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People of Hutton Rudby in the C18/19: Dale to Dunning

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1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  Frederick Dale, F.R.C.S., surgeon, Enterpen

Frederick Dale M.D was the doctor who certified Mr Barlow’s death in 1878

Frederick Dale was born in Yarm, and baptised 13 Feb 1843.  His parents were both from Yarm.  He took the MRCS England in 1866, then MD at Edinburgh in 1867, where he had studied.  In 1871 he was a widower with a housekeeper and groom and lived in Enterpen, but within months he had remarried, to Mary Weatherill [cf Letters to a Miller’s daughter].  The 1873 directories give his address as Layton House. 

1877 & 1880 Medical Directories:  medical officer for Hutton Rudby District of Stokesley Union

1881:  he was succeeded by Dr Melvin as medical officer, and in the census is to be found in Stokesley, once more a widower, but now with three children under the age of 8 [cf Miller’s daughter], and practising from College Square.  Directory entries show this address until 1885, adding that he was a certified factory doctor.  Bickford’s Hull Medical Directory shows a Dr Frederick Dale, with the same qualifications, at 40 Charlotte Street, Hull, practising as an accoucheur in 1882.  In 1886 the Medical Directory shows Dale at Weston super Mare, holding the posts of medical officer to the Great Western Railway, and to an Assurance Society (probably part-time posts) [Dr Geoffrey Stout]


16 Jun 1764:  Rachel Rayne, daughter of Robert & Alis, married Joseph Dalkin [witnesses:  Wm Bainbridge, James Catchasides]

31 Jan 1791:  Joseph Dalkin married Jane Barker [witnesses:  Mary Edwards, James Robinson]

22 Feb 1803:  Robert Dalkin married Elizabeth Fenwick at Crathorne

DY 88 & ET 601:  Robert Dalkin was a tenant of Philip Gowland in the Bay Horse area in 1816-1823

Richard Souter labourer of Hutton married Mary Doking on 24 Jul 1820 at HR. 

8 Dec 1822:  Joseph Dalking married Jane Garbut [witnesses:  James Smith, Samuel Hebbron]

FA 299:  5 & 6 Nov 1824:  2 houses with garden, orchard, shop & stable in Hutton, occ previously by John Horner & Thomasin Burton, then by Thomas Edmund & Thomas Dalkin, then by David Hebbron & John Wiles:  parties:  David Hebbron of Hutton butcher & Michael Hebdon of Stokesley weaver, James Eden of Hutton grocer, Simon Kelsey, Robert Longstaff of Broughton yeoman, William Driver of Yarm gent

late July 1830:  Joseph Dalkin went to Robert Goldsbrough’s house to try to find out about Huntley, who owned him £4, and was told he had gone to Whitby.  Dalkin went that day to Whitby, but could not find him [Yorkshire Gazette 12 Mar 1842]

John Dalkin was given a testament worth 1s in the Rudby School accounts – Middleton Book
Anne Dalkin is in a List of Girls – Middleton Book
J Dalkin was in A List of Boys – Middleton Book

1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  Joseph Dalking, tailor
Robert Dalkin was a subscribers to the Wesleyan Youth’s Instructor in 1840

1841 Census:  near Hutton House:  Jane Dalking 80
1841 Census:  South Side:  Joseph Dalking 35 tailor, Jane 35, James 15 apprentice, Martha 12, Jane 10, Henry 7, Joseph 4, John 2 and Francis 3 mths
1841 Census:  Rudby, cottage:  Robert Dalkin 65 weaver and Elizabeth 60

‘Stokesley News & Cleveland Reporter’ 1 Apr 1844:
On Saturday, March 2nd, at Hutton Rudby, the wife of Mr Joseph Dalking, Tailor, of a son, being their eleventh child

1851 Census:  Linden Lodge:  Robert Dalking 77 gardener b HR and Elizabeth 71 b Crathorne
1851 Census:  Rudby:  Robert Dalking 34 hand loom weaver linen b Hutton, and wife Elizabeth 36 b East Harlsey
1851 Census:  next to Eden Surtees, near Hutton House:  Jane Dalking widow 86 pauper b Faceby, and son John Dalking widower 59 hand loom weaver linen b Swainby, with granddaughter Ann Musther 30 ship’s carpenter’s wife b Stockton and great grandson John Musther 2 b Mbro
1851 Census:  North Side, near Bay Horse:  Joseph Dalking 52 tailor employing 1 man b Hutton, and wife Jane 50 b Stokesley, and Hutton-born children Henry 17 tailor’s apprentice, John 11, Francis 10, Thomas 7 and Ann 4
1851 Census:  Linden Lodge:  Robert Dalking 77 gardener b Hutton Rudby and wife Elizabeth 71 b Crathorne

1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  Joseph Dalking, tailor

Oddfellows Board:  Bro:  Joseph Dalkin, Hutton, 3 Jan 1881, a79

13 May 1896:  John Dalkin was tenant of Gowling Hill Garth


Yorkshire Poll Book 1807:  Hutton Rudby:  Thomas Davison tailor (freehold in West Rounton)

DY 88 & ET 601:  Ann Davison was a tenant of Philip Gowland in the Bay Horse area in 1816-1823

1823 Baines:  Hutton:  Thomas Davison, hawker
1823 Baines:  Rudby:  George Davison, shoemaker

FS 461:  2 & 3 Feb 1831:  John Davison had been a tenant of Rudby estate
FS 461:  2 & 3 Feb 1831:  cottage 6a:  occ by John Davison at £14-4s p.a
FS 461:  2 & 3 Feb 1831:  cottage 3a:  occ by George Davison at £6-18s p.a

John Davison is in Richard Jowsey’s class in the Wesleyan class lists 1836
John Davison died (2?) Mary 18(44), grave222 – not in PRs

1840 Whites:  Rudby:  George Davison, shoemaker

1841 Census:  more than one Davison family in the village
1841 Census:  George Davison 30 ag lab born out of county and Mary 25 and Thomas 10 mths, South Side
1841 Census:  William Davison 10 in household of William Sidgwick, North End
1841 Census:  Margaret Davison 55 servant born out of county, Jane 7 and Robert 1 in household of George Sidgwick, Rudby
1841 Census:  John Davison 75 coal leader, with John Ainsley 45 labourer, Hannah Ainsley 40, Ann 10 and William 7, cottage, Rudby
1841 Census:  George Davison 50 cordwainer, Ann 60, George 20 journeyman shoemaker, Ann 20, with Elizabeth Swallwell 14 servant, cottage, Rudby

1851 Census:  South Side:  George Davison 42 farm servant b Newcastle, Mary 35 b Hutton, Thomas 10 and uncle Thomas Gill widower 65 hand loom weaver linen, both b Hutton
1851 Census:  North Side:  George Davison 33 journeyman shoemaker b Rudby, Mary Ann Davison 30 b Hutton and daughter Mary Ann 1 b Hutton

“Principal inhabitants” signing the record of exchange of bounties on 28 Sep 1857:  Robert Braithwaite, John Rickatson, George Wilson, Henry Willins, John Robinson, Thomas Sidgwick, John Sidgwick, George Davison [Terriers]

11 May 1868:  Codling mortgage:  North Side ppty bounded by John Mease to W and Miss Righton and George Davison to E, and occupied by James Stephenson, with the 6 messuages occupied by William Codling, James Catterick, Mrs Falshaw, Richard Richardson, James Stephenson and Reuben Bainbridge; Mustard garth bounded by John Oates & George Davison to E, Robert Southeran to S and John Sidgwick to N

“Davison wife” is given 3s 6d in Dec 1869, in Barlow’s Notebook

1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  George Davison, boot & shoe maker

Descendants of John, coal leader:
1851 Census:  George Davison 62 master shoemaker and wife Ann 72
1851 Census:  George Davison 33 journeyman shoemaker, Mary Ann 33 and Mary Ann 1
1861 Census:  George Davison 43 cordwainer, Mary Ann 43 and Mary Ann 11
1871 Census:  George Davison 53 master cordwainer, Mary Ann 53 and Mary Ann 21
1881 Census:  Mary Ann Davison 64 shoemaker’s widow, Evelyn D Telford 4 grandson

1878/9 Mrs Davison is shown living on North Side, west of the Wesleyan chapel, in the Trees Planting map

Davison descendant’s information:

John Davison, coal leader, Rudby (1761-1845), marr Elizabeth Hunter (1765-1827) in 1787 in Stokesley.  He was born in Stokesley, and she in Stainton.  They had 8 children:  Thomas, George, John, William, Elizabeth, Hannah (Ann), William, and James. 

Thomas Davison (1787-1848) left Hutton Rudby ca1832 and began working as a bricklayer in Middlesbrough, bought one of the first lots of land, in Dacre Street, and built on it a yard occupied by many families.  In the 1840s he built ten houses at Durham Place, just off Durham Street, which remained in the family until they sold it to the Council in 1937.  Buried in Middlesbrough (issue)
George Davison (1790-1860) shoemaker, Rudby, married Ann Bage (1780-1853).  He left £450 on his death.  Buried in Rudby.  Their children were Ann and George.  Ann  (1816-1855) married Thomas Stringer.  George (1817-1871), shoe maker, Rudby, married Mary Ann Mundell (1817-1882)  Buried in Rudby (issue).

John Davison (1792-1873) was an agricultural labourer, married Ann White in Stokesley, and is buried at Great Ayton.

William Davison died in infancy in 1796.

Hannah (Ann) Davison (1799-1889) married John Ainsley (1795-1866).  He was born in Sedgefield; an agricultural labourer.  Hannah is a cowkeeper with 6a in the 1881 census.  Buried in Rudby.  Their children were Hannah (Ann), William, John, and Elizabeth Ainsley.  Hannah Ainsley (1832-?) was a scullery maid at Stokesley Manor House in 1851 Census.  William Ainsley (1834-?) was a farm labourer 1861 census Rudby; he married Mariane.  Their son William, b Stainton 1865, married Catharine Charlton of Hutton Rudby, and on her early death Frances Ann Cowen of Enterpen.  He is in the 1897 Rudby estate photograph.  He is buried at Rudby with both wives.  His children died in infancy.  John Ainsley (1836-7).  Elizabeth Ainsley (1843-1933) married a widower, Robert Milestone (1825-1905) gardener, Rudby.  Mrs Milestone is in the 1897 Rudby estate photograph.

William Davison (1802-1879) went to Hartlepool

James Davison (1811-1815).    [descendant’s information] 


Yorkshire Poll Book 1807:  Hutton Rudby:  William Dawson farmer

William Dawson was one of five men listed as gentry in 1823 Baines, Hutton

ET 293:  21 Mar 1823:  sale of ppty of Samuel Hebbron late of Hutton nr Rudby butcher dealer & chapman now or late a prisoner in the gaol of the Castle of York:  being the Shoulder of Mutton public house [predecessor of King’s Head], occ by Samuel Hebbron, then by David Hebbron & now by Robert Moss:  bounded by Thomas Whorlton and Thomas Jackson, Thomas Cust, B D Sugget and Thomas Wayne to W and N, by street to S, by Thomas Jackson to E; also the stable; a close of 5a 2p bounded by William Wood to N, by William Dawson to E, W & S, and occupied by William Dawson; also land in Potto

FB 107:  15 Sep 1824:  3 closes on Doctor Lane [sic]:  parties:  Richard Eland of Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire minister of the gospel (1) Edward Barry of Newington Causeway Surrey upholsterer (2):  previously occ by William Dawson and George Kingston and now by James Eland:  bounded by Doctor Lane to E, by Robert Huntley & by Samuel Hebbron to W, by Hutton to Crathorne road to N, by road to Rounton to S:  described in indre of 3 Mar last past to which the sd Richard Eland and William Eland currier were parties

15 & 16 Feb 1830:  property on East Side occupied by William Goldsborough and Robert Dowson [Dawson?] mortgaged by Taylor [East Side deeds]

1841 Census:  Enterpen:  Robert Dawson 55 ag lab born out of county, Dina 55 and Mary 15 born out of county

1851 Census:  Linden Grove:  Forbes MacBean 60 Lt Col Artillery full pay b Annapolis Nova Scotia British subj, wife Eliza 65 b St Petersburg British subj, daughters Elizabeth 25, Margaret Murray 20 & Marianne Georgina 18, all b Woolwich; wife’s sister Miss Marianne Scougall 45 indep also b St Petersburg;  servants:  groom Joseph Dawson 21 b Baysdale, housemaid Elizabeth Trenham 35 b Stokesley, cook Mary Wailes 23 b HR and boy groom William Ramshaw 13 b HR

De L’Isle

1859 Whellan:  Hutton Rudby:  Lord De L’Isle and Dudley one of the principal proprietors of the soil
Lady De L’Isle gave £5 to School Acct 1874 – Barlow’s Notebook


FT 108:  25 Aug 1830:  Hutton Moor [Tithe Map 384 & 385]:  Michael Sedgwick late of Hutton now of Broughton weaver (1) Mary Sedgwick of Broughton widow (2) Govnors of QAB (3) Rev Robt Fawcitt curate of Hilton (4):  two closes, the Cottage & the Orchard, one about 1a the other about 2a, previously in one close “in a place called Hutton Moor” [ie that described in ET 604]:  occ by Bart Wright as tenant to Thomas Dennison, then by Michael Sidgwick:  bounded by Thomas Dennison to E & S, by George Truefitt to W, by Rounton road to N

De Putron

7 May 1824:  Sarah Eland, daughter of Jonathan, married John de Putron.  He appears to have been a Channel Islander, and owned or occupied property near North Side for a time. 

27 & 28 Jun 1831:  Lease:  parties:  Thomas Eland of Grange Road Bermondsey leather dresser and wife Mary, Richard Eland of Newport Pagnell Bucks gent and Langley & Reece:  to convey from Thomas to Richard and to secure an annuity to Thomas and his wife:  garth 1a 2r 28p, bounded by John De Putron & - Richardson to W, Flounders & De Putron to E, river to N and street to S: and 3 houses (formerly one house) barn, cowhouse & carpenter’s shop:  occ by John Eland, John Sherwood & Thomas Wiles


1872 Post Office Directory:  Middleton:  Thomas Dickins, farmer, Lodge


Ann Best, daughter of Martin, papermaker, and Hannah, was baptised at Hutton Rudby on 20 Sep 1818.  She married George Dickinson, collier, on 10 Aug 1840;  she was then 22 and he was 29.  She had already given birth to a daughter, Harriett, baptised on 17 Dec 1838.  Their son William was two days old at the time of the 1841 census.

“Dickinson” is listed in “Acct of straw” in Barlow’s Notebook

1841 Census:  Enterpen:  George Dickinson 25 collier, Ann 20, Harriet 3 and William 2 days

1851 Census:  Enterpen:  George Dickinson 40 collier b Coxhoe, Durham and wife Ann 31, children Harriott 13 and William 9 both b Hutton

1861 Census:  Brickyard, Enterpen:  George Dickison 50 ass. collier b Durham Blackgate, wife Ann 41 b Hutton Rudby, granddaughter Hannah Dickison aged 1 b Redcar and visitor Mrs Harriet Baker 23, gas work labourer’s wife b Hutton Rudby.  (Harriet is presumably their daughter, and Hannah is probably her child)

1871 Census:  South Side:  William Dickinson 29 ag lab b Hutton, wife Elizabeth 23 b Durham, and mother Ann Dickinson, widow, annuitant, b Hutton

William’s wife Elizabeth died in July 1871 and was buried in Crathorne on the same day as her baby son George;  it seems possible that the baby William buried in Crathorne in 1868 was also her child.  William remarried;  he and his wife lost three children before their second birthdays – James in 1875, William in 1879 and John in 1880.  

1881 Census:  Crathorne:  William Dickinson 39 ag lab b Hutton Rudby, Mary A 40 b Crathorne, children Mary 8 b Crathorne, Robert 5 b Guisbro, and Alice 4 b Seamer


1823 Baines:  Sexhow:  Joseph Dinsley, farmer; Henry Dinsley, farmer
Alice …insley is in the Wesleyan class lists 1836

1841 Census:  Henry Dinsley 65 ag lab, Nancy 60, South Side
1841 Census:  Sexhow cottage:  Joseph Dinsley 59 labourer, Hannah 49 and Hannah 8


1832:  Elizabeth Dixon was buried on 10 Nov a41 [PRs]

13 Dec 1834:  Robert Dixon of Rudby weaver married Emma Wood of Rudby

R Dixon is in the 1836 Wesleyan Methodist class list

1841 Census:  North Side:  Robert Dixon weaver a25 b out of county, Emma 25 weaver, Elizabeth 5, John 3 and Ann 1

William Dixon of Broughton in Lancashire on behalf of his wife Jane was owner of 1/7 of Hutton tithes [Tithe Agmt 12 Jun 1838]


15 Feb 1827:  Ann Dobbin married George Brigham at Middleton (qv)

29 Apr 1841:  Rudby church:  Margaret Dobbin 35 spinster of Rudby, dau of William Dobbin farmer, married William Campion 40 bachelor, gentleman of Kirkleavington, son of John Campion Coates gentleman:  witnesses Thomas Righton, John Dobbin
1841 Census:  James Dobbin 25 farmer at Windy Hill Farm (Brigham)

James Dobbin was the informant at the death of George Brigham on 4 Dec 1841 (qv)

 ‘The Cleveland Repertory’ 1 Jul 1844:
“A Capital Thrashing Machine of Four Horse Power, for sale at Hutton Rudby.  Apply to Mr James Dobbin”

1851 Census:  Margaret Dobbin 5 niece and visitor at Ober Green farm, b Kirkleavington, with William Campion b Whitby & Margaret Campion b Picton


GG 130:  31 Oct 1835:  Thomas Spence of Hutton weaver & Dorothy his wife (1) Henry Collins of Stokesley gent (2):  2 houses now used as one, the weaver’s shop adjoinging & the garden or orchard of 1r behind, occ by Thomas Spence; the butcher’s shop adjoining the weaver’s shop occ by William Sherwood:  bounded by Lord Falkland to E, street to W, Mrs Kingston to N, Edmund Taylor to S; also Gowdie/Gowlay Hill Garth 1a with cowhouse occ by Thomas Richardson:  bounded by John Charlton to E, by Francis Stainthorpe to W, by street to N, by Jane Willans & Edward Meynell to S; also house with garden & garth behind 2r, occ by William Merrington:  bounded by street to E, William Wood to W, John Seamer to N, John Rymers & Francis Stainthorpe to S; also 3 closes formerly 2 closes called the Cottager 7a, previously occ by William Braithwaite as tenant to William Spence decd:  bounded by Robert Halliday Dobson to E, George Hunter & William Ableson to W, by Rounton road to N, by Richard Johnson to S; “& all other the messuages lands tenements and hereditaments formerly belonging to Thomas Smith late of Hutton yeoman decd and comprised in his Will”


1840 Whites:  Skutterskelfe:  John Dodsworth, farmer
1841 Census:  Brawith farm (217a):  Dodsworth
1851 Census:  Brawith farm:  Robt Dodsworth
1861 Census:  Brawith farm:  Dodsworth 


James Donaldson witnessed the Will of Thomas Passman on 20 Oct 1828


19 Mar 1805:  Sarah Bewick married John Douglass [witnesses:  Thos ?, Wm Seamoor, Anthony Smith, Geo Christal, Geo Bewick, J Sleigh, John Armstrong]

Yorkshire Poll Book 1807:  Hutton Rudby:  Arthur Douglas gardener

1823 Baines:  Skutterskelfe:  Arthur Douglass, gardener

GA 84:  3 Mar 1826:  Will of Arthur Douglas of Skutterskelfe, gardener:  his house, weavers shops & garth lying contiguous, now occ by George Wright and others, and his 2 cottages now occ by Hannah Kay & [ - ] Peacock:  beneficiaries: Alvey Kay and Catherine Kay, children of testator’s late niece Mary Kay, and testator’s sisters Alice Scorer and Ann Hutton decd

FQ 249:  13 & 14 Mar 1829:  exors of Wayne to Barker:  inc the Barkers Row area:  bounded by house & lands bel to Rev Richard Shepherd to E & S, by Arthur Douglas and townstreet to N & W

FT 30:  12 & 13 May 1830:  East Side:  John Kay of Hutton cartwright & others to Mark Barker & trustees:  house heretofore used as a coachhouse & formerly occ by James Ingledew, Mary Collyerson & Diana Swales, then by Elizabeth Farnaby, then by Charles Hall, then by Hannah Best, & now by Matthew Garbutt:  bounded by street to E, Mark Barker to W & S, Arthur Douglas to N

Arthur Douglas was Lady Amherst’s gardener [cf Skutterskelfe workers]. 

MI 378:  Erected in memory of Catherine the wife of Arthur Douglas who departed this life 30 Dec 1815 aged 62 yrs.  Also of the above Arthur Douglas who was gardener 50 yrs & upwards in the late Hon. Lady Amherst’s family.  He died Dec 8 1831 aged 84 yrs

Arthur owned property in the East Side/Barkers Row corner, which he left to his niece Mary Kay’s family on his death in Dec 1831

Sarah, John and Elizabeth Douglass are in the 1836 Wesleyan Methodist Class lists. 

John Douglas, weaver, is listed as one of the Trustees of Hutton Rudby Wesleyan chapel – date not given, possibly mid 1850s
Sarah Douglas in the class lists is probably the Sarah Bewick who married John Douglass in 1805;  she died in 1840. 
Her son John Douglas was a weaver in North End in the 1841 Census.  He married Elizabeth Smith in 1835.
Her oldest son William Douglas was a weaver;  he married Sarah Richardson in 1832.

1841 Census:  North End: John Douglas 30 linen weaver, Elizabeth 25, John 3, Sarah 1
1841 Census:  North End:  William Douglas 30 linen weaver, Sarah 30, Eliza 8, John 6, William 4, John 1

1851 Census:  North End:  William Douglas 44 hand loom weaver linen and Sarah 41, with John 16 and William 13, also weavers;  all b Hutton
1851 Census:  North End:  Isaac Whorlton widower 94 retired weaver, with servant Eliza Douglas 18 and lodger Jane Douglas 10 weaver’s daughter;  all b Hutton
1851 Census:  North Side:  John Douglas widower 39 hand loom weaver linen and daughter Sarah 11;  both b Hutton

1881 Census:  North End:  Sarah Douglas 76 weaver’s widow b Hutton Rudby, son-in-law John Hutchinson 44 widower platelayer b Gt Ayton and his son William Hutchinson 15 school monitor b Hutton Rudby
1881 Census:  High Street:  John Douglas 69 former sailcloth weaver b Hutton Rudby and wife Jane 68 b Gt Ayton


George Dowker was churchwarden 1835-8
George Dowker was Poor Law Guardian [Hastings:  Local Govt & Socy]

1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  George Dowker, farmer and brickmaker, Obergreen


15 & 16 Feb 1830:  property on East Side occupied by William Goldsborough and Robert Dowson [East Side deeds]
1851 Census:  North Side:  Robert Dowson 70 farm labourer b Bampton, Durham and wife Dinah 70 b Coatham


1861 Census:  Maurice Drummond 28 (S) Primitive Methodist minister b Prudhoe, lodging with Miss Willins

“In Queen Victoria’s jubilee year, Maurice A. Drummond had the high honour of building Hutton Rudby Jubilee Chapel, a beautiful structure costing £950, and seating 180 worshippers.”  [Northern Primitive Methodism by W.M. Patterson]


7 Aug 1822:  George Drydale, Richard Jowsey & Thomas Gill witnessed the Will of B D Suggitt

FQ 434:  14 & 15 Apr 1829:  Joseph Dridle occupied land belonging to Elizabeth Sleigh

‘Drydales’ are listed in Barlow’s Notebook, giving 1s to charity collection

1841 Census:  John Drydale 25 linen weaver, Mary 25, with Mary Stainthorp 65 and Mary Carter linen weaver 15, North Side
1841 Census:  Joseph Drydale 60 linen weaver, Jennet 60, John 30 and George 25 linen weavers, and James 12, North Side
1841 Census:  Ellen Drydale 25 servant in household of Michael Chapman, Enterpen

1851 Census:  North End:  John Drydale 36 handloom weaver linen and Mary 36
1851 Census:  North Side:  Joseph Drydale widower 72 handloom weaver linen and unmarried children John 42 and George 38, both handloom weavers linen, and Elenor 35 housekeeper; with grandson George Drydale 11;  all b Hutton

1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  George Drydale, gardener


1830:  Thomas Duck was overseer of Sexhow [Yorkshire Gazette 12 Mar 1842]

John Duck was churchwarden in 1832.  He was at “a meeting held in vestry” on 16 Jun 1831 where they voted a church rate of 2 ½ per £ to church repairs

Churchwardens’ accounts 1832/3:  “John Duck coals 13s 9d”

1840 Whites:  Sexhow:  John Duck, farmer

1841 Census:  Sexhow:  John Duck 50 farmer and family


EB 102:  11 & 13 May 1816:  Manor House Farm?:  previously occ by James Dunning 

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