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People of Hutton Rudby in the C18/19: Ableson to Ayresome

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Thomas Ableson was the first schoolmaster of the Bathurst school, died in 1750 and was succeeded by his son William [Hastings]

William Ableson d 1782 a 63, Master of Rudby School, d of asthma [PRs]

10 Oct 1789 William Ableson admitted and licensed to teach a Petty or English School in Hutton Rudby [Borthwick faculties etc 1768-1793]

Yorkshire Poll Book 1807:  Hutton Rudby:  William Ableson schoolmaster

GG 130:  31 Oct 1835:  Thomas Spence of Hutton weaver & Dorothy his wife (1) Henry Collins of Stokesley gent (2):  2 houses now used as one, the weaver’s shop adjoinging & the garden or orchard of 1r behind, occ by Thomas Spence; the butcher’s shop adjoining the weaver’s shop occ by William Sherwood:  bounded by Lord Falkland to E, street to W, Mrs Kingston to N, Edmund Taylor to S; also Gowdie/Gowlay Hill Garth 1a with cowhouse occ by Thomas Richardson:  bounded by John Charlton to E, by Francis Stainthorpe to W, by street to N, by Jane Willans & Edward Meynell to S; also house with garden & garth behind 2r, occ by William Merrington:  bounded by street to E, William Wood to W, John Seamer to N, John Rymers & Francis Stainthorpe to S; also 3 closes formerly 2 closes called the Cottager 7a, previously occ by William Braithwaite as tenant to William Spence decd:  bounded by Robert Halliday Dobson to E, George Hunter & William Ableson to W, by Rounton road to N, by Richard Johnson to S; “& all other the messuages lands tenements and hereditaments formerly belonging to Thomas Smith late of Hutton yeoman decd and comprised in his Will”


1841 Census:  Rudby:  John Ainsley 45 labourer, Hannah 40, Ann 10 and William 7, in household of John Davison

‘Stokesley News & Cleveland Reporter’, 1 Jun 1844:
Birth:  On Sunday, May 19th, at Rudby, the wife of Mr John Ainsley, of a daughter

Alice …insley is in the Wesleyan class lists 1836

1851 Census:  Rudby:  John Ainsley 57 ag lab bSedgefield,  Hannah 53 bRudby and Elizabeth 7 b.Rudby

John Ainsley (1795-1866) married Hannah (Ann) Davison (1799-1889).  He was born in Sedgefield; an agricultural labourer.  Hannah is a cowkeeper with 6a in the 1881 census.  Buried in Rudby. 

Children of John & Hannah Ainsley:  Hannah (Ann), William, John, and Elizabeth Ainsley.  Hannah Ainsley (1832-?) was a scullery maid at Stokesley Manor House in 1851 Census.  William Ainsley (1834-?) was a farm labourer 1861 census Rudby; he married Mariane.  Their son William, b Stainton 1865, married Catharine Charlton of Hutton Rudby, and on her early death Frances Ann Cowen of Enterpen.  He is in the 1897 Rudby estate photograph.  He is buried at Rudby with both wives.  His children died in infancy.  John Ainsley (1836-7).  Elizabeth Ainsley (1843-1933) married a widower, Robert Milestone (1825-1905) gardener, Rudby.  Mrs Milestone is in the 1897 Rudby estate photograph. [Davison descendant’s information]


Thomas Alderson was churchwarden 1869-78; the churchwarden who signed the articles of inquiry 1874

1872 Post Office Directory:  Skutterskelfe:  Thomas Alderson, farmer


Mrs Alisson is in a list of names in the Middleton Book
There were three pairs of Allisons having children baptised 1813-32:  Jacob & Jane, Edward & Mary, and George & Margaret. 

R Allison is in 'A List of Boys' – Middleton Book

Jane Allison is in Edmund Taylor’s Wesleyan Methodist class in 1836 in Hutton. 

Examples from the Parish Registers:
9 Nov 1813:  baptism of Jacob, son of Jacob & Jane Allison, farmer
11 Mar 1817:  baptism of Sarah, daughter of Jacob & Jane Allinson, farmer
13 Jan 1820:  baptism of Joseph, son of Jacob & Jane Allison, weaver
19 Apr 1826:  baptism of William, son of Edward & Mary Allison, weaver
20 Mar 1826:  John, son of George & Margaret Allison, weaver, baptised
3 Dec 1828: Scarlet, dau of Jacob & Jane Allison, weaver, bapt.  Buried 23 June 1839
9 Dec 1832:  baptism of William, son of Edward & Mary Allison, weaver

Edward Scarlet Allison married Mary Richardson in 1825.  William Allison married Margaret Cunningham in 1828.  Sarah Allison married William Eden in 1838.
Jane (48) bd 13 Aug 1837; Edward (inf) bd 30 Jun 1838; Mary (32) bd 8 Jul 1838   

13 Aug 1837: Jane Allison buried a48 [NBI]

31 Jan 1838:  Sarah Allison 20 daughter of Jacob Allison labourer, married William Eden 22 tailor, son of Thomas Eden tailor [witnesses:  Margaret Hebron, Edward Allison]

8 Jul 1838:  Mary Allison buried a32 [NBI]

Tithe Map from Elizabeth Sleigh:  Edward Allinson occ 125-8

None of the family appear in the 1841 census, except:
1841 Census:  Mary Allison 13 in household of her sister and brother-in-law, William & Sarah Eden, North End.  William Eden was a tailor;  he and his wife had several children:  Scarlet, Thomas, Jane, Frances, William, Jacob and George.  The family lived on North End throughout the C19, and remained in the village through the C20.
Allison burials continue through the C19;  members of the family seem to have moved in and out of the village.


Thomas Almond was a tenant of James Bainbridge on East Side in 1816

ET 604:  12 & 13 Sep 1823:  buildings in Enterpen formerly occ by William Sidgwick and now by Simon Sidgwick the weaver, bounded by Thomas Almon to E

FL 58:  13 May 1827:  East Side, judging by occupants & boundaries:   2 houses lately used in 3 tenements with garden behind formerly occ by James Bainbridge, Richard Wood & Thomas Almond, then by sd James Bainbridge & John Simpson, then by sd James Bainbridge & John Bainbridge:  and the 2 houses used in 3 tenements “newly created” and “lately erected” by sd James Bainbridge in the sd garden, then occupied by George Harker, Alice Pedlar & Ann Rudd:  bounded by house and garden bel to Roger Bowes to E, by Edmund Taylor to W, by street to N, by Thomas Passman to S:  parties:   Richard Nightingale the younger late of Middleton St George gent and George Stanger of Pickton farmer:  reciting indre of 14 Nov 1825 to which James Bainbridge, George & John & Henry Hutchinson, Thomas Place, William Richmond and said Richard Nightingale were parties

DW 581:  4 Apr 1816:  James Bainbridge of Hutton bricklayer (1) George, John & Henry Hutchinson the younger & Thomas Place bankers at Stockton (2):  3 houses adjoining each other in Hutton, occ by James Bainbridge, Richard Wood & Thomas Almond:  bounded by Thomas Passman & Thomas & George Farnaby to E & N, by street to W, by Edward [sic] Taylor to S

FC 147:  14 Nov 1825:  James Bainbridge bricklayer (1) Hutchinsons & Place bankers (2) William Richmond of Stockton mercer & draper (3) Richard Nightingale the younger of Middleton St George (4):  2 houses, lately in 3 tenements, with garden behind, formerly occ by James Bainbridge, Richard Wood & Thomas Almond, then by James Bainbridge & John Simpson, now by James & John Bainbridge; and also 2 new erected houses now in 3 tenements lately erected by James Bainbridge in the garden, now occ by George Harker, Alice Pedlar & Ann Rudd:  all bounded by messuage & garden of Roger Bowes to E, by messuage & garden of Edmund Taylor to W, by street to N, by Thomas Passman to S

Ann Almond is in Richard Jowsey’s class in the Wesleyan lists 1836

Amherst, Lady

A cutting dated 1875 pasted into the bound volume of the Yorkshire Miscellany:
“Tame Bridge Hawthorn”, a poem written “more than 30 years ago” by George Markham Tweddell.
“I cannot tell why this once fine old hawthorn was formerly called ‘Nelly Bayne’s Cherry Tree’, but during the lifetime of the late Lady Amherst, it was railed round and much prized by her”.  The tree was now “greatly changed for the worst”.


Robert Balier of Rudby & East Rounton marr Elizabeth Passman of Rudby at East Rounton on 7 Apr 1806:  witnesses Wm Wood, Matthew Appleton, Eliza Kay and Hary Passman [PRs]

Yorkshire Poll Book 1807:  Hutton Rudby:  Matthew Appleton, farmer

Land from the Appletons was bought with the QAB and parliamentary grant money
Matthew Appleton owned land to the north of Oxgang c1820 – Middleton Book

1819:  Matthew Appleton sold Hutton Field to Rudby parish [Arch: Vis:]
1820:  John Appleton witnessed the Will of Jeremiah Grice
FA 138:  21 & 22 Aug 1820:  New Close Farm:  formerly occupied by James Appleton, then by Thomas Kelsey and then by Joshua Emerson

25 Dec 1822:  HR:  bur of Matthew Appleton of Carlton a92

Tithe Map from Elizabeth Sleigh:  Thomas Appleton occ 211, 212, 213
Tithe Map:  Leonard Appleton occupied Doddle Hill

1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  Leonard Appleton, farmer, Doddle Hill

1841 Census:  between James Flounders & Bay Horse:  Thomas Appleton 45 flax dresser, Ann 25, Anthony 5, John 3, Thomas 7 mths
1841 Census:  Doddle Hill:  Appleton

Cleveland Repertory & Stokesley Advertiser:  1 Feb 1843:
 “Police Intelligence”:  January 28th.  Before Sir Wm Foulis, Bart. and R Hildyard, Esq. William Carter of Hutton Rudby, weaver, for having on the 7th ult. committed a trespass on the farm and lands in the occupation of Leonard Appleton in search of game.  Fined £2 and costs.

16 Apr 1843:  Eleanor Appleton died 16 Apr 1843, grave75 – not in PRs

20 Jun 1849:  HR:  bur of Thomas Appleton of Carlton

Oddfellows Board:  Bro: L Appleton, Potto, 12 Feb 1871, a72 [farmer, acc JBTurner]


1800-1:  John Armstrong, Sexhow was churchwarden

Yorkshire Poll Book 1807:  Sexhow:  John Armstrong farmer (freehold in Hutton Rudby)
1823 Baines:  Sexhow:  Robert Armstrong, farmer; John Armstrong, farmer
Robert Armstrong was churchwarden in 1827-8
John Armstrong was churchwarden in 1851-2

1851 Census:  East Side:  Robert Armstrong 72 retd farmer bSexhow and wife Margaret 44 bHutton


1 May 1820:  Elizabeth Atkinson witnessed Jeremiah Grice’s Will, with her mark

1840 Whites:  East Rounton:  John Atkinson, farmer and owner

Isabella Atkinson is in a List of Girls – Middleton Book


Mary Ayresome was a previous occupant of a house and garth on East Side bought by Edmund Taylor in 1803 from William Paley

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