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People of Hutton Rudby in the C18/19: Oates to Oxendale

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1823 Baines:  Hutton:  George Oates, agent to Mr Norman
1823 Baines:  Hutton:  Robert Oates, shoemaker

FQ 560:  2 & 3 Nov 1829:  ppty bought by Jane Willans widow in Enterpen:  garth of 1r 3p where a cottage formerly stood, formerly occ by John Miller, then by George Wilson, Mary Young & Hannah Young, then by Matthew Richardson jnr, then by John Burden, bounded by Thomas Wayne to N, E & W, and by street called Enterpen to S; with the houses “lately erected upon the garth” & now occupied by Simeon Burden, John Smelt, Paul Oates, John Goldsbrough, William Jowsey, Abraham Holdgate and William Burnsides

1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  Robert Oates, boot & shoe maker

1841 Census:  Robert Oates 45 shoe maker, Mary 40, John 25 shoe maker journeyman, and Simon Kelsey 80, Jane and Hannah Bainbridge both a12:  on North Side

1841 Census:  Maria Oates 15 servant in household of George Jackson, North Side

John Oates bought the shop (previously weavers, now carpenters), the butchers shop and 9p of land from Thomas Spence in 1842 for £50

GZ 204:  2 May 1842:  Thomas Spence late of Hutton weaver but now of Middlesbrough baker & shopkeeper (1) John Snowdon of Stokesley shoemaker (2) Thomas Sidgwick of Hutton linen manufacturer (3) George Wilson of Hutton linen manufacturer (4) reciting indres of 1839:  John Snowdon had lent Thomas Spence £90 with £4-17-5d interest also owing, on Spence’s property on East Side:  Spence sold Sidgwick the house (formerly 2 houses) & garden for £180, the mortgage to be paid off:  the garden & orchard to be sold to Sidgwick was staked out and contained 33 p; previously occ by Thomas Spence and now by William Meynell; the rest to be sold to John Oates; mortgagee George Wilson

GZ 206:  May 1842:  Thomas Spence to John Oates for £50:  the 2 shops, one formerly a weaver’s shop and now a carpenter’s and the other a butcher’s shop, with the ground behind now staked out and measuring 9 p:  now occ by William Meynell, William Sherwood and John Oates:  bounded by Thomas Sidgwick’s purchase from Spence to E & N, by street to W, Edmund Taylor to S; mortgagee George Wilson

1851 Census:  East Side:  Robert Oates W 59 shoemaker emp 2 hands bHutton and niece Hannah Braithwaite S 21 house servant bHutton
1851 Census:  North Side:  John Oates 35 grocer and wife Elizabeth Hutton [sic] 35 milliner, both b Hutton

John Braithwaite’s children:  Isabella Honeyman, Mary Oates, Robert, grandson John Oates [East Side deeds]
13 Nov 1860 with codicil:  Will of Robert Braithwaite jnr:  tailor & draper.  Wife Margaret.  Cousins John Oates and Robert Honeyman.  Robert jnr died 4 May 1861; he died before Robert snr. [East Side deeds]
19 Feb 1861:  Will of Robert Braithwaite snr:  retired tailor & draper.  Pbte 11 Aug 1862.  Wife Margaret:  sons Robert jnr & John of Sedgefield: daughters Mary Ann wife of John Kendrew tailor, & Hannah wife of Benjamin Hall:  nephew John Oates grocer. [East Side deeds]

11 May 1868:  Codling mortgage:  Mustard garth bounded by John Oates & George Davison to E, Robert Southeran to S and John Sidgwick to N

1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  John Oates, grocer & draper
1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  Robert Oates, boot & shoe maker
Robert Oates occupied a house belonging to Edmund Taylor next door to Braithwaite’s house on East Side in 1819

1 Dec 1874:  John Oates owned property on East Side, which had been purchased by John Braithwaite from Edmund Taylor.  Oates sold to John George Wilson. [East Side deeds]

Oddfellows Board:  Bro:  John Oates, Hutton, 13 Oct 1877, a62


From George Tweddell’s ‘Stokesley News & Cleveland Reporter’ 1 Nov 1842:
Odd Fellow’s Funeral.  
On Friday morning, October 28th, the members of the Traveller’s Home Lodge, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, assembled at the house of Mr Wm Robinson, the King’s Head Inn, Hutton, for the purpose of paying their last token of respect, to the remains of the late Host of their Lodge, Mr Jeremiah Raney, of the Wheat Sheaf Inn. 
After the usual funeral ceremony of the Order had been read in the room, to the assembled brothers, by Mr Thos Saddler, N.G., they proceeded in procession, to the house of their departed brother, each wearing the usual funeral regalia of the Order.  Having formed in a circle round the door of the deceased, the corpse was brought out, and the scarlet sash of the departed thrown upon his coffin.  The funeral oration of the Order was then read by George Tweddell, P.S. of the Cleveland Lodge.  
The procession then accompanied the body to its last resting place, where the service of the Church was read by the Rev R. J. Barlow.  
After the coffin had been lowered into the “cold and silent grave”, each member dropped a sprig of rosemary, into the “narrow bed” of their departed brother, according to their usual custom.  As we dropped the sprig with which we had been supplied, upon the coffin of the dead, we could not forbear exclaiming in the language of Shakspeare’s Ophelia, 
“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.”
The procession having again formed, returned to the place from which it set out.
From George Tweddell’s ‘Stokesley News & Cleveland Reporter’ 1 Jan 1844:
Oddfellowship.  On Thursday Evening, December 28th, the Members of the Traveller’s Home Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, celebrated their anniversary at the house of Widow Raney, the Wheat Sheaf Inn, when a good supper was provided for the occasion.  The evening was spent in the usual harmonious manner of the brotherhood, and the company broke up highly pleased with the evening’s hilarity.


William Orton sold property at the east end of North Side to Thomas Tweddle.  William Orton was a tenant of the property before 1815; Elizabeth Orton was a tenant in 1815

20 Nov 1822:  Thomas Bainbridge married Ann Orton [witnesses:  Sarah Johnson, Eliz Hutton, Eliz Seymour, Stephen Catchasides, Robert Hall, J Simpson]

1841 Census:  James Flounders 65 with two servants Elizabeth and Ann Orton and two children, Margaret 9 and George 7 Brown, lodgers

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1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  Nathaniel Oughtred, commercial traveller


FK 513:  22 Feb 1828:  mortgage of house in Hutton occ by Richard Rymer and closes adjoining:  Robert Baillieur late of Trenholme now of Castle of York innkeeper and Robert Nelson Wilson late of Yarm now of Castle of York yeoman: bounded by Richard Shepherd to N & S, by John Rickarby to E and by Christopher Oxendale to W

FQ 204:  9 Dec 1829:  Robert Baillieur late of Trenholm innkeeper but now of Yarm yeoman (1)  Robert Nelson Wilson of Yarm gent (2) John Harker of Yarm jobber [?] (3):  house, orchard, garth, stable & outbldgs in Hutton Field occ by Richard Rymer and closes adjoining:  bounded by Richard Shepherd to N & S, John Rickarby to E, Christopher Oxendale to W

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