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John Stubbs' diaries (1853-60): names beginning G

These are my original working notes, made quite a few years ago in the days before broadband and easy access to census records etc.  I have done a certain amount of extra work in getting them ready to post here, so some of the entries are now up-to-date.

They include quotations from George Whitehead's Journals, ed. Helier Hibbs, which have been an invaluable resource for which I am very grateful. 

As with the A-Z of Hutton Rudby people, my accuracy is NOT guaranteed!  And I'm afraid they are not quite in alphabetical order.

MP for Thirsk

Diary references:
15 Feb 1856:  “I wrote a letter to Sir W G telling him Uncle had not arrived at home as he expected him this morng”
no other references 1816-Apr 1858

Post Office 1857:     
“Pill Moor House is the residence of Sir William P Gallwey, Bart, MP; it is a new building, pleasantly situated 1 ½ miles from the village.  Brickmaking is carried on extensively near here”

Diary references:
11 Mar 1856:  “When I got home [from York] I went to James Swales & Wm Gatenby to ask them to go & speak a good word for Hodgson who was going to be tried with Kirby of Marton for night poaching as I met his mother in the Castle Yard & she asked me if I would  but they declined going”

Slaters 1849:        “Joiners & Cabinet makers: Gatenby, William, Borobridge”
            “Shopkeeper & Baker:  Gatenby, John Walker, Borobridge”
Post Office 1857:    “Farmers at Helperby/ Brafferton:  William Gatenby”

1851: Borobridge
William Gatenby, widower, 45, joiner & cabinet maker master b BB
with 6 children under 16       
Diary references:
19 Apr 1856:  “Went to Mr Lawson’s on business   Lady Gooch was dying  she died shortly after I left”

Andrew Lawson 1800-1850 married Marianne Gooch in 1823. 

Diary references:
17 Apr 1856:  “At Noon took my watch to Glews to mend”

15 Aug 1860:  “went with Hy Steele Willie Stubbs Glew & Hy Carass fishing up the river in the boat”

Diary references:
5 Mar 1856:  “had a walk up to Robert Greens farm & down past Slaters & round by the Road home”
? 15 Jul 1856:  “Steele & EC Clarke were out in Greens boat”

Whites 1840 “Boat builder: Robert Green, Langthorpe”
Slaters 1849:       
“Coal Merchant:  Green & Brown, Langthorpe”
“Timber Merchant & boat builders:  Green & Brown, Langthorpe”
“Conveyance by Water:  To & from Ripon & Hull, the Navigation            
Company’s vessels weekly - Robert Green, agent”

1851: Langthorpe
Robert Green, 60, farmer of 115 acres 4 labs, b Skeldergate, York
his wife Jane Green, 50, timber merchant's wife b BB
Joseph Green 16, timber merchant's son b Langthorpe
John Green, 14, do.
& house servant

Rev William GRAY vicar of BRAFFERTON
Diary references:
12 Jun 1858:  “went by train on business to Mr Grays of Brafferton”

and presumably
15 Apr 1857:  “[at Mark Barroby’s] had tea  3 Misses Gray & a gentn of Brafferton had tea with us”

Whites 1840: “Brafferton:  Rev Wm Gray, canon of Ripon, vicar”

1851 Census: Vicarage, Brafferton
William Gray, 65 b St Saviour York,
2 unmmarried daughters:  Ann Elizabeth Gray 34, Margaret Haydon 26 and grandson William Howard Gray 6

Diary references:
6 Mar 1856:  “...had dinner at Uncle Williams as they had been coursing  We then had tea  after tea a rubber at wist  ............ Gudgeon  Uncle Pick  Capes & Joe at the other [table]”
1 Apr 1856:  “At night Capes  Joe & I walked to Marton to get a gun for me from Gudgeon  Uncle Wms gamekeeper  had some Ale with him..”
goes shooting with Gudgeon and Tomy Gudgeon in autumn 1860. 

Great Ouseburn
Christopher Gudgeon, 37, ag lab, b Gt Ouseburn, wife Charlotte 35 b Melmerby, children Thomas 11, John 8, Catherine 5 and William 1.  3 eldest children b Gt Ouseburn, youngest b Co Durham

GREENWOOD of Giggleswick
Diary references:
in the Giggleswick class lists 1853

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