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10. Annabel & Patrick Dott in Wiltshire: 1937 and 1938

I have not been able to find anything about Patrick's move from Barnes, but by mid-March 1937 he was Rector of the village of Winterslow, near Salisbury.  Perhaps it was intended to be a quieter parish and a slower way of life, after many years in busy or challenging ministries.
Mrs Annabel Dott (1868-1937)
It was in the Winterslow Rectory, on 18 March 1937, that Annabel signed her Will.  She left everything to her husband and appointed him sole Executor – a very simple Will but, most unusually, it was handwritten.  It does not appear to have been written by Annabel, but I can't discount the possibility that it is in Patrick's handwriting.  This suggests to me that, when Annabel was persuaded of the need to make a Will, they simply copied the terms of someone else's – perhaps Patrick's own Will.  The appropriate gap was left for the date to be inserted, and this has been done in a darker ink.  It is properly witnessed by retired schoolmaster and local JP, Henry T Witt, and by T Cottrell, the Rectory chauffeur.

Annabel died a few months later, on 5 November 1937, at the West London Hospital.  She was 69 years old, and the cause of death was 1(a) sarcoma of uterus with (b) multiple secondaries.  A funeral service was held at Barnes Parish church which was, the West London Observer reported, "attended by a large number of prominent local people."

Patrick took out Probate of her Will, the net value of her estate being £3,098 17s 8d.  He did not survive her long.  He died a year later, on 8 December 1938, at St Luke's Hostel, Fitzroy Square, a nursing home for clergy.  His sister Bessie was his Executrix.  Interestingly, the gross value of his estate according to the National Probate Calendar index, was £1,028 8s 10d, some £2,000 less than the value of Annabel's estate.  Perhaps this generous man had made more gifts and donations during the last year of his life.

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