Monday, 24 June 2013

Hutton Rudby shops & businesses in 1924

Advertisements from the catalogue of entries for the 
Hutton Rudby Village 5th Annual Show
Monday 4 August 1924

C H Grierson, Hutton Rudby
Boot & Shoe Dealer & Repairer
Ladies’ & Gents’ Boots made to measure. 
Repairs Promptly & Neatly executed
Hand-sewn Repairs a speciality
Large assortment of Boots & Shoes, & Sundries always in stock
Neighbouring Villages Visited Weekly
A Trial Solicited.  Satisfaction guaranteed

F F Carter
Open & Closed Car for hire
Bank Top, Hutton Rudby
Regular Service to & from Potto Station
Orders for Weddings, Funerals & Drives respectfully solicited

Ye Roast Beef of Old Englande
J W Sidgwick, Family Butcher, Hutton Rudby
Spiced Beef & Tongues a Speciality
Family Orders promptly attended to

T A White
South Side, Hutton Rudby
Having trained under the Government Scheme for Ex-Servicemen in Upholstery,
solicits your enquiries.
Any kind of Chair or Couch undertaken
Good workmanship guaranteed

Cosy Car Service
Hutton Rudby
The Fiat Saloon Bus will run Wednesdays & Saturdays
All kinds of Haulage
Estimates Free.  Distance no object
Special Trips & Parties catered for
On application to G Stringer, or Messrs Carter’s shop, Hutton Rudby

Longstaff’s Fruit Stores, Hutton Rudby
Have a Choice Selection of English & Foreign Fruits
Bananas a Speciality
Try our Home-grown Tomatoes
Wreaths & Crosses made to order

G Stringer, Coal Merchant
Furniture Remover & Carting Contractor
The Green, Hutton Rudby
Enquiries Solicited.  Prompt attention given

G Stringer, Jr, Motor Bus Proprietor
Pleasure Parties conveyed at very reasonable charges
Enquiries invited for Light Haulage & Furniture Removals
Hutton Rudby

Visitors to the Show can’t do better than call at the Bay Horse Inn, Bass on draught
All the best Spirits & Refreshments at Reasonable Prices
Wm Munkley, Proprietor

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