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People of Hutton Rudby in the C18/19: Easby to Emerson

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DU 390:  2 & 3 Aug 1815:  Thos Cust to Thos Newton, house, stable yard or garth in
Hutton, occ by Wm Carter, previously, and now by John Passman and Wm Easby

EH 212 & EG 295:  relate to the same ppty:  a house which had been divided into two tenements and in 1818 was “lately occupied in four different tenements or dwellinghouses”:  tenants were previously Jane Whorlton & her tenants William Easby, Oliver Jackson & William Honeyman; tenants were in 1818 William Honeyman, Thomas Graham, Robert Walton and Robert Codling:  bounded to E by Christopher Flintoff decd, to S & W by townstreet, to N by David Simpson decd

1823 Baines:  Hutton:  William Easby, schoolmaster
1823 Baines:  Hutton:  vict. Shoulder of Mutton

1841 Census:  Ann Easby 50 ag lab born out of county and Thomas 13 ag lab, North Side


ET 604:  12 & 13 Sep 1823:  4a close in Hutton Moor, previously occ by Bart Wright now by Simon Sidgwick the weaver, bounded by 2 closes lastly sold to William Ebleson to S


7 Aug 1822:  B D Suggitt left to James Eden, grocer & chandler, in his Will whatever sum Eden owed him at his death

1823 Baines:  Hutton:  James Eden, grocer & tallow chandler

FA 299:  5 & 6 Nov 1824:  2 houses with garden, orchard, shop & stable in Hutton, occ previously by John Horner & Thomasin Burton, then by Thomas Edmund & Thomas Dalkin, then by David Hebbron & John Wiles:  parties:  David Hebbron of Hutton butcher & Michael Hebdon of Stokesley weaver, James Eden of Hutton grocer, Simon Kelsey, Robert Longstaff of Broughton yeoman, William Driver of Yarm gent

31 Jan 1838:  Sarah Allison 20 daughter of Jacob Allison labourer, married William Eden 22 tailor, son of Thomas Eden tailor [witnesses:  Margaret Hebron, Edward Allison]

1841 Census:  William Eden 25 journeyman tailor, Sarah 25, Scarlet 10 mths, with Mary Allison 13, North Side
1841 Census:  Mary Eden 15 servant in household of George Wilson, Enterpen

1851 Census:  William Eden 35 tailor b Thornton-le-Moor and Sarah 34 b Hutton, with son Scarlet 11 b Stockton, Thomas 9, Jane 6, Frances 4 “Sunday scholar” and William 2, the last four b Hutton

William Eden was the Primitive Methodist steward who made the return for the 1851 ecclesiastical census

Oddfellows Board:  Bro:  John Eden, Potto, 18 Oct 1871, a40

1887:  memorial stones at the new Primitive Methodist chapel were laid by K Rickatson, W Seymour (Spout Bank), Mrs Honeyman, Mrs Eden, Mrs Hall and Mr E Bainbridge; and on behalf of Viscount Falkland, G Y Blair, and Rev Oliver Jackson, a Primitive Methodist minister born in Hutton Rudby [G Milburn’s notes]


FA 299:  5 & 6 Nov 1824:  2 houses with garden, orchard, shop & stable in Hutton, occ previously by John Horner & Thomasin Burton, then by Thomas Edmund & Thomas Dalkin, then by David Hebbron & John Wiles:  parties:  David Hebbron of Hutton butcher & Michael Hebdon of Stokesley weaver, James Eden of Hutton grocer, Simon Kelsey, Robert Longstaff of Broughton yeoman, William Driver of Yarm gent


1823 Baines:  Hutton:  Thomas Edwards, butcher


Churchwardens’ accounts 1831/2:  “Thomas Eeles for flaging £2-4s”


1832:  Jonathan Eland was buried Fri 19 Oct a82 [PRs]

27 Feb 1747:  John Eland son of John baptised
13 Mar 1747:  Michael Elon “bastard child” of Hannah baptised
11 Mar 1751:  Jonathan Elon son of John, householder, baptised

John & Jonathan Eland were the sons of John Eland

John Eland jnr, sieve maker, (1747-1822) was clerk of this parish for 38 years, according to his memorial inscription.  He was clerk after James Catchasides’ death in 1783, until about 1820.
John Eland married Esther Willes at the age of 22, and they had ten children.  Their son John died aged 16.  Their son Thomas was a red morocco leather dresser, and can be found in the 1841 and 1851 Censuses.  Their son James was a linen manufacturer, and can be found in the 1841 & 1851 Censuses.  Their daughter Martha married Edmund Taylor.

Jonathan Eland and Esther had a daughter Hannah, who was baptised on 13 Oct 1776, the entry being noted “bastard”.
Jonathan Eland marr Esther Gricewood 10 Apr 1791.  Their daughters Amelia and Sarah were baptised on 23 Aug 1791.  Amelia died a3.
7 May 1824:  Sarah Eland, daughter of Jonathan, married John de Putron.  He appears to have been a Channel Islander, and owned or occupied property near North Side for a time. 

25 May 1794:  bap of John, son of Jonathan Eland
13 Sep 1795:  bap of John, son of -/Eliz. Eland  
I cannot disentangle the two John Elands. 
According to a pedigree resource file on the IGI from a Middlesbrough submitter:  John Eland was the son of Michael Carr & Elizabeth Eland.  They did not marry until 1808.  He married Mary Seymour at Hartlepool in 1824 [I assume that his father’s name has been extracted from this register].  They had children Elizabeth 1825-37, John 1826-1907, Mary 1828-42, Sarah 1830-9, Jane 1833 and Esther Ann 1837-8, all HR. 
The children’s baptisms do not appear in the parish registers of HR; some Elands were Nonconformist.  The NBI does not record the deaths of Mary and Sarah.  The only entry on the IGI is from the submitter, who seems to be a descendant.  John died in 1858.  If this submitter is correct, and he has many details not available from the registers, the John Eland <1795> present in the village for the 1841 and 1851 censuses is the son of Elizabeth Eland – certainly the children of John Eland mentioned in the censuses correspond with those known to the submitter.
The whereabouts of John Eland son of Jonathan <1794> is unknown – but he may be the John Eland who married Sarah Coverdale on 25 Dec 1817 at Kirby-in-Cleveland.  Their children, baptised at Kirby, were Mary 1818, Esther 1820, Isabella 1823 and George 1825;  a John Eland baptised at Osmotherley in 1831 may also be theirs. 

Churchwardens’ accounts 1793:  “To Jonath Eland for mending Pitch pipe 1/3”
Churchwardens’ accounts 1796:  “To Jonath Eland for teaching psalmody 8/-”

7 Dec 1797:  HR:  William Surtees married Eden Dodds; witnesses:  Thomas & Mary Jackson, Ann Brigham, John Eland, Thomas Hird and Elizabeth Catchaside

Thomas, Richard, James & John Eland:   Thomas Eland occupied ppty on North Side and Mustard Garth, and bought them from Thomas Wayne’s executors in 1810.  He went to work as a leather dresser in Bermondsey with his wife Mary.  In 1831 he sold the ppties to Richard Eland of Newport Pagnell gent in return for cash and an annuity:  at this time John Eland was an occupant of one of the 3 houses on the North Side ppty.  In 1835 Mary Eland died in London.  In 1853 Thomas died in Hutton, leaving his eldest brother James as his heir-at-law.  In 1855 Richard & James Eland sold the ppties to William Codling:  at this time sd James Eland was an occupant of one of the 6 messuages which had been created from the 3 houses on the North Side ppty.

18 Mar 1808:  Thomas Eland of Hutton sievemaker was party to a deed re ppty on East Side [East Side deeds]

4 Jun 1808:  Michael Carr of Stockton married Elizabeth Eland [witnesses:  Jno Hinderwell, Jos Eland]

14 May 1810:  North Side ppty (house & garth) and Mustard garth:  Tipping & Wardell exors of Thos Wayne to Thomas Eland:  house & garth 1a 2r 28p occupied by Eland, bounded by street to S, river Leven to N, Francis Tweddle & Francis Stainthorpe to E, and Christopher Sleigh to W;  garth 1r 28p on north side of Hutton, formerly occ by Hannah Kay widow, now by Thomas Eland, bounded by B D Suggitt to S, Thomas Jackson to E, street to W and Isaac Whorlton to N

Thomas Eland of Hutton was left by James Young, weaver of Hutton, “the best suit of Cloaths that I have at the time of my Death if the same be to spare” – Will proved by Robert Brigham on 25 Jan 1811

Jonathan Eland was a tenant of the Tweddle/Flounders properties (The Elms area) before and in 1815

1823 Baines:  Hutton:  James Eland, linen manufacturer
1823 Baines:  Hutton:  Jonathan Eland, sieve & riddle maker
1823 Baines:  Hutton:  John Eland, cabinet maker

FB 107:  15 Sep 1824:  3 closes on Doctor Lane [sic]:  parties:  Richard Eland of Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire minister of the gospel (1) Edward Barry of Newington Causeway Surrey upholsterer (2):  previously occ by William Dawson and George Kingston and now by James Eland:  bounded by Doctor Lane to E, by Robert Huntley & by Samuel Hebbron to W, by Hutton to Crathorne road to N, by road to Rounton to S:  described in indre of 3 Mar last past to which the sd Richard Eland and William Eland currier were parties

FT 511:  11 & 12 Jan 1830:  East Side:  Edmund Taylor of Hutton joiner, Thomas Eland of City of London currier, James Bainbridge bricklayer:  the land on which James Bainbridge has lately erected 4 new houses & other buildings, 79 ft x 14 ft, and the passage thereto from the street:  previously occ by Elizabeth Robinson, then by William Coates, then by Edmund Taylor and now by James Bainbridge or his undertenants:  bounded by Thomas Passman to E, by street to W, by Roger Bowes to N, by Edmund Taylor to S:  “heretofore the estate of Joseph Tunstall and his wife Catherine”

15 & 16 Feb 1830:  Thomas Eland late of Hutton sievemaker and now of Southwark leather seller was party to a deed [East Side deeds]

John Eland was a Vestry member in 1830 who signed the election entry for the churchwardens in April; ditto on 5 Apr 1831.  He signed the election of churchwardens and a church rate of 5 ½ per pound on 24 April 1832.  He signed the appointment of churchwardens on 9 Apr 1833.

27 & 28 Jun 1831:  North Side ppty:  parties:  Thomas Eland of Grange Road Bermondsey leather dresser and wife Mary, Richard Eland of Newport Pagnell Bucks gent and Langley & Reece:  to convey from Thomas to Richard and to secure an annuity to Thomas and his wife:  garth 1a 2r 28p, bounded by John De Putron & - Richardson to W, Flounders & De Putron to E, river to N and street to S: and 3 houses (formerly one house) barn, cowhouse & carpenter’s shop:  occ by John Eland, John Sherwood & Thomas Wiles

May 1833:  George Wilson and John Eland took out Letters of Administration of the estate of John Cook, as his creditors.

2 Dec 1835:  burial of Mary Ann Eland a53 at Southwark Chapel [Abstract of title of Richard Eland 1855]

1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  James Eland, gent
1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  wheelwrights &c:  John Eland
Mr Eland was a subscriber to the Wesleyan Shilling Magazine in 1840 and 1841

1841 Census:  James Eland 60, linen mfr, Mary 60, and Thomas Eland 60 leather dresser, on North Side
1841 Census:  East Side:  John Eland joiner 45, Mary 45, John 15, Mary 13 , Jane 7

1851 Census:  East Side:  John Eland W 53 joiner bHutton and daughter Jane 17 bHutton
1851 Census:  North Side:  Thomas Eland widower 74 retd morocco leather dresser annuitant bHutton
1851 Census:  North Side:  James Eland 72 hand loom weaver linen and Mary 75, both b Hutton

Mr Eland gave 2/6d to the Auxiliary Fund in 1845

9 May 1853:  burial of Thomas Eland at Hutton [Abstract of title of Richard Eland 1855]

20 Nov 1855:  Mustard Garth & North Side ppty:  Richard Eland late of Newport Pagnell now of Market Harborough gent (1) Langley & Reece (2) James Eland of Hutton gent (3) William Codling of Hutton watchmaker (4) Robert Palmer jnr of Stokesley gent (5):  reciting indres of 14 & 15 May 1810, and 27 & 28 Jun 1831, and noting that the 2nd parcel in 1810, known as Hannah Kay’s Garth or Mustard Garth was not included in the indre of 1831:  deaths of Thomas and Mary Eland: that Thomas Eland died intestate leaving his eldest brother and heir-at-law James Eland in whom Mustard Garth vested: Richard Eland’s equitable title to the land in indre of 1831:  agmt for sale by Richard & James Eland to William Codling of both pieces of land, Richard to receive £300 and James £60:  the garth 1a 2r 28p with the 6 messuages formerly in 3 tenements with barn, cowhouse & carpenter’s shop occ by Thomas Milestone, - Kearsley, George Snary, Nicholas Jackson, John Mudd, Robert Batty and James Eland;  also Mustard Garth 1r 28p:  previously occ by Hannah Kay widow, then by Thomas Eland, now used as allotment gardens occupied by John Sidgwick, Robert Preston, Anthony Smith, Anthony Smith jnr, Thomas Milburn, Thomas Crook and Christopher Garbutt

17 Nov 1856:  John Eland occupied a garden or orchard, formerly occupied by Edmund Taylor, behind a house & workshop on East Side:  sold by Walker to Barugh [East Side deeds]

31 Mar 1858:  burial of John Eland, aged 63 [PR transcript]

Mr Eland was a subscriber to the Wesleyan Youth’s Instructor:  no date, apparently 1859

James Eland is listed in Barlow’s Notebook, giving 6d to charity collection

1881 Census:  24 Simpson St, Newcastle (St Andrew):  John S Eland 73 b Hutton, joiner & cabinet maker, wife Margaret 64 b Gateshead, unmarried daughters Margaret 34 strawbonnet maker and Hannah 29 dressmaker, both b Newcastle, and granddaughter Margaret Eland 4 b Newcastle;  with 5 lodgers
This is the son of James Eland, linen manufacturer, and his wife Mary, born in 1807

1881 census:  Mill Cottage, Sockburn, Co Durham:  John Elande 54 widower b Hutton Rudby cartwright & estate bailiff, and unmarried daughters Elizabeth 22 and Emily 15 both b Sockburn
This is the son of John Eland, joiner, and Mary (and therefore the grandson of Elizabeth Eland, see above)


FQ 434:  14 & 15 Apr 1829:  Robert Elliot occupied land belonging to Elizabeth Sleigh
FQ 434:  14 & 15 Apr 1829:  Thomas Elliott occupied house, gardens & premises in Enterpen belonging to Elizabeth Sleigh

Elizabeth Eliott is in a list of names in the Middleton Book
“Prayer book at 10d for E. Elliott” in the Rudby School accounts – Middleton Book
Ellen Elliott is in a List of Girls – Middleton Book
Isabella Elliott is in a List of Girls – Middleton Book

Elizabeth and Ann Elliott are in the 1836 Wesleyan Methodist Class lists

Tithe Map:  Thomas Elliott occupied a house and garden in the Station Hotel area

23 Dec 1839:  Ann Elliott, daughter of Thomas, labourer of Enterpen, married James Stanger at Whorlton; she was a servant and James a labourer.  Ann’s mother, Ann How, was the half-sister of John How, whose little girl Jane died in the time of the cholera

1841 Census:  Ann Elliott schoolmistress 50
1841 Census:  Linden Grove:  Isabella Elliott (15) was in service at the Barlows’
1841 Census:  North End:  Elizabeth Elliott 75 and Ann 50 schoolmistress both born out of county, with Stephen Calvert 45 linen weaver
1841 Census:  Enterpen:  James Elliot 50 ag lab, Mary 20 and Jane 13
1841 Census: Enterpen:  Thomas Elliot 50 ag lab, Ann 50 and Thomas 25 ag lab, next door to James

1 Jul 1843:  Mary Elliot, 22, daughter of James, married Mark Patrick Lawson, 22,
joiner, son of Allen Lawson, a soldier, both of Hutton, on 1 Jul 1843.

18 May 1845:  Isabella Elliot, daughter of James, married Thomas Kirton, a servant, his father a clerk (countryman) [PRs]

1851 & 1861 Census:  Enterpen (18a):  Elliott

1851 Census:  North End:  Ann Elliot 63 schoolmistress b Ayton Bank, Durham, with lodger Stephen Calvert single 57 handloom weaver linen b Hutton
1851 Census:  Enterpen:  Thomas Elliott 64 farmer 18 acres b Crathorne and wife Ann 65 b Hutton Rudby, with daughter Jane 23 servant b Hutton Rudby and grandson John Elliott 8 b Faceby

Jun 1859:  Henry Elliott was ploughing Mr Barlow’s field when Mr Barlow cut his hedge – Barlow’s Notebook

early 1861:  Robert Braithwaite snr had property in Enterpen, which was occupied by Christopher Meek, Henry Elliott and Robert jnr [East Side deeds]

1861 Census:  Ann Elliot 72 (S) schoolmistress, private school, b Northumberland

1871 Census:  Brawith farm (217a):  Elliott
1871 Census:  Ann Elliot 83 schoolmistress

1872 Post Office Directory:  Skutterskelfe:  John Elliott, farmer


Churchwardens’ accounts 1838:  “Wm Ellis’s Bill [to New Window] £1-3-10 ½d”
Churchwardens’ accounts 1831/2:  “Wm Ellis Bill 2s 8d”

1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  Wm Ellis, Bay Horse
1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  William Ellis, blacksmith


1872 Post Office Directory:  Viscount Falkland’s seat “is now the residence of” Major Thomas Light Elwon, J.P, Arncliffe


FA 138:  21 & 22 Aug 1820:  New Close Farm:  formerly occupied by James Appleton, then by Thomas Kelsey and then by Joshua Emerson

1859 Whellan:  Hutton Rudby:  J Emerson Esq. one of the principal proprietors of the soil

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