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People of Hutton Rudby in the C18/19: Bousfield to Busfield

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Oddfellows Board:  Bro:  P Bousfield, Hutton, 22 Apr 1853, a57 [farmer, JBTurner]


Roger Bowes owned property on East Side:  deeds of 1817 and 1830

EC 354:  30 Oct 1817:  James Bainbridge bricklayer (1) William Richmond of Stockton mercer & draper (2):  2 houses with garden behind, occ by James Bainbridge & John Simpson:  bounded by messuage & garden of Roger Bowes to E, by messuage & garden of Edmund Taylor to W, by street to N, by Thomas Passman to S

FC 147:  14 Nov 1825:  James Bainbridge bricklayer (1) Hutchinsons & Place bankers (2) William Richmond of Stockton mercer & draper (3) Richard Nightingale the younger of Middleton St George (4):  2 houses, lately in 3 tenements, with garden behind, formerly occ by James Bainbridge, Richard Wood & Thomas Almond, then by James Bainbridge & John Simpson, now by James & John Bainbridge; and also 2 new erected houses now in 3 tenements lately erected by James Bainbridge in the garden, now occ by George Harker, Alice Pedlar & Ann Rudd:  all bounded by messuage & garden of Roger Bowes to E, by messuage & garden of Edmund Taylor to W, by street to N, by Thomas Passman to S

FL 58:  13 May 1827:  East Side, judging by occupants & boundaries:  2 houses lately used in 3 tenements with garden behind formerly occ by James Bainbridge, Richard Wood & Thomas Almond, then by sd James Bainbridge & John Simpson, then by sd James Bainbridge & John Bainbridge:  and the 2 houses used in 3 tenements “newly created” and “lately erected” by sd James Bainbridge in the sd garden, then occupied by George Harker, Alice Pedlar & Ann Rudd:  bounded by house and garden bel to Roger Bowes to E, by Edmund Taylor to W, by street to N, by Thomas Passman to S:  parties:   Richard Nightingale the younger late of Middleton St George gent and George Stanger of Pickton farmer:  reciting indre of 14 Nov 1825 to which James Bainbridge, George & John & Henry Hutchinson, Thomas Place, William Richmond and said Richard Nightingale were parties

FT 511:  11 & 12 Jan 1830:  East Side:  Edmund Taylor of Hutton joiner, Thomas Eland of City of London currier, James Bainbridge bricklayer:  the land on which James Bainbridge has lately erected 4 new houses & other buildings, 79 ft x 14 ft, and the passage thereto from the street:  previously occ by Elizabeth Robinson, then by William Coates, then by Edmund Taylor and now by James Bainbridge or his undertenants:  bounded by Thomas Passman to E, by street to W, by Roger Bowes to N, by Edmund Taylor to S:  “heretofore the estate of Joseph Tunstall and his wife Catherine”

FT 109:  21 Aug 1830:  Jaques Barn glebe lands:  Michael Sidgwick late of Hutton now of Broughton weaver & John Sidgwick late of Hutton weaver now of Deighton farmer to Rev Richard Shepherd with the QAB money:  two pieces of ground called Jaques Barn each about 1a, part of a close of 7a:  bounded by Jonathan Sanders to N & W, land of George & Mary Bowes contracted to be conveyed to Isaac Whorlton & others to E, Rounton road to S:  previously occ by James Kendrew and now by John & Michael Sidgwick

FU 261:   22 & 23 Nov 1831:  north end of East Side:  James Bainbridge bricklayer & Elizabeth his wife to George Grenside of Stokesley gent:  piece of ground on which he had recently built 4 new houses and other buildings, 79ft long x 14ft wide, with the passage leading to them from the street:  previously occ by Elizabeth Robinson, then by William Coates, then by Edmund Taylor, and now by James Bainbridge or his undertenants:  bounded by Thomas Passman to E, by street to W, by Roger Bowes to N, by Edmund Taylor to S:  “heretofore the estate of Joseph Tunstall & Catherine his wife”


1887:  memorial stones at the new Primitive Methodist chapel were laid by K Rickatson, W Seymour (Spout Bank), Mrs Honeyman, Mrs Eden, Mrs Hall and Mr E Bainbridge; and on behalf of Viscount Falkland, G Y Blair, and Rev Oliver Jackson, a Primitive Methodist minister born in Hutton Rudby [G Milburn’s notes]


17 Dec 1838:  John Bowman, 39, collier, son of John, collier, married Margaret Best, 22, daughter of Martin, papermaker;  both were of Hutton (he signed the register, she made her mark) and witnesses were Anne Best and William Farnaby

‘The Cleveland Repertory’ 1 Jun 1843:
“Police Intelligence
27th May.  Present Edmund Turton and J B Rudd, Esquires, and the Rev H Clarke, junior.  Upon the information of William Hugill of Bilsdale, Midcable, farmer, against Jos Richardson and Jno Bowman, both of Hutton Rudby, Colliers, for having on the 20th inst wilfully and maliciously consumed the grass growing in some fields occupied by the said William Hugill, by depasturing a number of ponies, mules and asses therein, the property of Lord Feversham.  Ordered that they pay the sum of £2 2s for the damage, and also the costs, to be paid before the ninth of this month.”

1841 Census:  Enterpen:  William Bowman in the household of Jane Best 25 ag lab, Hannah 7 and Mary 4, next door to
1841 Census:  Enterpen:  John Bowman 35 collier, Margaret 25, Margaret 1 and Hannah Best 55 ag lab, the last born out of county

1851 Census:  South Side:  John Bowman 43 ass collier b Rominby, and Margaret 36 b Hutton, with children Margaret 14, Joseph 9 and Henry 5, all b Hutton

1851 Census:  Enterpen:  William Bowman 40 (single - sic) ag lab b Thrintoft, Yks and children Mary 13, Maria 8 and William 5, all b Hutton Rudby [transcript – names should be checked with microfilm – it seems possible that Mary is identical with Hannah, in the 1841 census]

1861 Census:  South Side:  John Bowman 56 assistant collier b Thrintoff, Margaret 42 b Hutton Rudby, with Margaret 20 servant and Henry 15 servant, both b Hutton Rudby
1861 Census:  south side of Enterpen:  Joseph Bowman [son of John] 19 b Hutton Rudby, servant in the household of Robert Cowell, blacksmith
1861 Census:  South Side:  William Bowman 52 ag lab b Thrintoff, Sarah 49 b Rudby his wife, and son Joseph Bowman 9 scholar and stepson William Best 14, both b Hutton Rudby

William Bowman was buried in 1862 aged 53, and Margaret Bowman in 1869 aged 50.

1871 Census:  New Row:  John Bowman widower 63 coal leader b Thrintoff, and housekeeper Jane Bowman single 19 b Thrintoff

John Bowman was buried aged 72 in 1877, and William’s wife Sarah in 1886.

In 1881, Joseph Bowman, farm bailiff, the son of William & Sarah, lived at Thornton Field Cottage near Tocketts, Guisborough;  Joseph Bowman, engine smith, son of John & Margaret, lived in Woodside Street, Middlesbrough, with his wife and daughters;  and Henry Bowman, bootmaker, son of John & Margaret, lived with wife and children in Fallow Street, Middlesbrough.


1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  Andrew Allison Boyle, M.D, surgeon

The Middlesbrough Weekly News on 11 Aug 1865 announced that he had obtained his diploma from Edinburgh.  In 1868 he was at Stokesley, in 1869 at Kirkham, Lancs.  In 1871 Census he was at West End, Hutton Rudby – aged 26, born Scotland, wife Elizabeth, one year old son born Lancs and baby daughter born Hutton, one servant.  1873 Medical Directory:  Poor Law Medical Officer at Hutton Rudby at £25 p.a., surgeon to the Swainby mines, to the Oddfellows and various friendly societies.  1877 Medical Directory Obituary:  he died at Hutton Rudby 23 May 1876, aged 31. 


William Braithwaite had rented the Cottage Fields owned by William Spence decd, and later owned by Thomas Spence

4 & 5 Oct 1819:  John Braithwaite, tailor, bought a house and yard, with two cottages behind, one newly built, from Edmund Taylor. [East Side deeds]  In the Tithe Map the owner and occupier was Robert Braithwaite

23 Jun 1819:  Robert Braithwaite married Hannah Hammond at Stokesley Parish Church [IGI]

1823 Baines:  Hutton:  Robert Braithwaite, tailor

late July 1830:  Robert Braithwaite, tailor, saw William Huntley at “about five o’clock in the morning … I saw him in Passman’s holm;  he made up to George Farnaby’s door.  He then went to Goldsbrough’s yard.”  Braithwaite had made clothes for Huntley not long before:  patent cord trowsers, with a yellow sandy cast, a dark green coat with yellow round buttons, raised in the centre, and a yellowish striped waistcoat with yellow buttons.  He had known Huntley “ever since he was a boy … I wrought for him, and he did not pay me;  I found great difficulty in getting the money.” [Yorkshire Gazette 12 Mar 1842]

Braithwaite gave 5s to Money recd for the <monument>  – Middleton Book

FS 461:  2 & 3 Feb 1831:  Rudby Farm:  William Braithwaite was a tenant at £216 p.a
FS 461:  2 & 3 Feb 1831:  Rudby Mill:  occ by sd William Braithwaite at £80 p.a

GG 130:  31 Oct 1835:  Thomas Spence of Hutton weaver & Dorothy his wife (1) Henry Collins of Stokesley gent (2):  2 houses now used as one, the weaver’s shop adjoinging & the garden or orchard of 1r behind, occ by Thomas Spence; the butcher’s shop adjoining the weaver’s shop occ by William Sherwood:  bounded by Lord Falkland to E, street to W, Mrs Kingston to N, Edmund Taylor to S; also Gowdie/Gowlay Hill Garth 1a with cowhouse occ by Thomas Richardson:  bounded by John Charlton to E, by Francis Stainthorpe to W, by street to N, by Jane Willans & Edward Meynell to S; also house with garden & garth behind 2r, occ by William Merrington:  bounded by street to E, William Wood to W, John Seamer to N, John Rymers & Francis Stainthorpe to S; also 3 closes formerly 2 closes called the Cottager 7a, previously occ by William Braithwaite as tenant to William Spence decd:  bounded by Robert Halliday Dobson to E, George Hunter & William Ableson to W, by Rounton road to N, by Richard Johnson to S; “& all other the messuages lands tenements and hereditaments formerly belonging to Thomas Smith late of Hutton yeoman decd and comprised in his Will”

28 Sep 1835:  Will of John Braithwaite:  he left a house occupied by son Robert (except a room built over a coalhouse occ by tenant Richard Simpson) with garden & privy;  a house occupied by Richard Simpson (except the room beforementioned);  house lately occupied by William Mudd and now unoccupied.  [East Side deeds]

John Braithwaite’s children:  Isabella Honeyman, Mary Oates, Robert, grandson John Oates [East Side deeds]
John Braithwaite’s daughter Isabella was the wife of Robert Honeyman.  She had a son Robert Honeyman the younger, who in 1861 is of 1 Hanover Street, Walworth Road, Newington, and who then sells his ppty in HR to his cousin Robert Braithwaite jnr.  Isabella had survived her father, but died intestate before her husband, whose Will did not dispose of his real estate, leaving his son Robert jnr his heir-at-law [East Side deeds]

3 Jan 1836:  bur of Hannah Braithwaite a42 [NBI]

1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  Robert Braithwaite, tailor
1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  carriers:  My [sic] Braithwaite, to Stockton M. and Wed.
1841 Census:  East Side:  Robert Braithwaite 50 tailor & draper, Robert 15 apprentice, Mary 14, John 6, John Braithwaite 90 independent, with Jane Hansell 35 servant

24 Aug 1850:  Mary Ann Braithwaite 24 of Hutton daughter of Robert, tailor, married John Kendrew 29 of Carlton Miniott, tailor, son of Daniel, tailor [witnesses:  Robert Braithwaite, Hannah Braithwaite]

1851 Census:  East Side:  Robert Braithwaite W 66 tailor employing 2 hands bHutton, children Robert S 26 journeyman tailor, John 16 tailor’s apprentice and Mary Kendrew M 24 and son-in-law John Kendrew 30 journeyman tailor bBorrowby

12 July 1851:  Robert Braithwaite 27, tailor, son of Robert, tailor, married Margaret Wiles 24, servant, daughter of Anthony, weaver [witness:  Thomas Walshaw, Elizabeth Trenholme]

“Principal inhabitants” signing the record of exchange of bounties on 28 Sep 1857:  Robert Braithwaite, John Rickatson, George Wilson, Henry Willins, John Robinson, Thomas Sidgwick, John Sidgwick, George Davison [Terriers]

13 Nov 1860 with codicil:  Will of Robert Braithwaite jnr:  tailor & draper.  Wife Margaret.  Cousins John Oates and Robert Honeyman.  Robert jnr died 4 May 1861; he died before Robert snr. [East Side deeds]
19 Feb 1861:  Will of Robert Braithwaite snr:  retired tailor & draper.  Pbte 11 Aug 1862.  Sons Robert jnr & John of Sedgefield: daughters Mary Ann wife of John Kendrew tailor, & Hannah wife of Benjamin Hall:  nephew John Oates grocer. [East Side deeds]
early 1861:  Robert Braithwaite snr’s Will shows that he lived with his son Robert, to whom he left the house, with gift over to his wife Margaret. [East Side deeds] 
early 1861:  Robert Braithwaite snr had property in Enterpen, which was occupied by Christopher Meek, Henry Elliott and Robert jnr [East Side deeds]

1861 Census:  East End:  Robert Braithwaite snr widower 72 retd tailor, and the family of his son Robert Braithwaite jnr 37 tailor – wife Margaret 34, and children Hannah 9, Mary Ann 7, Margaret 6, Elizabeth 4, Esther 2, and Sarah 6 months;  all b Hutton Rudby

1871 Census:  Bay Horse:  Robert Meynell 40 carter & publican, wife Margaret 43 [nee Wiles, late Braithwaite], children Elizabeth 5, Frederick 4, Herbert 2 and Martha 9 mths, with stepdaughter Sarah Braithwaite 10

8 May 1861:  bur of Robert Braithwaite a36 [NBI]
25 Dec 1861:  bur of Robert Braithwaite a79 [NBI]

Oddfellows Board:  PG:  R Braithwaite, Hutton, 4 May 1861, a37
Oddfellows Board:  Bro:  J Braithwaite, Sedgefield, 18? Dec 1863, a29


29 Jul 1789:  Robert Brigham otp married Elizabeth Bean otp;  witnesses: Kitty Clayson, Wm Frankland and Thomas Milburn jnr
7 Dec 1797:  HR:  William Surtees married Eden Dodds; witnesses:  Thomas & Mary Jackson, Ann Brigham, John Eland, Thomas Hird and Elizabeth Catchaside

1802-5:  William Robert Brigham was churchwarden

8 Apr 1813:  Elizabeth Brigham married William Simpson of Stainton

1813-17:  Robert Brigham was agent to the Skutterskelfe estate, and High Constable, and churchwarden (in 1817 he was churchwarden with James Catchasides)

8 Jan 1818:  Isabella Brigham married Ralph Watson of Stokesley

1820-21:  George Brigham was churchwarden with James Catchasides

1823 Baines:  Rudby:  George Brigham Esq, land agent and valuer, coroner for Cleveland, & chief constable for the West division of Langbargh; Robert Brigham, yeoman

21 Apr 1824:  Ann Brigham married Rev Richard Shepherd;  witnesses:  Thos Simpson, M Simpson, Jw Brigham, John Colbeck, Ann Simpson, Samuel Hebbron.  The vicar of Egton, Glaisdale, Mr Benjamin Richardson, officiated.

“Principal inhabitants” signing the Rudby terrier 1825:  Simon Kelsey, Robert Brigham, William Wood, Michael Sidgwick, Philip Gowland, James Catchasides <jnr>, and churchwardens James Catchasides and John Wrightson

“Marriages solemnized in the Chapelry of Middleton upon Leven in the County of York in the year 1827 – George Brigham of this Parish of Rudby and Ann Dobin of this Parish also, were married in this Chapel by Licence with consent of [long dash] – this fifteenth day of February in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven – by me R Shepherd – this marriage was solemnized between us George Brigham, Ann Dobin x her mark – in presence of John Coals and Samuel Hebbron” [solrs’ papers]

“1828 – Jun 20th – George – George and Ann Brigham – Windy Hill – Farmer – R Shepherd, Vicar – I hereby certify that the above is a true and correct copy of the entry made in the Register of baptisms for the Parish of Hutton Rudby – witness my hand this 23rd day of December 1848 – R J Barlow, Vicar of Rudby – The charge for the above certificate is 3/6” [solrs’ papers]
“Baptisms solemnized in the Parish of Rudby in the County of York in the year 1828 – 20 Jun 1828 – George – son of George and Ann Brigham – of Windy Hill – farmer – by R Shepherd Vicar – I hereby certify that the above are true and correct copies of the entries made in the Register of Baptisms and burials for the Parish of Rudby and in the Register for Marriage for the Chapelry of Middleton on Leven in the said Parish of Rudby – Given under my hand this 7th day of March in the year 1854 – R J Barlow Vicar of Rudby and Curate of Middleton”.   [solrs’ papers]

FS 461:  2 & 3 Feb 1831:  Robert Brigham had been a tenant of Rudby estate; he had occupied Rudby Farm
FS 461:  2 & 3 Feb 1831:  Windy Hill Farm:  occ by George Brigham at £265 p.a

10 Jan 1831:  Robert Brigham senior was buried at HR aged 80.  His son Robert junior was buried six months later:

“Rudby Parish, February 23rd 1836 – This is to certify that Robert Brigham was buried in Rudby Churchyard on the ninth day of June one thousand eight hundred and thirty one, being at that time thirty years of age – R J Barlow, Vicar of Rudby” [solrs’ papers – Margt Brabin]

George, his son, became agent after his father.  He was at Windy Hill, Rudby.

1840 Whites:  Rudby:  George Brigham, land agent and chief constable, Windy-hill

1841 Census:  Windy Hill:  George Brigham 50 farmer, Ann 35, Richard 6, James Dobbin 25 farmer, Robert Foster 40 solicitor, William Foster 40 solicitor, servants:  John Smith 35, Charles Hall 18, Edward Batty 17, Thomas Grey 14, Elizabeth Bulmer 25 and Elizabeth Spokes 17

George (described as ‘farmer’) died at Rudby on 4 Dec 1841, cause of death “general debility” aged 51.  The informant was James Dobbin “in attendance” at death, of Rudby.  It was registered on 9 Dec 1841, the registrar being Thomas Harker. 
There is a suggestion of suicide; “he was involved in some rather odd dealings, buying wool with other people’s money without their permission, being one of them I seem to remember” [Jacky Quarmby].  The MI suggests his death was on 4 Dec 1847, a misreading – his death certificate turned up in the solrs’ papers (from Margt Brabin).

1851 Census:  Hutton:  [The Elms]:  Ann Righton 54 landed prop b Tockwith, cousin Ann Paver 24 farmer’s daughter b Houssham, cousin Mary Kirby 19 farmer’s daughter b Theakston; visitors:  Ann Taylor 20 annuitant b Hutton, Elizabeth Brigham 24 farmer’s daughter b Rudby

1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  Joseph Brigham, farmer, White House
Robert and Elizabeth Brigham had at least six children:  George bap 25 Apr 1790; Isabella bap 30 Oct 1791; Elizabeth bap 14 Apr 1793; Ann bap 12 Jul 1795; Mary b 4 Mar bap 7 Mar 1798; Robert b 7 Aug & bap 10 Aug 1800


1851 Census:  Brooks farm:  George Brough 35 farmer of 183 acres employing 3 labourers b Hawthorn, Durham and wife Jane 34 b Ingleby Cross; and with house servant Sarah Bury 16 born East Harlsey and farm servants William Stelling 20 b Ingleby Cross and Thomas Crooks 11 b Potto


Thomas Brown cut Mr Barlow’s hedge, after harvest 1851 – Barlow’s Notebook
Rev Laurence Lawson Brown B.A was instituted curate for Mr Barlow on 15 Jun 1845 [Borthwick].  He chaired the vestry meeting to elect the churchwardens on 14 Apr 1846.


1841 Census:  Jane Bulmer 40 ag lab and family, Enterpen
1841 Census:  Elizabeth Bulmer 25 servant at Windy Hill (Brigham)
‘Stokesley News & Cleveland Reporter’, 1 Jun 1844:
Marriage:  On Sunday, May 12th, at Rudby, Mr William Wood, to Mrs Jane Bulmer

‘The Cleveland Repertory’ 1 Jun 1844:
Marriage:  On Sunday the 12th ult, at Rudby Church, by the Rev R J Barlow, Mr Wm Wood of Hutton, to Mrs Jane Bulmer, of the same place
Jane Bulmer (14) b East Rounton was servant at the Vicarage at the 1861 Census


15 Nov 1814:  Simeon Burdon married Jane Rowland with consent of parents [witnesses:  Jane Webster, George Thompson, Ann Burdon, Jane Burdon, Simeon Burdon, Elan Rowland]

1823 Baines:  Hutton:  Simeon Burdon, wheelwright

16 Mar 1824:  Simeon Burden married Sarah Ward at Brotton [IGI]

FQ 249:  13 & 14 Mar 1829:  exors of Wayne to Barker:  the Carpenters Arms with the cartwrights shop and stable on the west end thereof, the garden and the privy on the south & backside of the premises, bounded by road to East Rounton to E, by Mrs Elizabeth Hildreth to W & S, by road to East Rounton, John Robinson and Mr Farnaby to N – occ by Edward Meynell;  the garth occ by Edward Meynell, bounded by Elizabeth Hildreth to E, by John Burdon to W, by Thomas Passman, Elizabeth Hildreth, Mr Kendall & William Spence to N, by road to East Rounton to S; the site where buildings lately occupied by John & Hannah Kay & taken down by Mark Barker stood; the garth now used as garden ground to the E & backside of the sd site;  the new houses built by Mark Barker on the site and part of the garth: some of the houses and the garden ground “at present unoccupied”, the others occupied by Robert Hall, William Souter, George Sanderson, John Kay, Mary Lamb, Jackson Richardson, John Wild and Thomas Shaw:  bounded by house & lands bel to Rev Richard Shepherd to E & S, by Arthur Douglas and townstreet to N & W

FQ 560:  2 & 3 Nov 1829:  ppty bought by Jane Willans widow in Enterpen:  garth of 1r 3p where a cottage formerly stood, formerly occ by John Miller, then by George Wilson, Mary Young & Hannah Young, then by Matthew Richardson jnr, then by John Burden, bounded by Thomas Wayne to N, E & W, and by street called Enterpen to S; with the houses “lately erected upon the garth” & now occupied by Simeon Burden, John Smelt, Paul Oates, John Goldsbrough, William Jowsey, Abraham Holdgate and William Burnsides

Simeon Burdon occupied a house owned by Thomas Sidgwick on Enterpen in the Tithe Map

1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  Simeon Burdon, wheelwright

1841 Census:  Enterpen:  Simeon Burden 55 carpenter, Sarah 35, Robert 13, Simeon 7, Sarah 5, William 2, Alice 2 wks

1851 Census:  Enterpen:  Simeon Burdon 65 pauper cartwright b Hutton Rudby and wife Sarah 46 b Brotton, Yks, with children William 12, Alice 9, George 6, Woods [sic in transcript – Ward in 1881 census] 4 and Charles 1, all b Hutton Rudby

1851 Census:  Enterpen:  John Richardson widower 56 cabinet maker, nephew Stephen Richardson 15 apprentice cabinet maker and lodger Simeon Burdon 18 apprentice cabinet maker;  all b Hutton Rudby

The 1881 Census for Yorkshire finds Ward Burdon a jet worker in Whitby and Charles Burdon a builder in Leeds


John Burn was an early occupant of East Side property sold by Thomas Passman to Isaac Benson in 1845 [East Side deeds]


FQ 560:  2 & 3 Nov 1829:  ppty bought by Jane Willans widow in Enterpen:  garth of 1r 3p where a cottage formerly stood, formerly occ by John Miller, then by George Wilson, Mary Young & Hannah Young, then by Matthew Richardson jnr, then by John Burden, bounded by Thomas Wayne to N, E & W, and by street called Enterpen to S; with the houses “lately erected upon the garth” & now occupied by Simeon Burden, John Smelt, Paul Oates, John Goldsbrough, William Jowsey, Abraham Holdgate and William Burnsides


FA 299:  5 & 6 Nov 1824:  2 houses with garden, orchard, shop & stable in Hutton, occ previously by John Horner & Thomasin Burton, then by Thomas Edmund & Thomas Dalkin, then by David Hebbron & John Wiles:  parties:  David Hebbron of Hutton butcher & Michael Hebdon of Stokesley weaver, James Eden of Hutton grocer, Simon Kelsey, Robert Longstaff of Broughton yeoman, William Driver of Yarm gent

1840 Whites:  Rudby:  William Burton, miller
1841 Census:  Rudby Mill:  William Burton 35 miller, Elizabeth 35, Robert 30 miller, with John Sharp 40 journeyman miller and servants George Hall/Wall 23 and Martha Milburn 14
William Burton was churchwarden in 1841-2

Oddfellows Board:  Bro:  William Burton, Ayton, 4 Feb 1874, a54


M Busfield is in a List of Girls – Middleton Book

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