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People of Hutton Rudby in the C18/19: Nattrass to Norman

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Oddfellows Board:  Bro:  William Nattrass, Hutton, 9 Apr 1880, a21


Yorkshire Gazette 12 Mar 1842:  John Nellist: “I am a farmer, and reside in the parish of Seymour …”  He found the bones of the man that was presumed to be William Huntley. 


“Nelson my Hind” saw Meek and Jackson trespassing in May 1856 – Barlow’s Notebook


1823 Baines:  Agents [inc] Thos Graham (to Mr Nevill)

Joseph Neville was the bleacher at Crathorne [Hastings:  Ind Vill]

late July 1830:  Thomas Grundy said that he and Robert Goldsbrough “went together by Mr Neville’s, the high house on the road, and near the stone bridge they found a bag lying on the ground ... the bag was about 200 or 300 yards from the bridge, in a lonely rough place in the wood.” [Yorkshire Gazette 12 Mar 1842]
This house is presumed to correspond to Susie Dugdale’s:  Park House, Crathorne


Robert Newsam (Sexhow) was a Poor Law Guardian [Hastings:  Local Govt & Socy]

1840 Whites:  Sexhow:  Robert Newsam, farmer
1841 Census:  Sexhow:  Ann Newsham 75 farmer born out of county, Robert Newsham 42

‘Stokesley News & Cleveland Reporter’ 1 Apr 1844:
On Saturday, March 24th, at Rudby Mill, Mr Joseph Newsame, aged 39 years


“Nicholson wife” is given 3s 6d on 1 Apr 1869, in Barlow’s Notebook


EB 242:  8 Oct 1816:  assignment of property of Matthew Taylor:  Robert Nightingale of Hutton farmer is a party

1823 Baines:  Hutton:  Robert Nightingale, farmer

FC 147:  14 Nov 1825:  James Bainbridge bricklayer (1) Hutchinsons & Place bankers (2) William Richmond of Stockton mercer & draper (3) Richard Nightingale the younger of Middleton St George (4):  2 houses, lately in 3 tenements, with garden behind, formerly occ by James Bainbridge, Richard Wood & Thomas Almond, then by James Bainbridge & John Simpson, now by James & John Bainbridge; and also 2 new erected houses now in 3 tenements lately erected by James Bainbridge in the garden, now occ by George Harker, Alice Pedlar & Ann Rudd:  all bounded by messuage & garden of Roger Bowes to E, by messuage & garden of Edmund Taylor to W, by street to N, by Thomas Passman to S

FL 58:  13 May 1827:  East Side, judging by occupants & boundaries:  2 houses lately used in 3 tenements with garden behind formerly occ by James Bainbridge, Richard Wood & Thomas Almond, then by sd James Bainbridge & John Simpson, then by sd James Bainbridge & John Bainbridge:  and the 2 houses used in 3 tenements “newly created” and “lately erected” by sd James Bainbridge in the sd garden, then occupied by George Harker, Alice Pedlar & Ann Rudd:  bounded by house and garden bel to Roger Bowes to E, by Edmund Taylor to W, by street to N, by Thomas Passman to S:  parties:   Richard Nightingale the younger late of Middleton St George gent and George Stanger of Pickton farmer:  reciting indre of 14 Nov 1825 to which James Bainbridge, George & John & Henry Hutchinson, Thomas Place, William Richmond and said Richard Nightingale were parties


17 May 1810:  HR:  Eleanor Catchasides married Robert Norman [witnesses:  James Catchaside, James Catchaside jnr, Ann Burdon, Wm Frankland]. 
Their children James 1811, Mary 1813, Elizabeth 1815, Ann 1819, Robert 1822, and Grace 1828 were baptised in Hutton Rudby

EB 38:  15 Jun 1816:  Robert Norman (1) James Catchasides innkeeper (2):  asignment of paper mill, occ by Robt Norman;  one witness was Robert Catchasides of Hutton near Rudby gentleman

EB 102:  11 & 13 May 1816:  Hutton manor & mill:  mill occ by Robert Norman

Mrs Norman gave the Primitive Methodist missionary William Clowes accommodation for the night in 1820 [Hastings: Local Govt & Socy]

1823 Baines:  Hutton:  Robert Norman, coarse paper manufacturer

FS 577:  9 Jun 1831:  Robert Norman paper maker to Robert Holliday Dobson of Potto gent:  6a close in Hutton known as the Cottages bounded by Widow Johnson to S, road to the Rountons to N, William Spencer to W, Mr Rickaby to E, occ by Robert Norman

MI:  Robert Norman d 26 Apr 1846 a66 [of Moorsley Banks, St Oswalds, Durham:  PRs];  Eleanor his wife, d ?1869 a ?;  Robert Norman, their son

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