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People of Hutton Rudby in the C18/19: Sigsworth to Souter

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FQ 434:  14 & 15 Apr 1829:  Thomas Sigsworth occupied land belonging to Elizabeth Sleigh


David Simpson’s charity: yearly rent charge of 20s, 1783.  B D Suggitt was his grandson.

Yorkshire Poll Book 1807:  Crathorne:  Richard Simpson innkeeper (freehold in Hutton Rudby)

John Simpson was a tenant of James Bainbridge on East Side in 1817
EH 212 & EG 295:  relate to the same ppty:  a house which had been divided into two tenements and in 1818 was “lately occupied in four different tenements or dwellinghouses”:  tenants were previously Jane Whorlton & her tenants William Easby, Oliver Jackson & William Honeyman; tenants were in 1818 William Honeyman, Thomas Graham, Robert Walton and Robert Codling:  bounded to E by Christopher Flintoff decd, to S & W by townstreet, to N by David Simpson decd

EC 354:  30 Oct 1817:  James Bainbridge bricklayer (1) William Richmond of Stockton mercer & draper (2):  2 houses with garden behind, occ by James Bainbridge & John Simpson:  bounded by messuage & garden of Roger Bowes to E, by messuage & garden of Edmund Taylor to W, by street to N, by Thomas Passman to S

FC 147:  14 Nov 1825:  James Bainbridge bricklayer (1) Hutchinsons & Place bankers (2) William Richmond of Stockton mercer & draper (3) Richard Nightingale the younger of Middleton St George (4):  2 houses, lately in 3 tenements, with garden behind, formerly occ by James Bainbridge, Richard Wood & Thomas Almond, then by James Bainbridge & John Simpson, now by James & John Bainbridge; and also 2 new erected houses now in 3 tenements lately erected by James Bainbridge in the garden, now occ by George Harker, Alice Pedlar & Ann Rudd:  all bounded by messuage & garden of Roger Bowes to E, by messuage & garden of Edmund Taylor to W, by street to N, by Thomas Passman to S

FL 58:  13 May 1827:  East Side, judging by occupants & boundaries:  2 houses lately used in 3 tenements with garden behind formerly occ by James Bainbridge, Richard Wood & Thomas Almond, then by sd James Bainbridge & John Simpson, then by sd James Bainbridge & John Bainbridge:  and the 2 houses used in 3 tenements “newly created” and “lately erected” by sd James Bainbridge in the sd garden, then occupied by George Harker, Alice Pedlar & Ann Rudd:  bounded by house and garden bel to Roger Bowes to E, by Edmund Taylor to W, by street to N, by Thomas Passman to S:  parties:   Richard Nightingale the younger late of Middleton St George gent and George Stanger of Pickton farmer:  reciting indre of 14 Nov 1825 to which James Bainbridge, George & John & Henry Hutchinson, Thomas Place, William Richmond and said Richard Nightingale were parties

28 Sep 1835:  Will of John Braithwaite:  he left a house occupied by son Robert (except a room built over a coalhouse occ by tenant Richard Simpson) with garden & privy;  a house occupied by Richard Simpson (except the room beforementioned);  house lately occupied by William Mudd and now unoccupied.  [East Side deeds]

Churchwardens’ accounts 1838:  “Thos Simpson Lime & Lead Do. 15s” [ditto=New Window]

James Simpson (15) was a servant at the Barlows’ at Linden Grove in the 1841 Census
1841 Census:  Ann Simpson 50 ag lab, Robert 20 journeyman blacksmith and Hannah 15 flaxspinner, South Side
1841 Census:  Thomas Simpson 40 farmer and family, with John Sidgwick 25 linen weaver and Simon Sidgwick 45 linen weaver, Enterpen

1851 Census:  South Side:  Ann Simpson widow 62 pauper farmer’s widow, b Crathorne
1851 Census:  Enterpen:  Thomas Simpson 52 widower, ag lab, b Potto, and unmarried children Mary Ann 26 housekeeper, Thomas 23 ag lab, Jane 20, Hannah 17,  all born Hutton Rudby;  with son-in-law John Sidgwick 32 hand loom weaver widower [?], brother-in-law Simon Sidgwick single 60 hand loom weaver, both born Hutton Rudby

Oddfellows Board:  Bro:  Robert Simpson, Linthorp, 19 Nov 1874, a57


Matthew Skeen was churchwarden 1859-60
1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  Matthew Skeen, farmer, New Close


Mrs Betty Skelton’s age is left blank in the list “Sepultorum nomina”
Elizabeth dau of James Catchasides/Grace bap HR 7 Mar 1784 – marr Joseph Skelton 3 Aug 1826 at HR

Skutterskelfe workers

William Hammand “45 years a faithful domestic in the Rt Hon Lady Amherst’s family who laments his loss and orders this to be inscribed as a tribute justly due to his merit and long service.  He died suddenly 22    1816 aged    ” [MI 381]

Christopher Corkshut.  “He lived 2(1?) years faithful servant with the Rt Hon Lady Amherst who <  > this inscription as a testimonial”.  4 lines illeg verse.  He died Jan 1817 aged 48 years [MI 380]

Arthur Douglas “who was gardener 50 years and upwards in the late Hon Lady Amherst’s family”.  He died 8 Dec 1831 a84 years.  Also to his wife Catherine who d 30 Dec 1815 a 62 years [MI 378]   

Thomas Milestone b 9 Jul 1822 d 18 Dec 1908 “a devoted servant and friend for over 60 years in the families of the 10th, 11th and 12th Viscounts Falkland.  This stone is erected to his memory at to that of Mary his wife b 18 May 1824 d 4 Dec 1912 and to Martha Milestone their daughter b 18 Feb 1848 d 29 Dec 1903 by their late master Viscount Falkland in affectionate remembrance and repect” [MI 320] ie stone erected after the Falklands had sold


1787:  29 Jan:  Christopher Sleigh married Mary Hildreth, witnesses John Weighell and John Eland
1795:  3 Nov:  Christopher Sleigh widower married Elizabeth Atkinson, witnesses John Sleigh, Michael Atkinson and John Lamb
Christopher Sleigh and Elizabeth Atkinson have children William 1796, Mary Ann 1797, Thomas 1800, and Hannah 1804.  William went to Canada in 1816, and was married there in 1824; became Town Clerk there 1825.

Yorkshire Poll Book 1807:  Sexhow:  Christopher Sleagh farmer (freehold in Hutton Rudby) 

14 May 1810:  house & garth and garth:  Tipping & Wardell exors of Thos Wayne to Thomas Eland:  house & garth 1a 2r 28p occupied by Eland, bounded by street to S, river Leven to N, Francis Tweddle & Francis Stainthorpe to E, and Christopher Sleigh to W;  garth 1r 28p on north side of Hutton, formerly occ by Hannah Kay widow, now by Thomas Eland, bounded by B D Suggitt to S, Thomas Jackson to E, street to W and Isaac Whorlton to N

“Mr Slee 3s” appears in William Sayers Calculations 1817 in the Middleton Book
<Sleigh> and Samuel gave 4s to Money recd for the <monument>  – Middleton Book

1823 Baines:  Middleton:  William Sligh, farmer

1828:  13 Jan:  burial of Christopher Slee 81 of Middleton

FQ 434:  14 & 15 Apr 1829:  estate of Elizabeth Sleigh:  Warcop Consett of Brawith Hall Esq (1) Wm Hugill of Ellermire in Bilsdale farmer (2):  the reversion expectant on death or marriage of estate or interest of Elizabeth Hildreth & all other the lands etc of Elizabeth Sleigh:  the ppties in Hutton now or late occupied by William Richardson, Thomas Sigsworth, Thomas Jackson, Joseph Dridle, Robert Elliot, John Seamour, Ann Codling, Thomas Taylor, Jonathan Hardbottle, James Bainbridge, Mary Honeyman, Jane Pattison, James Wake, Jonathan Taylor, Richard Jowsey and Richard Renney; and two houses & premises in Enterpen occupied by Thomas Elliot and John Horne

Mr Sleigh gave 5s to Rudby School, Oct 24th 1832 – Middleton Book

Tithe Map:  Hutton:  Elizabeth Sleigh owned 105, 125-134, 137-144, 163-4, 186-193, 211-214
Tithe Map:  Middleton:  Elizabeth Sleigh owned house and fields in the area of Butter Hill Farm, and it was occupied by William Sleigh

1840 Whites:  Middleton:  William Sleigh, farmer

1851-71 (inc) Census:  Middleton:  Butter Hill (1851) thereafter called Indian Farm:  Thomas Sleigh.  In 1891 the farm is again called Butter Hill, and is occupied by the Charltons
1872 Post Office Directory:  Middleton:  Thomas Sleigh, farmer

Settled Easter dues with Sleigh to Jany 1st 1868 – Barlow’s Notebook


DY 88 & ET 601:  John Smelt was a tenant of Philip Gowland in the Bay Horse area in 1816-1823

FQ 560:  2 & 3 Nov 1829:  ppty bought by Jane Willans widow in Enterpen:  garth of 1r 3p where a cottage formerly stood, formerly occ by John Miller, then by George Wilson, Mary Young & Hannah Young, then by Matthew Richardson jnr, then by John Burden, bounded by Thomas Wayne to N, E & W, and by street called Enterpen to S; with the houses “lately erected upon the garth” & now occupied by Simeon Burden, John Smelt, Paul Oates, John Goldsbrough, William Jowsey, Abraham Holdgate and William Burnsides

1841 Census:  Ann Smelt 75 ag lab, Enterpen


George Smith was a tenant of the Tweddle property at the east end of North Side in 1815
William Smith, farmer, Middleton or Rounton

4 Oct 1819:  William Smith occupied a newly built cottage and garden at the end of a garth on East Side, bought by John Braithwaite from Taylor [East Side deeds]

ET 604:  12 & 13 Sep 1823:  4a close in Hutton Moor, previously occ by Bart Wright now by Simon Sidgwick the weaver, bounded by lands late belonging to Margaret Smith & now to William Spence to E

1823 Baines:  Hutton:  James Smith, agent to Clark, Plummer & Co, Newcastle
1823 Baines:  Hutton:  James Smith, grocer

William Smith was at “a meeting held in vestry” on 16 Jun 1831 where they voted a church rate of 2 ½ per £ to church repairs
<Smiths> gave 5s to Money recd for the <monument>  – Middleton Book
Mary Smith was given a testament worth 1s in the Rudby School accounts – Middleton Book
Mary Smith is in a List of Girls – Middleton Book

Tithe Map:  Middleton:  William Smith farms Spyknave (landlord:  George Wyndham)

GG 130:  31 Oct 1835:  Thomas Spence of Hutton weaver & Dorothy his wife (1) Henry Collins of Stokesley gent (2):  2 houses now used as one, the weaver’s shop adjoinging & the garden or orchard of 1r behind, occ by Thomas Spence; the butcher’s shop adjoining the weaver’s shop occ by William Sherwood:  bounded by Lord Falkland to E, street to W, Mrs Kingston to N, Edmund Taylor to S; also Gowdie/Gowlay Hill Garth 1a with cowhouse occ by Thomas Richardson:  bounded by John Charlton to E, by Francis Stainthorpe to W, by street to N, by Jane Willans & Edward Meynell to S; also house with garden & garth behind 2r, occ by William Merrington:  bounded by street to E, William Wood to W, John Seamer to N, John Rymers & Francis Stainthorpe to S; also 3 closes formerly 2 closes called the Cottager 7a, previously occ by William Braithwaite as tenant to William Spence decd:  bounded by Robert Halliday Dobson to E, George Hunter & William Ableson to W, by Rounton road to N, by Richard Johnson to S; “& all other the messuages lands tenements and hereditaments formerly belonging to Thomas Smith late of Hutton yeoman decd and comprised in his Will”

Mary Smith, John Smith, <Henny> Smith were in the 1836 Wesleyan Methodist class lists
John Smith was a Wesleyan class leader in 1838 and 1839

1840 Whites:  Middleton:  William Smith, farmer
1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  John Smith, foreman

1841 Census:  John Smith 30 foreman to a linen manufacturer, Sarah Smith 20 straw hat maker and baby Esther, Martha Taylor 55, North End
1841 Census:  Martha Smith 55 servant, next door to John Smith, North End
1841 Census:  Anthony Smith 30 linen weaver and family, with John Smith 30 linen weaver, Enterpen
1841 Census:  John Smith 35 servant at Windy Hill Farm (Brigham)
1841 Census:  Middleton:  Butter Hill:  William Smith 55 farmer and family

John Smith was Wesleyan Steward for Hutton Rudby in 1841, and was the steward who made the return for the ecclesiastical census in 1851
M.A. Smith was a subscribers to the Wesleyan Youth’s Instructor in 1841
John Smith, Hutton, accountant is listed as one of the Trustees of Hutton Rudby Wesleyan chapel – date not given, possibly mid 1850s

A John Smith was a weaver in Enterpen, another was foreman to a linen manufacturer, in the 1841 Census

‘Stokesley News & Cleveland Reporter’ 1 May 1844:
On Tuesday, April 2nd, at Hutton Rudby, the wife of William Smith, of a son. 

1851 Census:  Middleton:  Spyknave:  Jane Smith, widow, farmer 122a b East Harlsey with children Mary 33, Christopher 31, William 29, Thomas 20 (b East Rounton) , and granddaughter Sarah Smith 1
1851 Census:  East Side:  Eliza Smith S 33 milliner bRudby and sister Jane Smith S 29 milliner bRudby
1851 Census:  North End:  John Smith widower 41 foreman to linen manufacturer, and children Esther Ann 10 and James 7, all b Hutton
1851 Census:  North End:  Martha Smith widow 67 flourdealer b Kirby, and unmarried children Henry 33 linen hand loom weaver and Margaret Ann 28 straw bonnet maker, both b Hutton
1851 Census:  North Side:  Anthony Smith jnr widower 28 handloom weaver linen, and children Mary Ann 4 and Sarah Elizabeth 2,  all b Hutton; and grandmother Sarah Garth widow 84 pauper b Newton, Yks
1851 Census:  North Side:  Anthony Smith snr 64 handloom weaver linen b Hutton and Sarah 52 b Skeeby, Yks, with children Christopher 19 handloom weaver linen, Sarah 21 dressmaker and Elsie 10, and grandson Anthony Smith 3, all b Hutton

20 Nov 1855:  Eland to Codling:  Mustard Garth 1r 28p:  previously occ by Hannah Kay widow, then by Thomas Eland, now used as allotment gardens occupied by John Sidgwick, Robert Preston, Anthony Smith, Anthony Smith jnr, Thomas Milburn, Thomas Crook and Christopher Garbutt

1861 Census:  Middleton Farm 153a:  Smith

“Settled Easter dues with Smith” in early Feb 1866 in Barlow’s Notebook
Christopher Smith was given 3s 6d in Dec 1869, in Barlow’s Notebook

1871 Census:  Carr House, Rudby:  Smith

1872 Post Office Directory:  Rudby:  William Smith, farmer
1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  Edmund Smith, boot & shoe maker
1872 Post Office Directory:  Middleton:  Christopher Smith, farmer

10 Mar 1874:  Anthony Smith occupied a house on East Side, north of Wheatsheaf [East Side deeds]
1 May 1877:  Anthony Smith and Henry Smith occupied houses north of Wheatsheaf [East Side deeds]


Churchwardens’ accounts 1829/30:  £1-0-6d for a safe and lock from Nathaniel Smithson
Churchwardens’ accounts 1830/1:  “Nathaniel Smithson’s salary £1”  “Nathaniel Smithson letter to Ayton 2s” “Nathaniel Smithson for kindling and illeg 3s 6d”
Daniel Shepherd and William Wood’s accounts for 1831-2:
“Nath Smithson’s Salary        £1
Caot allowd in Cash            £1 – 10”
He may have been the sexton at the time. 

1841 Census:  Nathaniel Smithson 75 ag lab, Ellas 75, Enterpen


J Wm Smyth was at “a meeting held in vestry” on 16 Jun 1831 where they voted a church rate of 2 ½ per £ to church repairs


20 Nov 1855:  Eland to Codling:  the garth on North Side of 1a 2r 28p with the 6 messuages formerly in 3 tenements with barn, cowhouse & carpenter’s shop occ by Thomas Milestone, - Kearsley, George Snary, Nicholas Jackson, John Mudd, Robert Batty and James Eland


Thomas Souter was buried Sat 6 Oct a5; David Souter was buried 1 Nov a13;  Elizabeth Souter was buried 29 Nov a87;  Emma Souter was buried 11 Dec a38.  [PRs]

Burials are recorded of Souter children after 1790, and baptisms of Souter children after 1816.

The IGI, and a Pedigree Resource File from a submitter in Ontario:
23 Aug 1747:  birth of Elizabeth Moon at Newton by Guisborough, William Moon/Mary Anderson [PRF]
7 Jan 1769:  Elizabeth Moon married John Souter at Carlton-in-Cleveland [IGI:PRs]
7 Oct 1783:  William Souter bap [PRF]
14 Sep 1786:  Robert Moon Souter bap at Crathorne [IGI:PRs]
14 Oct 1790:  Richard Souter born at Crathorne [PRF]
7 Apr 1793:  Emma Souter bap at Crathorne [IGI: PRs]
27 Dec 1809:  Robert Moon Souter married Hannah Hall at Crathorne [PRF]
20 Oct 1815:  Robert Moon Souter married Eleanor Robinson at Crathorne [PRF]
22 Jun 1811:  William Souter married Mary Moon at Stokesley [PRF]

From the PRs it may be deduced that:

William Souter labourer of Hutton & Mary had:   Mary Ann (1816-26), David (1819-32), Jane (1825-), and Thomas Moon (1828-32).  By 1841 Mary is a widow, living with her daughter Jane, and not thereafter.  Mary Souter of Hutton Rudby was godparent at a Catholic baptism in 1833 to a Meynell/Moss child.
A William Souter is buried 21 Mar 1835, age according to transcript 21.

Robert Souter labourer of Enterpen & Eleanor had:  John (1819-22), Robinson (1822-4), William (1824-  ), Robinson (1827-31), and Anne (1831-  ).  At John’s birth, Robert is described as a farmer:  later, as a labourer.  This family does not appear in the 1841 census in Hutton Rudby, but in Crathorne the 1851 Census Index shows that they had returned to that village:  Robert Souter 64 b Crathorne, and Eleanor Souter 61 b Berwick-on-Tees [sic].  In 1851 Census, William Souter 26 b Hutton, publican & blacksmith, is with his family at the Bay Horse.

Richard Souter labourer of Hutton married Mary Doking [probably Dalkin] on 24 Jul 1820 at HR.  They had:  Jane (1820-  , marr Thomas Walker), Elizabeth (1827-  , marr Robert Glover), John (1829-  ) and David (1835-  ).  They lived in Enterpen for the 1841 and 1851 Censuses; the latter shows that Richard was born in Crathorne.  In the 1851 Census, their son John 22 b Hutton labourer is with his wife and children in Enterpen.

11 & 13 May 1822:  Elizabeth Souter and Robert Moon Souter sold East Side property to Thomas Passman [East Side deeds]

FQ 249:  13 & 14 Mar 1829:  exors of Wayne to Barker:  the Carpenters Arms with the cartwrights shop and stable on the west end thereof, the garden and the privy on the south & backside of the premises, bounded by road to East Rounton to E, by Mrs Elizabeth Hildreth to W & S, by road to East Rounton, John Robinson and Mr Farnaby to N – occ by Edward Meynell;  the garth occ by Edward Meynell, bounded by Elizabeth Hildreth to E, by John Burdon to W, by Thomas Passman, Elizabeth Hildreth, Mr Kendall & William Spence to N, by road to East Rounton to S; the site where buildings lately occupied by John & Hannah Kay & taken down by Mark Barker stood; the garth now used as garden ground to the E & backside of the sd site;  the new houses built by Mark Barker on the site and part of the garth: some of the houses and the garden ground “at present unoccupied”, the others occupied by Robert Hall, William Souter, George Sanderson, John Kay, Mary Lamb, Jackson Richardson, John Wild and Thomas Shaw:  bounded by house & lands bel to Rev Richard Shepherd to E & S, by Arthur Douglas and townstreet to N & W

William Souter is a tenant of Barkers Row in 1829
Elizabeth Souter is in a List of Girls – Middleton Book
“Richard Salter and wife & Jonathan Harberton – 3 childn, 2 for school” [Mr Barlow’s list ?1836]
Tithe Map:  Richard Souter occupied a house & garden 6, near Enterpen Farm

1841 Census:  Mary Souter 50 labourer and Jane Souter 15 flax spinner on East Side
1841 Census:  Richard Souter 45 ag lab, Mary 40 and David 6, with Jonathan Hardbottle 80, ag lab, Enterpen
1841 Census:  Elizabeth Souter 14 servant at Sexhow Hall (Chapman)

1851 Census:  Bay Horse:  William Souter 26 blacksmith & victualler b Hutton, Jane 29 b Seamer, and children Robert 3 b Seamer and John 1 b Hutton; with nephew William George Walton 15 blacksmith’s apprentice b Hutton;  servant Elizabeth Ghent 12 b Seamer;  lodgers James Scott widower 70 juggler, Robert Scott married 40 juggler and their servants Mary Grenson 31, Henry Ryley widower 50 and Henry Ryley 11 – birthplace of lodgers not known
1851 Census:  Enterpen:  John Souter 22 ag lab b Hutton rudby, wife Jane 25 b Staindrop, and children Mary J. 2 and Margaret A. 7 wks, both b Hutton Rudby
1851 Census:  Enterpen:  Richard Souter 60 ag lab b Crathorne and wife Margaret 53 and son David 16 ag lab, both b Hutton Rudby

28 Nov 1863:  William Souter occupied a house with blacksmith’s shop behind it (later to be a butcher’s shop) near Wheatsheaf, mortgaged by J A Benson [East Side deeds]
“Souter 3s” appears in “paid out by me for Church 1874-5” – Barlow’s Notebook

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