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John Stubbs' diaries (1853-60): people I to K

These are my original working notes, made quite a few years ago in the days before broadband and easy access to census records etc.  I have done a certain amount of extra work in getting them ready to post here, so some of the entries are now up-to-date.

They include quotations from George Whitehead's Journals, ed. Helier Hibbs, which have been an invaluable resource for which I am very grateful. 

As with the A-Z of Hutton Rudby people, my accuracy is NOT guaranteed!  And I'm afraid they are not quite in alphabetical order.

Jack, Christopher, Margaret and Old  INGLEBY/INGILBY  of/in  Settle/Lawkland Hall

Diary references:
20 Aug 1856:  “Jack Ingleby  Old Ingleby  Mrs Jefferson Harrison [etc] took tea with us”
26 Aug 1856:  “..went to Settle   I saw Mr Ingelby & Mr Foster”
2 Sep 1856:  “Went to Lawkland Hall    Saw Margt Ingleby  .....rode home by Austwick  saw Jack Ingleby”
29 Jun 1857:  “Went to Skipton Sessions  Mr Wm Foster drove me to Settle station   dined with Chr Ingelby at the Devonshire & then retd to Taitlands”
14 Jan 1858:  “[at Leond Sidgwick & Jane Redmayne’s wedding] [etc] & Margaret Ingleby were bridesmaids”

24 Sep 1859:  “ ... to Austwick  I called to see John Ingleby  Chr Ingleby & young Clapham”
3 Oct 1859:  “Uncle [Redmayne] went to Clapham Fair    Aunt   Henry  Lizzie & I went to Clapham in the large carriage   I drove there  We had dinner & tea at Miss Redmaynes   Called at the vicarage & Miss Ingleby’s & had some good fun in the fair  Hy Marriner was at home”
4 Oct 1859:  “... to the Bashals to tea  Jack Ingleby Mrs & Miss Wood & ourselves were there”
10 Oct 1859:  “...with Uncle & Thos Stackhouse to Austwick Wood to shoot   Mr Foster  Mr Ingleby  John Ingleby  Robt Hargraves  Thos Clapham  Joe Birkbeck  Thos Stackhouse  John Hartley  Uncle & I were there.  We shot 46 hares  17 pheasants & 18 rabbits   We all dined at Thos Claphams at 7 o’clock”

Pigots 1834:       
“Gentry etc:  Mr Robert Ingleby, Lawkland green”
“Gentry etc:  Thomas Ingleby esq, Lawkland Hall”

Slaters 1849:       
“Gentry etc:  Charles Ingleby esq, Austwick”           
“Gentry etc:  Mr Robert Ingleby, Lawkland green”

1851 Census: Austwick
Christopher Ingelby, marr 27, Attorney & solicitor, b Lawkland Hall
Anne, wife, 34, b Westmorland
house servant

Diary references:
Giggleswick class lists 1853

Pigots 1834:       
“Gentry & clergy:  Ingram, Rev Rowland, B.D., Giggleswick”
“Gentry & clergy:  Ingram, Rev Rowland jun (curate), Settle”
“Academies & schools:  Free Grammar School, Giggleswick - Rev Rowland Ingram, B.D. head master”

Slaters 1849:       
“Gentry & clergy:  Ingram, Rev Rowland, D.D., Giggleswick”
“Gentry & clergy:  Ingram, Rev Rowland jun. Settle”

Tithe Map c1840
Rev Rowland Ingram snr has Tanpit Croft (no 12) and house & garden (no 13)
Rev Rowland Ingram jun rents house & garden (no 98) and gardens (nos 99 & 100) from Wm Robinson

General histories etc:
“The churches of the Deanery of North Craven”
“the font....with a fine lofty Gothic wood cover suspended with a pulley, the gift of the Rev Rowland Ingram, vicar, 1840.”
Rowland Ingram was vicar 1839-1853.  He was the son of the Rev Rowland Ingram, headmaster of Giggleswick School 1800-1845.
The headmaster R.I. laid the foundation stone of the new Settle church in 1836

JESSOP of Giggleswick School
Diary references:
Giggleswick class lists 1853

Diary references:
20 Jun 1858:  “..walked as far as Uncle Pick’s at Ouseburn   Tom Johnson set us part of the way back”
29 Jul 1858:  “Sd  Aunt Bell [etc etc] ... to Uncle Picks   met the Howes  Chas & Alice Atkinson & Tom Johnson”
26 Dec 1858:  “[at Uncle Henlocks]  Tom Johnson came in after church at night”

In 1859, J meets Tom five times at Ouseburn, either at Picks’ or at Henlocks’

Diary references:
24 Mar 1856:  “...went to Ouseburn to see the Craven party ...Miss Jepson & Edwd Crosby our Jane & Capes were there..”
26 Mar 1856:  “...dinner at 2 o’clock as the Ouseburn party came to dine at our house...Miss Calder came & Miss Jepson..”
27 Mar 1856:  “”[at Aunt Bell’s]...Joe & Aunt Bell played Miss Jepson & me  we beat them hollow”
28 Mar 1856:  “...went up to the Practise at the church with Aunt Bell & Miss Jepson”
30 Mar 1856:  “...After tea Crosby called [at Uncle Pick’s] gave me a letter for Miss Jepson who was staying with Aunt Bell...”
12 May 1856:  “ ..At Night went to tea at Aunt Bells   Miss Jepson from Ouseburn & a Miss Johnson from Easingwold who was staying at Crosbys [etc]  we went & rowed up as far as Slaters.....Joe & I went home with Miss Jepson & Miss Johnson...”
18 Sep 1856:  “...At Night I went after tea to Aunt Bells   Aunt Pick & Miss Jepson were there”

Diary references:
12 Aug 1858:  “with Aunt Redmayne to [Bbdge] station to see off Mr & Mrs Jefferson of Northallerton & Miss Hartley who had been spending the day at Sedgwicks”

In 1860, J does some business for Mr Jefferson of Northallerton(copies of his letters are in his Manifold Writer).  In November Mr Jefferson asks J to work for him, but he is busy with Hirst & Capes

Diary references:
23 Mar 1857:  “Had the Surveyors (Mr King & Mr Winch) of the Post Office over today”
14 May 1857:  “Borrowed Kings Gun”

Miss & Miss Eliza KYME     of/in BOROUGHBRIDGE
Diary references:
16 May 1856:  “Miss Kyme & Miss Eliza Kyme who were staying with the Walburns”

7 May 1859:  “to Stotts to tea   Miss & Miss Jane Walburn & Rd W.  Miss Kyme & Miss Eliza Kyme were there   we went out into a field & played Tessey & after that we had a polka in the house  Had a very pleasant evening  got home about ½ past ten”

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