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People of Hutton Rudby in the C18/19: Coates to Cust

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William Coates was a former occupant of East Side property bought by Edmund Taylor from John and Ann Pape in 1808

DY 88 & ET 601:  James Coates was a tenant of Philip Gowland in the Bay Horse area in 1816-1823

Robert Coates was churchwarden with James Catchasides in 1819

1823 Baines:  Skutterskelfe:  Robert Coates, Tame bridge, farmer

FT 511:  11 & 12 Jan 1830:  East Side:  Edmund Taylor of Hutton joiner, Thomas Eland of City of London currier, James Bainbridge bricklayer:  the land on which James Bainbridge has lately erected 4 new houses & other buildings, 79 ft x 14 ft, and the passage thereto from the street:  previously occ by Elizabeth Robinson, then by William Coates, then by Edmund Taylor and now by James Bainbridge or his undertenants:  bounded by Thomas Passman to E, by street to W, by Roger Bowes to N, by Edmund Taylor to S:  “heretofore the estate of Joseph Tunstall and his wife Catherine”

William Coates was a tenant of East Side property apparently sold by Edmund Taylor to James Bainbridge in 1830

FU 261:   22 & 23 Nov 1831:  north end of East Side:  James Bainbridge bricklayer & Elizabeth his wife to George Grenside of Stokesley gent:  piece of ground on which he had recently built 4 new houses and other buildings, 79ft long x 14ft wide, with the passage leading to them from the street:  previously occ by Elizabeth Robinson, then by William Coates, then by Edmund Taylor, and now by James Bainbridge or his undertenants:  bounded by Thomas Passman to E, by street to W, by Roger Bowes to N, by Edmund Taylor to S:  “heretofore the estate of Joseph Tunstall & Catherine his wife”

1851 Census:  North Side:  Richard Coates 44 butcher b Castle Levington and Alice 54, also b Castle Levington, with children Ann 18 dressmaker and Robert 15, both b Hilton

Margaret Coates was in the informant on Mrs Barlow’s death certificate in 1852; she signed with her mark

Jun 1866:  Two friends, G Coates & J Hogg, gave £5 to the subscription for Thomas Garbutt


23 May 1775:  Thomas Codling married Ann Bainbridge [witnesses:  Jacob Whorlton, John Tunstill]
6 Feb 1776:  William Eland married Ann Codling [witnesses:  Jon Eland, William Russells]
31 Oct 1779:  Robert Codling married Hannah Barker [witnesses:  Thomas Arnol, John Eland, Mary Brakr]
21 May 1799:  William Codling son of Robert baptised
25 Sep 1802:  Ann Codling 53 wife of Thomas buried
18 Jan 1807:  Robert Codling married Ann Pattinson [witnesses:  Robert Wilson, John Eland, John Pattinson]

EH 212 & EG 295:  relate to the same ppty:  a house which had been divided into two tenements and in 1818 was “lately occupied in four different tenements or dwellinghouses”:  tenants were previously Jane Whorlton & her tenants William Easby, Oliver Jackson & William Honeyman; tenants were in 1818 William Honeyman, Thomas Graham, Robert Walton and Robert Codling:  bounded to E by Christopher Flintoff decd, to S & W by townstreet, to N by David Simpson decd

FQ 434:  14 & 15 Apr 1829:  Ann Codling occupied land belonging to Elizabeth Sleigh

William Codling was a tenant of James Flounders, occupying a garden and house in the Stringers Row area:  Tithe Map

1841 Census:  William Codling 40, Elizabeth 30, and Robert 12 on North Side

Robert Codling was an early occupant of East Side property sold by Thomas Passman to Isaac Benson in 1845 [East Side deeds]

1851 Census:  South Side:  William Codling 53 clock & watchmaker b Hutton, Elizabeth 41 b Worsall, and daughter Margaret 24 grocer b Hutton

20 Nov 1855:  Eland to Codling:  the garth on North Side of 1a 2r 28p with the 6 messuages formerly in 3 tenements with barn, cowhouse & carpenter’s shop occ by Thomas Milestone, - Kearsley, George Snary, Nicholas Jackson, John Mudd, Robert Batty and James Eland;  also Mustard Garth 1r 28p:  previously occ by Hannah Kay widow, then by Thomas Eland, now used as allotment gardens occupied by John Sidgwick, Robert Preston, Anthony Smith, Anthony Smith jnr, Thomas Milburn, Thomas Crook and Christopher Garbutt

11 May 1868:  Codling mortgage:  North Side ppty bounded by John Mease to W and Miss Righton and George Davison to E, and occupied by James Stephenson, with the 6 messuages occupied by William Codling, James Catterick, Mrs Falshaw, Richard Richardson, James Stephenson and Reuben Bainbridge; Mustard garth bounded by John Oates & George Davison to E, Robert Southeran to S and John Sidgwick to N

1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  William Codling, watch & clock maker & shopkeeper


1832:  Jane Cole was buried on Mon 15 Oct a75 [PRs]

17 Aug 1794:  Thomas Appleton otp married Eleanor Cole of Seamoor [witnesses:  John Appleton, William James Appleton Wilam?]
10 Mar 1805:  Robert Cole married Martha Bolton [witnesses:  Robt Norman, Richard Harker, Robert Baker, Robert Story]
1805:  Thomas Cole, son of Martha, buried
15 Aug 1807:  William Grundy married Mary Cole [Thos Eland, John Wrightson, James Catchasides, Robert Cooke, Thomas Swann]

Robert Cole occupied property – probably a house, garth & yard – on East Side, bought by Joseph, Thomas & William Whorlton in 1808 [East Side deeds]


“Mr Goldbeck 5s 6d” appears in William Sayers Calculations 1815 in the Middleton Book

1823 Baines:  Middleton:  Henry Colebeck, farmer
John Colebeck and John Kay sold a former coachhouse to Mark Barker in 1830

Tithe Map:  Middleton:  Henry Colebeck farms present-day Hill House Farm (landlords: Wyndham and Evans)

1840 Whites:  Middleton:  Henry Colebeck, farmer


Mary Collyerson was a former occupant of property, once used as a coachhouse, sold by Kay and Colebeck to Mark Barker in 1830

FT 30:  12 & 13 May 1830:  East Side:  John Kay of Hutton cartwright & others to Mark Barker & trustees:  house heretofore used as a coachhouse & formerly occ by James Ingledew, Mary Collyerson & Diana Swales, then by Elizabeth Farnaby, then by Charles Hall, then by Hannah Best, & now by Matthew Garbutt:  bounded by street to E, Mark Barker to W & S, Arthur Douglas to N


John Condey owned property on East Side:  deed of 1808


1832:  John Cook buried 3 Oct, Jane Cook buried 15 Nov, Rachel Cook buried 16 Dec

1763 Thomas Seamer married Jane Cook
1764  William Cook married Rachel Whorlton

7 Oct 1787:  John Cock [sic in transcript] son of Rachael baptised

1795 Francis Roberts of Coxwold married Sarah Cooke

2 Aug 1799:  Robert Cooke [?] of Hutton paper manufacturer is appointed agent by Thomas Bradforth [East Side deeds]

8 Oct 1806:  Robert Cooke married Mary Richardson [witnesses:  Tho Swann, Robert Catchasides, John Eland, Edwin Hastings]

15 Aug 1807:  William Grundy married Mary Cole [Thos Eland, John Wrightson, James Catchasides, Robert Cooke, Thomas Swann]

13 Jun 1809:  John Cooke married Jane Wake [witnesses:  Eliz Appleton, James Appleton, William Carter, William Seamer]  [both parties signed the register]

11 Feb 1811:  George Bewick married Elizabeth Kay [witnesses:  John Brown, John Howe, Robert Codling, John Cook, Robt Cook, John Jackson]

An apprenticeship indenture dated 4 Apr 1823 and made between William Sayer (churchwarden) and Thomas Tweddle and William Sayer (Overseers of the Poor of the Township of Middleton) apprenticed Stephen Hall “a poor child belonging to the said township of Middleton” aged 12 years to John Cook of Hutton near Rudby weaver, until the age of 21, in pursuance of an order made by the Rev John Gilpin and James Favell Esq of the same date.  The indenture is signed by Sayer, Tweddle, Cook and Hall himself; doctor Harker was the witness.  Gilpin and Favell were justices of the peace.
“Apprenticeship Indre:  Stephen Hall aged 12 years apprenticed to John Cook of Hutton near Rudby, weaver, to age 21 – April 1823:  made between William Sayer (churchwarden) and Thomas Tweddle and William Sayer (overseers of poor of township of Middleton) and Stephen Hall ‘a poor child belonging to said township of Middleton’” [NYCRO Mic 1204]

Cook is not mentioned as an occupier of the Bay Horse ppties when in ownership of Philip Gowland [deeds 1816 and 1823] and evidently moved in between 1823 and 1824

FB 195:  19 & 20 Nov 1824:  Bay Horse area ppties bought by James Catchasides jnr, John Cook being an occupier

1828:  Margaret Cook married John Ingledew

John & Margaret How’s first son John was drowned aged 7; the younger John married Sarah Whorlton on  21 Oct 1829.  John Cook was a witness at the marriage.

FP 310:  12 & 13 Feb 1830:  Catchasides sale of Bay Horse ppties to Thomas Hall, John Cook an occupier
John Cook was a tenant of James Catchasides jnr, who owned houses, buildings, warehouse, cowhouse, garden & garth there, with the “new erections & buildings” mentioned in a deed of 1816:  deed of 12 & 13 Feb 1830
John Cook was a tenant of property (a tenement) on East Side mortgaged by Edmund Taylor in 15 & 16 Feb 1830 [East Side deeds]

early Aug 1830:  following the disappearance of William Huntley, the neighbours went to question Robert Goldsbrough:  “[James Maw] went to the prisoner’s house a third time, accompanied by James and Stephen Catchasides, John Cook, and others, who all died in the cholera … there was a silver watch hanging up on the chimney piece, and Stephen Catchasides took it down;  and he and Cook examined it.” [Yorkshire Gazette 12 Mar 1842]

John Cook brought the cholera to Hutton Rudby, and was buried Wed 3 Oct aged 48.  His wife Jane Cook was buried on 15 Nov 1832 a40, and his mother Rachel Cook (who was his “only next of kin”) on 16 Dec 1832 a91.  His creditors George Wilson and John Eland took out Letters of Administration of his estate in May 1833.

There were six Cook weddings 1732-1832:  John Cook’s mother is presumably the only Rachel of the six:  Rachel Whorlton married William Cook in 1764.
Rachael, daughter of Isaac Whorlton, weaver, was baptised 10 Dec 1742.

John & Jane Cook had four children:  William (bap on the day of his birth 20 Mar 1810), Mary (27 Nov 1810, bd 4 Dec), James (1811) and Elizabeth (1814).   It appears from the Letters of Administration that all predeceased their parents – or that Cook’s creditors, unable to find them, chose to let it appear so.

Other Cook baptisms 1793-1826: children of James & Ann Cook, Robert & Mary Cook, Robert & Barbara Cook and William & Susanna Cook of Meggison House. 

1833:  Ann Cook married John Edon

Wesleyan Methodist class lists of 1836:   <Nancy> Cook, John Cook and Mary Cook.

1837:  Jane Cook married Charles Maclean

Tithe Map:  Robert Cook occupied no 11, house & garth apparently Lowfield, owned by Simon Kelsey

1838:  Elizabeth Cook 23, daughter of Robert Cook weaver married Roger Nicholson 20 of Potto

1841 Census:  South Side:  Mary Cook 59 linen weaver, Margaret Brusby 32 linen weaver, Robert Ingledew 12 and Joseph Ingledew 5


1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  Samuel Charles Coombes, manure and brick manufacturer, Linden grove


‘Stokesley News & Cleveland Reporter’, 1 Sep 1844:
Marriages:  On Wednesday, July 10th, at Leek, by the Rev W Warrington, Mr Robert Cooper, Master of the National School, Hutton Rudby, to Grace, third surviving daughter of the late John Ripley, Esq., M.D., Knayton, near Thirsk


1840 Whites:  Middleton:  James Coulson, corn miller

1841 Census:  Mill House, Middleton:  James Coulson 35 miller and family

‘The Cleveland Repertory’ 1 Jun 1843:
“Police Intelligence
27th May.  Upon the information of Jos Coulson of Sexhow, against Thos Pearson of Stokesley, for having on the 9th inst unlawfully attempted to take and destroy the fish in the river Leven, in the township of Sexhow, in which Sir Wm Foulis, Bart hath a private right of fishery.  Ordered that he pay the costs.

1851 Census:  Linkin [Lincoln Farm]:  Joseph Coulson 51 bWhorlton & family
1871 Census:  Broad Carr:  Coulson

1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  James Coulson, farmer, Broad Carr
1872 Post Office Directory:  Sexhow:  Stephen Coulson, farmer

James Coulson was churchwarden who signed the articles of inquiry 1861 and 1874; churchwarden for 1873-9
1878/9 Mr James Coulson planted a sycamore at the top of North End.  The plan shows him living in the Town End area. [Tree planting]


FS 461:  2 & 3 Feb 1831:  Mary Coward had been a tenant of Rudby estate


“Crags” is listed in “Days work for men at the church” – Barlow’s Notebook
24 Feb 1879:  house now or late occupied by William Craggs [East Side deeds]


1823 Baines:  Hutton:  George Cristall, farmer


20 Nov 1855:  Eland to Codling:  Mustard Garth 1r 28p:  previously occ by Hannah Kay widow, then by Thomas Eland, now used as allotment gardens occupied by John Sidgwick, Robert Preston, Anthony Smith, Anthony Smith jnr, Thomas Milburn, Thomas Crook and Christopher Garbutt


Harriott Cropley is in a List of Girls – Middleton Book
Harriotte <Crosby/Crossley> is in a list in the Middleton Book
J Crossley was in A List of Boys – Middleton Book


Thomas Cust owned a house on North Side, near the King’s Head.  In 1799 a licence
was obtained by the Rev William Norris to use a house and adjoining premises owned
by Thomas Cust as a Calvinist meeting house.

31 Aug 1806:  Arabella Cust of Rudby parish married John Passman, labourer of
Rudby parish, at East Rounton [HR Wills]

Yorkshire Poll Book 1807:  Hutton Rudby:  Thomas Cust farmer

DU 390:  2 & 3 Aug 1815:  Thos Cust to Thos Newton, house, stable yard or garth in
Hutton, occ by Wm Carter, previously, and now by John Passman and Wm Easby

EB 412:  21 & 22 Mar 1817:  ppty on North Side: Thos & Jos Whorlton (1) Wm Whorlton (2):  ppty bounded by Thos Cust’s dwllghse, by his coal house, & his garden

EP 148:  3 Feb 1821:  mortgage to Wm Whorlton by John Shout:  house previously occupied by Oliver Jackson and now by Major Shout, land and weaver’s shop: bounded by house bel to Thomas Cust to W, by his coal house & garden to W

ET 293:  21 Mar 1823:  sale of ppty of Samuel Hebbron late of Hutton nr Rudby butcher dealer & chapman now or late a prisoner in the gaol of the Castle of York:  being the Shoulder of Mutton public house [predecessor of King’s Head], occ by Samuel Hebbron, then by David Hebbron & now by Robert Moss:  bounded by Thomas Whorlton and Thomas Jackson, Thomas Cust, B D Sugget and Thomas Wayne to W and N, by street to S, by Thomas Jackson to E; also the stable; a close of 5a 2p bounded by William Wood to N, by William Dawson to E, W & S, and occupied by William Dawson; also land in Potto

1823 Baines:  Hutton:  carriers:  Thomas Cust to Stockton, on Wed. and to Stokesley, on Mon. Thu. & Sat.

Tithe Map from Elizabeth Sleigh:  Thomas Cust occ 192 & 193 (with Jonathon Taylor)

1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  carriers:  John Cust, to Stokesley, Mn. Th. and Sat.
1841 Census:  Thomas Cust 75 carrier, Thomasin 60, South Side

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  1. Alice has asked me to add a note regarding
    "Catherine Codling":
    William Hunneman married Catherine Codling 0n 20th August 1738 in Hutton Rudby. This record of Catherine would have been hard to find until recently because she was listed as "Catherine Codlingwere".
    The original record was miss-transcribed from: "William Hunneman and Catherine Codling WERE married". The error seems to have at last been rectified on the "Familysearch" website, though it is still presumably as it was in any of the old "I.G.I. Listings in record centres and libraries (unless they have been updated).
    Catherine was born in Billingham, she had a sister Ann, and brother John and their Father was Thomas Codling. They came to Hutton Rudby sometime after 1716.