Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough
4 Sept 1891
The late Mr E Schmitz
This gentleman, whose death occurred at Coatham this week, was at one time a prominent figure in our local iron trade, for he was a partner in a firm of iron merchants which did probably the largest business in exporting Cleveland pig iron of any firm of merchants in the district.  We refer to the firm of Gillan, Schmitz and Co., who exported very extensively to the Continent, and who did much to work up a trade with Germany.  Mr Schmitz was born at Lippstadt, in Rhenish Prussia, in 1837, and about 30 years ago he entered the service of the then celebrated firm of iron merchants Messrs Robinow and Marjoribanks, of Glasgow.  In 1866 he entered into partnership with Mr Robert Gillan, who is brother-in-law to Sir Raylton Dixon, and at that time had a large business in this district.  Mr Gillan went to Glasgow, and Mr Schmitz took charge of the Middlesbrough business, which became very extensive during the years succeeding the Franco-German War, and the consumption of Cleveland iron on the Continent increased "by leaps and bounds."  Mr Schmitz was also at one time intimately associated with some of our iron producing concerns, and was a director of the Britannia Ironworks Company, Limited, which was established for the production of iron rails, but whose works are now carried on by Messrs Dorman, Long, and Co., Limited.  After severing his connection with Mr Gillan, Mr Schmitz carried on business chiefly as an iron broker.  Early in his career in this country he was naturalised, and became an enthusiastic Volunteer; he was connected for many years with the local Artillery Volunteers, attaining the rank of major.
Gillan, Campbell
Gillan, Miss
Gillan, Miss Hamilton/Hannah/Hannie/Hannice
Gillan, Mrs – Agnes Walker.  Married in Glasgow 1861.  Baby Agnes Annie Gillan born 1862.
Gladstone, William [PM]
Globe, The
Globe, The
Googer, Mrs
Graham, Captain (a friend of Tom Vaughan)
Grant, Miss

Hall, Mr
Hartley Colliery
Hatcher/Fletcher & Stevens, tailors, Stockton
Haworth, Mr [Gt Ouseburn]
Haymarket Theatre
Heaton House
Hebblethwaite, Miss
Hedley, Miss
Henlock, Mrs
Henlock, Mrs/Aunt [Great Ouseburn]
Henlock, Uncle
High Street, Redcar (No 120)
High Street, Redcar (No 124)
High Street, Redcar (No 52)
Hirst, Dora
Hirst, Mary
Hirst, Richard
Holdsworth, W H,  of Redcar:  Draft Bill of Costs Ledger: Holdsworth, W H Esq [debt collection].  Could be a connection of the Revd George Holdworth of Aldborough?
Hopkins – Draft Bill of Costs Ledger: 17 Feb 1862: Messrs Hopkins & Co, Middlesbro – summonsed by one of their puddlers for recovery of his stopped wages
Hopkins' Company [of Volunteers?]
Hopkins, Harry
Hopkins, James
Hopkins, James
Hopkins, Jim
Hopkins, Mrs William
Hopkins, Old
Hopkins's Band
Hopkins's Works
Howe, Mr & Mrs [probably the Howes who farmed at Great Ouseburn]
Howell, Mr [artist, Gt Ouseburn – he painted Mr & Mrs Henlock]

I'Anson of Stockton
I'Anson, Charley
I'Anson, Joe
I'Anson, young, of Wakefield
Irving, Revd

Jefferson, Mr & Mrs [Northallerton solicitor]
Jennings, Mr and Mrs
Joe – his brother  [Boroughbridge]

Kingsland, London [where Tom Stubbs & Tom Sedgwick had lodgings]
Kirk, Miss

Lambert, Christopher [BB}
Lascelles, the Misses [Gt Ouseburn]
Last of the National Bank
Lawson, Mr – major landowner  [Boroughbridge]
Lion Billiard Room, Redcar
Lion, Northallerton [Golden Lion]
Lion, The [Redcar]
Lizzie – his younger sister  [Boroughbridge]

Lloyd, Mr Robert
Lloyd, Mrs – Eliza Snowdon
1861 Census: 8 Queens Terrace, Middlesbrough
Robert Lloyd, 32, Iron Master b Oswestry
Eliza his wife, 21, b France?
Annie Snowdon, sister 15, do.
Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 13 May 1876
Sudden death of Robert Lloyd, Esq
We regret to announce the sudden death of Robert Lloyd, Esq., of Middlesbrough.  Deceased was acting partner in the firm of Lloyd and Co., Linthorpe Ironworks, and was at business in his usual health on Wednesday.  On Thursday he felt unwell and medical assistance was called.  From the first the symptoms were considered dangerous.  He gradually became worse, and died last night, cut off in the prime of life, amidst the activities of business.  Mr Lloyd was a member of the Town Council for some years; and was one of the four borough magistrates appointed by the Lord Chancellor last year.  He was a Conservative, but took little interest in politics confining his attention, for the most part, to the large and prosperous concern of which he had the chief management.
Longbotham, Miss

Middlesbrough Second Provident Building Society
Middleton [for the benefit of the baths]
Midgley [Gt Ouseburn]
Milbank [Liberal Candidate]
Monkhouse of Darlington
Morley, Annie – relation [Dishforth]
Morley, Tom – relation [Dishforth]
Morritt, W J S – Draft Bill of Costs Ledger: Morritt, W J S Esq: 10 Mar 1862: JRS was engaged by Morritt for 8 days to canvas for him at 3 gns a day
Mother – Mary Henlock, born Great Ouseburn  [Boroughbridge]

Muller, Charles –
[cf Draft Bill of Costs Ledger: April 1862: Mr Chas Muller, Middlesbro' "Attg you taking instructions for petition to the Home Secy for a certe of naturalization & also for a dec[larati]on by 4 householders as reqd by Act of Parlt" It was successful – the 4 householders being Mr Jas Hopkins, Mr Lloyd, Mr Gillan and Mr Jno Stevenson]

Muller's brother
Newlands [place]
Newport Hill
North Ormesby

Oddfellows Hall
Ormesby Gardens

Parish Church, Middlesbrough
Parker, Mrs – neighbour [Boroughbridge]
Parrington, Mr & Mrs
Parrington, Mr Josh
Peacock, John
Peacock, Mrs
Peirsons [at Ormesby]
Pick, Uncle – William Pick, married to his aunt Ann Henlock  [Great Ouseburn]
Preston Junction
Purvis, Mr & Mrs

Rayner [at Redcar]
Redmayne, Aunt – Jane Henlock, sister of JRS' mother, married to Thomas Redmayne of Taitlands, Stainforth, nr Settle
Redmayne, Henry/Harry – JRS' cousin, the only son of his Aunt Redmayne, only surviving son of Thomas Redmayne of Taitlands
Richardson & Duck's Yard
Richardson, Dr (sometimes "Mr") – doctor, former Mayor of Middlesbrough, married Mary Elizabeth Weatherill in 1855 cf this post on Dr Richardson and his brother Dr Richardson
Richardson, Drs John & William
Richardson, John of Knaresborough [& met with at Harrogate & in Mbro – possibly a relation of the Barrobys of Dishforth]
Richardson, Mrs – Mary Elizabeth Weatherill  cf Anne Weatherill's diary
Ridsdale – school fellow from Giggleswick  [Boroughbridge]
Ripley, Mr [E C Clark's tenant]
Robinson of the Bank
Roger  = almost certainly Sedgwick, brother of Tom, Leonard, James etc
Ryott, Mary Ellen [Dishforth]

Sackers [for lunch]
Sampson, Mrs – neighbour  [Boroughbridge]
Sangers Circus
Sarah – his sister-in-law  [Boroughbridge]
Scholfield, Tom – relation of H H Capes, he farmed at Sober Hill nr Northallerton, emigrated later to Australia
Scott's, Mrs, at Redcar
Sedgwick, Jim – Dr James Sedgwick, old friend  [Boroughbridge & Dishforth]
Sedgwick, Jim/James [old friend from Boroughbridge]
Sedgwick, Mr Leonard of York [Joe Stubbs' father-in-law]
Sedgwick, Mrs – probably Dr Roger Sedgwick's widow , mother to Jim, Tom, Leonard Sedgwick &c [Boroughbridge]
Sedgwicks, Leonard, the = Mr & Mrs Leonard Sedgwick [physician, b Boroughbridge, married to a cousin of JRS]
Sharpe, at Gray's Inn = the solicitor friend who had arranged the purchase of JRS' law library for him [cf Manifold Letter Writer]
Simpson, Mrs
Smith, Jacob – neighbours   [Boroughbridge]
Snowden, Miss
Snowdon, Miss Manton
Snowdon, Miss Minnie
Station Hotel
Stead, Miss Sarah
Steel e– his friend Dr William Stott Steele  [Boroughbridge]
Steele, Miss of Boroughbridge
Stephenson, Robert
Stevenson, John
Stevrum [?], John
Stockton Cherry Fair
Stockton theatre
Stothart, James – Draft Bill of Costs Ledger:  16 Nov 1861: bill for drawing up Will for Mr James Stothart, Middlesbrough
Stott, the Misses – neighbours   [Boroughbridge]
Street Railway, the
Stubbs, Alice [this is one of the London Stubbs – his sister is referred to simply as  Alice]
Stubbs, Emily [one of the London cousins]
Stubbs, Mrs Chas/Charles
Stubbs, Mrs John [London]
Stubbs, Stewart of London
Swan [Manager for Bell Bros]
Swan, The [Redcar or Coatham]

Taitlands – the large house built by Thomas Redmayne at Stainforth, nr Settle
Tavistock, The [hotel]
Taylor, "Tripey"
Terrace, The
The Villas
Thompson of London = William, married to Sophy Hirst
Thompson, Revd of Roecliffe
Thompsons, the [in London] = his cousin Sophy Hirst & her husband William Thompson, auctioneer
Toll Bar on Marton Road
Toll Bar on Ormesby road
Tom  = Tom Sedgwick, old friend from BB
Tom = Tom Stubbs, his brother

Uncle = Hirst, William  [Boroughbridge]
Uncle William = William Henlock [Great Ouseburn]

Vane Arms, Stockton
Vaughan, Thomas – ironmaster – he was married to Catherine Macfarlane, daughter of Duncan Macfarlane (1810-67) and his wife Louise Ridsdale.  JRS married Catherine's cousin Ellis in 1871

Walker, Miss
Walker, Miss Bessie
Walker, the Misses
Warwick, John, of Boroughbridge
Weatherill , William, solicitor of Guisborough – for the family cf Anne Weatherill's diary
Weatherill, Miss Emma
Weatherill, Miss Helen – Helen married Henry Savile Clarke in 1865 [for their life in literary London cf Guisborough's link to Lewis Carroll
Weatherill, Miss Kate
Welsh, Mrs
Williams [at the Club]
Willie/Willey – his nephew, Joe's boy  [Boroughbridge]
Wilson, at Stockton [to see about giving up my offices]
Wilson, Mr & Mrs [at Redcar]
Wilson, Mr & Mrs of Hampsthwaite [the Stubbs family came from Hampsthwaite originally]
Wood of Skelton – neighbour   [Boroughbridge]
Workman, Mr & Mrs – relatives from Doncaster
young Clarke – a brother of Henry Savile Clarke of Guisborough, sons of the Revd Henry Clarke
young Weatherill  – either a son of William Weatherill, solicitor, or of his brother Thomas, brewer.

Zetland Rooms, Redcar
Zoological Gardens

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