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People of Hutton Rudby in C18/19: Calvert to Chipchase

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Robert Calvert was a previous occupant of property on East Side, bought by Joseph, Thomas & William Whorlton in 1808

Stephen Calvert is a Wesleyan class leader in 1836, 1838 and 1839 and was a subscriber to the Youth’s Instructor in 1840
He was the agent in Hutton for subscriptions to Cottager’s Friend in 1840: ordering “14 Nos at 1/1d”
He was the Steward for Hutton Rudby in 1840
He was the agent in Hutton for subscriptions to Cottager’s Friend in 1841, ordering 22, and for Child’s Magazine in 1841, ordering 3.  He ordered 3 of the Missionary Notices.
Mr Calvert was a subscriber to the Shilling Magazine, Christian Miscellany, Early Days, Juvenile Offerings, and Missionary Notices:  no date, apparently 1859

1851 Census:  North End:  Stephen Calvert single 57 handloom weaver linen b Hutton lodging with Ann Elliot 63 schoolmistress b Ayton Bank, Durham


Campion is listed in “Recpts for 1854” – Barlow’s Notebook

29 Apr 1841:  Rudby church:  Margaret Dobbin 35 spinster of Rudby, dau of William Dobbin farmer, married William Campion 40 bachelor, gentleman of Kirkleavington, son of John Campion Coates gentleman:  witnesses Thomas Righton, John Dobbin
1851 Census:  Ober Green farm:  William Campion 49 farmer 75a, 3 labourers, b Whitby:  Margaret Campion 42 b Picton:  children:  Ann 7 and William 8 both b Kirkleavington;  with Margaret Dobbin 5 niece and visitor b Kirkleavington;  servants: Catherine Christelor 14 b Harlsey, William Hedley 20 b HR, Robert Weatherill 16 b Hornby


Pat Cannon appears in Barlow’s Notebook – money due for work done in 1853


DU 390:  2 & 3 Aug 1815:  Thos Cust to Thos Newton, house, stable yard or garth in
Hutton, occ by Wm Carter, previously, and now by John Passman and Wm Easby

EA 296:  Thos Newton to B D Suggitt, property described in EA 296.  Probably west
corner of North Side, probably adjoining EB 412

1828:  William Carter, Hutton weaver, found guilty of shooting on Crathorne manor
without a game certificate [Hastings:  Local Govt & Socy:  Yorkshire Gazette

Sarah Carter is in Stephan Calvert’s class in the Wesleyan class lists 1836
Mr Carter gave £1 to School Acct 1874 – Barlow’s Notebook

1841 Census:  Isaac Carter 70 linen weaver, William 40 gamekeeper and John 15 linen weaver, North End
1841 Census:  Mary Carter 15 linen weaver in household of John Drydale, North Side

Cleveland Repertory & Stokesley Advertiser:  1 Feb 1843:
 “Police Intelligence”:  January 28th.  Before Sir Wm Foulis, Bart. and R Hildyard, Esq. William Carter of Hutton Rudby, weaver, for having on the 7th ult. committed a trespass on the farm and lands in the occupation of Leonard Appleton in search of game.  Fined £2 and costs.

1851 Census:  Tisbut Row:  William 49 handloom weaver b Knaresbro and Hannah 49 b Hutton
1851 Census:  North End:  John Carter 26 hand loom weaver linen b Hutton and Ann 27 b Rudby, with daughter Hannah 1

Oddfellows Board:  Bro:  William Carter, Hutton, 25 Jun 1851, a49 [linen weaver, JBTurner]
Oddfellows Board:  Bro:  John Carter, Hutton, 28 Apr 1875, a51? [sailcloth weaver, JBTurner]

Miss Maria Carter planted a sycamore (near pump) 1878/9 [Tree planting notes, Hist Soc]


1832:  Stephen Catchasides was buried on Sat 6 Oct, a39;  James snr on Sun 7 Oct a73;  Grace on Sun 7 Oct a82.  Their daughter Betty Skelton was buried Mon 8 Oct a39 (but the list sept. nomina leaves her age blank).  [PRs]

The Catchasides family had been in the village for at least 120 years. 
Most of the entries in the NBI for the name Catchasides are to be found in Co Durham.  The first burial in Hutton Rudby is that of Richard Catchasides, blacksmith in 1715.

Richard, blacksmith (d1767), who married Ann (d1781):  Elizabeth 1712, James 1714, Richard 1716-1805, James 1719-83, Anthony 1727 and Anthony 1728, all bap HR. 

James, the parish clerk and carpenter (1719-83), married Elizabeth (d1803):  Jane 1744, Emma 1746, Mary 1748, Elizabeth 1751, Sarah 1753, David 1755-68, James 1758-1832, Eleanor 1761-79, and Stephen 1762-82.

MI 83:  Erected in memory of James Catchaside who was clerk otp & d. 11 Feb 1783 aged 63 yrs & of Stephen his son who died at Aryholm 20 Apr 17-- aged 21 yrs.  Also of David & Eleanor his son & daughter & of Elizabeth Helseton who died at China.  Reverse side: Elizabeth wife of James Catchaside d. Mar 5 1803 aged 82 yrs. Richard Catchaside his brother d Jul 22 1805 aged 75 yrs

24 Jan 1744:   Jane, dau of James Catchasides baptised at HR;  she marr James Pearson on 8 Oct 1765  “mariner”
16 Oct 1746:  Emma, dau of James Catchasides baptised at HR;  she marr George Coates on 29 Dec 1766 at Marske by Richmond [IGI]
8 Mar 1748:  Mary dau of James Catchasides baptised at HR;  she marr Robert Busby on 13 Nov 1769 at Whorlton [IGI]
29 Jan 1751:  Elizabeth dau of James Catchasides “P Clerk” baptised
22 Mar 1753:  Sarah dau of James Catchasides baptised
25 Apr 1755:  David son of James Catchasides, parish clerk, baptised
20 Jun 1758:  James son of James Catchasides, Parish Clerk, baptised
28 Feb 1761:  Eleanor dau of James Catchasides, Parish Clerk, baptised
21 Mar 1762:  Stephen son of James Catchasides parish clerk baptised

This may have been the Stephen Catchasides who was father of:

30 Aug 1778:  Jane “bastard” of Stephen Catchaside and Isabella Farmer baptised

1 Feb 1781:  Ann Catchaside, widow of Richard, blacksmith, bd aged 90
5 Oct 1782:  Stephen Catchaside, blacksmith, casualty, bd

16 May 1783: James Catchasides marr Grace Noddings, Swillington, Yks [IGI, from PRs]
Grace Noddings bap 3 Dec 1752, Loftus, dau of Thomas [IGI, from PRs]

16 Feb 1783    James Catchaside carpentr & clark of the parish of Hutton Rudby which office he discharged 36 years & died of a fevr aetatis suo 63.o anno

James Catchasides, blacksmith & victualler, 1758-1832 & Grace:  Elizabeth 1784-1832, Eleanor 1786-1869, Ann 1789-90, twins James 1791 and Robert 1791-1817, and Stephen 1796-1832.
Elizabeth bap HR 7 Mar 1784
Ann Catchasides bap HR, 1 Jul 1789, James & Grace
James Catchasides bap HR 25 Dec 1791, James, blacksmith  )
Robert Catchasides bap HR 25 Dec 1791, James, blacksmith ) twins
Stephen Catchasides bap HR 5 Jan 1796, James & Grace 

7 Dec 1797:  HR:  William Surtees married Eden Dodds; witnesses:  Thomas & Mary Jackson, Ann Brigham, John Eland, Thomas Hird and Elizabeth Catchaside

Yorkshire Poll Book 1807:  Hutton Rudby:  James Catcheside blacksmith

17 May 1810:  HR:  Eleanor Catchasides married Robert Norman [witnesses:  James Catchaside, James Catchaside jnr, Ann Burdon, Wm Frankland].  Their children James 1811, Mary 1813, Elizabeth 1815, Ann 1819, Robert 1822, and Grace 1828 were baptised in Hutton Rudby

EB 38:  15 Jun 1816:  Robert Norman (1) James Catchasides innkeeper (2):  assignment of paper mill, occ by Robt Norman;  one witness was Robert Catchasides of Hutton near Rudby gentleman

27 Apr 1817:  Robert Catchasides buried a25

James Catchasides was churchwarden between 1817 and 1825.  His name often appears in the churchwarden’s accounts for blacksmith’s work, but it is not always possible to distinguish him from his son. 

1823 Baines:  Hutton:  James Catchasides, jun, grocer
1823 Baines:  Hutton:  James Catchasides, vict & blacksmith, Bay Horse

ET 257:  2 & 3 Jan 1823:  garth, orchard & houses, probably North End:  bounded to S by lands formerly belonging to Richard Catchasides decd and now to Simon Kelsey

FB 195:  19 & 20 Nov 1824:  James Catchasides jnr shopkeeper, with trustees George Brigham of Rudby gent and Christopher Moore merchant of Staithes, buys Bay Horse area from Gowland;  he is himself an occupier

FB 196:  20 Nov 1824:  premises as before:  parties:  James Catchasides jnr shopkeeper, George Brigham & Christopher Moore, and Benjamin Claxton draper of Stokesley & Henry Brotherton late of Stokesley now of Yarm innkeeper exors of Will of Thomas Smith jnr of Stokesley, gent

“Principal inhabitants” signing the Rudby terrier 1825:  Simon Kelsey, Robert Brigham, William Wood, Michael Sidgwick, Philip Gowland, James Catchasides <jnr>, and churchwardens James Catchasides and John Wrightson

3 Aug 1826:  Elizabeth Catchasides married Joseph Skelton of Ingleby Greenhow – she must have been aged 42.  The witnesses at Elizabeth Catchaside’s wedding included a Jane Catchasides

16 Nov 1826:  Ormesby:  James Catchasides marr Jane Hall [IGI, from PRs]

1829/30:  12s for James Catchasides’ bill. 

James Catchasides snr, publican and blacksmith, owned the Bay Horse (stables, yard, tiny garden, smithy, outbuildings, garth, stackyard, cowhouse, pighouse, garden – some on East Side).  In 1830 he mortgaged the property to John Dixon, spirit merchant of Stockton.  In Feb 1831 he sold all the property to Edward Rhodes, brewer of Thirsk

James Catchasides jnr bought Philip Gowland’s property near the Bay Horse in Nov 1824 – the tenants were then James himself, John Cook, Robert Moss and Robert Fennick.  In 1830 he had become a miller in Stockton and sold the premises to Thomas Hall of Ormesby – the tenants were still James, John Cook, Robert Moss and Robert Fennick

FP 310:  12 & 13 Feb 1830:  James Catchasides jnr “late of Hutton shopkeeper and now of the township of Stockton miller” sold the ppties to Thomas Hall of Ormsby yeoman

FQ 521:  12 & 13 May 1830:  Bay Horse & garth:  parties:  James Catchasides snr innkeeper & Grace his wife, and James Catchasides jnr of Stockton Mill miller, John Dixon of Stockton spirit merchant:  public house occ by Catchasides snr with stables, yard, garden, smithy, bldgs, 1a garth, stackyard, garden, building between smithy and pub

early Aug 1830:  following the disappearance of William Huntley, the neighbours went to question Robert Goldsbrough:  “[James Maw] went to the prisoner’s house a third time, accompanied by James and Stephen Catchasides, John Cook, and others, who all died in the cholera … there was a silver watch hanging up on the chimney piece, and Stephen Catchasides took it down;  and he and Cook examined it.” [Yorkshire Gazette 12 Mar 1842]

1830/1:  James Catchasides’ bill £3-4-2d.
16 Jun 1831:  Stephen Catchasides was at “a meeting held in vestry” on 16 Jun 1831 where they voted a church rate of 2 ½ per £ to church repairs. 

FT 337:  1 Feb 1831:  Bay Horse etc:  James Catchasides snr to Edward Rhodes of Thirsk common brewer

Robert Catchasides bought a Catechism for 1d in the List – Middleton Book.  Query forename – Robert son of James died in 1817, so either there are more in the village or this is a mistake

James Catchasides was an early occupant of East Side property sold by Thomas Passman to Isaac Benson in 1845 [East Side deeds]


11 May 1868:  Codling mortgage:  North Side ppty bounded by John Mease to W and Miss Righton and George Davison to E, and occupied by James Stephenson, with the 6 messuages occupied by William Codling, James Catterick, Mrs Falshaw, Richard Richardson, James Stephenson and Reuben Bainbridge


Thomas Catterson of Hutton was churchwarden in 1833 and 1835-7. 
In 1834 “Henry Bainbridge and T Catterson expenses to Stockton agreeing about stove < > £1-6-5d”
1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  Thomas Catterson, farmer
1841 Census:  Gardenstone:  Catterson
Tithe Map:  Thomas Catterson occupied Gardenstone farm, which was owned by the Messrs Wetherill


Chapmans farmed at Sexhow and at Enterpen Farm (156a)
1797:  Michael Chapman was churchwarden
1811:  Michael Chapman was churchwarden

1823 Baines:  Hutton:  Michael Chapman, farmer

Wm & Michael Chapman gave 5s to Rudby School, Oct 24th 1832 – Middleton Book
Messrs Chapman gave 5s to Rudby School, year beginning 24 Oct 1833 – Middleton Book

1834:  William Chapman was churchwarden
1835:  William Chapman of Sexhow died a33

Thomas Chapman b1798 HR married first Elizabeth Webster, who died 1841, and secondly Mary Anne Meek.
Thomas Chapman was churchwarden in 1839-40 and 1853-4; the churchwarden who signed the articles of inquiry in 1853.  In 1839 Michael Sidgwick had been chosen churchwarden, but this was opposed by Thomas Chapman who demanded a vote; the ballot elected Chapman.
“Chapman” is listed in the “Brick acct”, for the school ? – Barlow’s Notebook

Tithe Map:  Michael Chapman rented Enterpen Farm from Sir William Foulis

1840 Whites:  Sexhow:  Thomas Chapman, farmer
1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  academies:  William Chapman
1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  Michael Chapman, farmer, Enterpen

1841 Census:  Michael Chapman 85 farmer, Mary 80, Elizabeth 70 independent, Thomas Charlton 15 servant, Ellen Drydale 25 servant and Hannah Preston 11 servant, Enterpen
1841 Census:  Sexhow Hall:  Thomas Chapman 40 farmer, Elizabeth 35 born out of county, with John Grey 20, Francis York 15 and Elizabeth Soulter 14 servants
1841:  Elizabeth wife of Thomas Chapman of Sexhow died a?37

Henry Chapman was churchwarden in 1844-7.  At the vestry meeting on 25 Mar 1845 “Mr Barlow appoints Henry Chapman for his [churchwarden]”.

1843:  Michael Chapman of Hutton died a91 [MI].  Henry succeeds him at Enterpen farm

‘Cleveland Repertory’ 1 Dec 1843:
“Deaths”:  21st Nov:  “at Hutton Rudby, at the advanced age of 91 years, Mr Michael Chapman, farmer, deeply and deservedly respected.  The deceased was for many years a tenant of the late Sir Wm Foulis, Bart, prior to which he held an important office in the Baronet’s household.  He survived his late master only 14 days.”

1851 Census:  Enterpen:  Mary Chapman widow 90 retd farmer b Scalby, Lincs and servant Sarah Hallgate 28 b Hutton Rudby
1851 Census:  Enterpen:  Henry Chapman 50 farmer 156 acres b Hutton Rudby and wife Mary 32 b Kirby cum Broughton, and children Mary 5 and Elizabeth 4 b Hutton Rudby;  servants Mary Cecily Cole b Old Hetton, Durham and Chapman Garbutt 13 b Bilsdale

1858:  Thomas Chapman of Sexhow died a60 [MI]

Jun 1866:  Henry Chapman led a subscription to assist Thomas Garbutt, donating £5

1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  Henry Chapman, farmer & land agent, Enterpen
1872 Post Office Directory:  Sexhow:  Mrs Mary Ann Chapman, farmer

1883:  Mary Chapman, daughter of Henry Chapman, married Frederick Watson of Stockton

Apr 1914:  Henry Chapman rented Enterpen Farm from Sir Robert Ropner.  He owned Kelsey Castle and land occ by Leonard Sidgwick, Highfield House occupied by Rebecca Harrison, and houses in Enterpen.  Exors of Mary Chapman owned inter alia property in Enterpen.  [Rate Books]

6 Aug 1916:  death of William Chapman of Sexhow, churchwarden & Sunday School superintendant for many years, his siblings gave the font cover to the church in his memory


ET 257:  2 & 3 Jan 1823:  garth, orchard & houses, probably North End:  Robert Charlton and John Charlton the elder were occupiers

<Annie> Charlton is in a List of Girls – Middleton Book
Margt Charlton is in a List of Girls – Middleton Book
J Charlton was in A List of Boys – Middleton Book
R Charlton [crossed out] was in A List of Boys – Middleton Book

GG 130:  31 Oct 1835:  Thomas Spence of Hutton weaver & Dorothy his wife (1) Henry Collins of Stokesley gent (2):  2 houses now used as one, the weaver’s shop adjoinging & the garden or orchard of 1r behind, occ by Thomas Spence; the butcher’s shop adjoining the weaver’s shop occ by William Sherwood:  bounded by Lord Falkland to E, street to W, Mrs Kingston to N, Edmund Taylor to S; also Gowdie/Gowlay Hill Garth 1a with cowhouse occ by Thomas Richardson:  bounded by John Charlton to E, by Francis Stainthorpe to W, by street to N, by Jane Willans & Edward Meynell to S; also house with garden & garth behind 2r, occ by William Merrington:  bounded by street to E, William Wood to W, John Seamer to N, John Rymers & Francis Stainthorpe to S; also 3 closes formerly 2 closes called the Cottager 7a, previously occ by William Braithwaite as tenant to William Spence decd:  bounded by Robert Halliday Dobson to E, George Hunter & William Ableson to W, by Rounton road to N, by Richard Johnson to S; “& all other the messuages lands tenements and hereditaments formerly belonging to Thomas Smith late of Hutton yeoman decd and comprised in his Will”

1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  John Charlton, boot & shoe maker

1841 Census:  John Charlton 50 shoe maker and family, South Side
1841 Census:  John Charlton 25 linen weaver and family, North End
1841 Census:  John Charlton 20 linen weaver, in household of Elizabeth Jackson, North End
1841 Census:  William Charlton 11, in household of John Sidgwick, North End
1841 Census:  Robert Charlton 45 linen weaver, Hannah 45 and Robert 15 linen weaver, North End
1841 Census:  John Charlton 75 shoe maker, North End
1841 Census:  Thomas Charlton 40 linen weaver and family, North End
1841 Census:  Ann Charlton 15 servant in household of John Sidgwick, North End
1841 Census:  Ralph Charlton 50 linen weaver, Sarah 50, William 20 linen weaver, Hannah 13, Enterpen
1841 Census:  Thomas Charlton 15 servant in household of Michael Chapman, Enterpen
1841 Census:  Sexhow:  Jane Charlton 18 servant with Mary Stockburn 85

John Charlton died 26 Mar 1843 a78, grave293 – not in PRs

1851 Census:  South Side:  Robert Charlton 30 handloom weaver, Isabella 30, Mary 4 and Thomas 1, all born Hutton
1851 Census:  South Side:  John Charlton 65 shoemaker b Kirklevington and Mary 62 b Redmarshall
1851 Census:  North End:  John Charlton 37 handloom weaver linen b Hutton and Ellen 43 b Ingleby Arncliffe, with Hutton-born children John 17 handloom weaver linen, Robert 14 ass collier, Ralph 12, Thomas 10, Margaret 7, Alice 6, George 3, William 2 and James 4 mths
1851 Census:  North End:  Robert Charlton 53 hand loom weaver b Hutton and Hannah 55 b Potto
1851 Census:  North End:  Thomas Charlton 51 farm labourer, Mary 50, and children Jane 17 farmers servant and Esther Ann 15;  all b Hutton
1851 Census:  Enterpen:  Ralph Charlton 61 handloom weaver, Sarah 62 and son William (single) 30 hand loom weaver, with grandson George Charlton 11 and niece Hannah Charlton 16 servant;  all b Hutton Rudby

“Charlton” is given 3s 6d on 3 May 1869, in Barlow’s Notebook

1872 Post Office Directory:  Rudby:  Thomas Charlton, farmer


Mary Chipchase (20) b Appleton Wiske was servant at the Vicarage in the census 1871

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