Saturday, 7 September 2019

An early Stokesley Show

As the annual Stokesley Show approaches, here is a little item to show that Shows have been taking place at Stokesley for a very long time.

I've preserved the 18th century spelling (as in 'publick' and 'shew') but I leave the reader to imagine the long 's' in words such as horses and first ...
Newcastle Courant, 4 July 1747 
These are to inform the Publick, 
THAT at STOKESLEY in Cleveland in the County of York, there will always for the future be publick SHEWS of Horses, Sheep, Cows, Heifers, and other Cattle; and also a SALE of Linen Cloth and Leather, on the following Days yearly (to wit) on Saturday next after the first Day of August, on Saturday next after the Twenty-ninth Day of September, and on Saturday next before the first Day of Lent; and that the first of the said Shews will be on the Eighth Day of August next.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Sale of Judy Kitching's Eggcup Collection on 18 September

As Judy Kitching has been the mainstay of Hutton Rudby History Society for a very long time and as her Eggcup Collection is very well-known in the area, I make no apology for advertising it here.  The catalogue can be found on the Lithgows Auctions website and the sale is on 18 September