Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Otters on the frozen River Leven, February 1848

Reported in the Yorkshire Gazette 171 years ago today:-

This little piece of news was under the column heading SPORTING – I think we would today entitle it SPORTING?

Yorkshire Gazette, Saturday 5 February 1848
As a man of the name of Passman was last week proceeding to his work he had to pass a wood, near the river Leven, in the neighbourhood of Hutton Rudby, and to his astonishment observed five otters, in search of food, the river being frozen.  With the aid of a stick Passman captured two of the youngest.  The snow being on the ground enabled him to effect this, but the older animals escaped.  There are some otter hounds in Stockton, and the admirers of this old fashioned and manly sport did not thank this man for his pains, as they might hereafter have afforded gratification to the keen sportsman in pursuing them in their favourite element – water.

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