Thursday, 28 February 2019

Mrs Annabel Dott: additions and corrections

A minor point - just to inform readers that I have amended my text as regards the architect Walter Brierley's involvement in the Goathland scheme.  

It is known that he was involved in the conversion of the cottages for the disabled officers but it isn't clear whether he was involved in the original design stage.

3 March 2019:  Following correspondence with Lynne Dixon, I have made an amendment regarding the Amhurst Road house in which Annabel grew up.  Lynne has come to the conclusion that 13 & 323 Amhurst Road are one and the same.  Lynne informs me that Annabel gave up her membership of Women's Pioneer Housing Ltd after four months, probably because of pressure on her time, given her other projects and her parish work; I've made that alteration too.

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