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Miss Winifred Blair's scrap book

This scrap book in the possession of the Hutton Rudby History Society contains a miscellany of items, from postage stamps and theatrical programmes to newspaper cuttings. 

The following list gives the main details of the contents of the book.

Items of interest: a good deal about amateur dramatics in the village; a programme in Olde Englishe for the celebrations of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee; advertisements for Sidgwick's and Scupham's dairies; and the planning and opening of the Village Hall. 

Postage stamps:
the first stamps sold in Hutton Rudby with Edward VII’s head; George V stamps;  Edward VIII stamps; commemorative stamp 12 May 1937 George & Elizabeth;  George VI

Winifred Blair’s and Mary Y Blair’s Ration Cards: 
butcher: John Sidgwick
butter retailer: Mrs Charles of Toft Hill
sugar retailer: J Barthram

Winifred Blair’s Card under the National Registration Act 1915 and blank Visitors’ Declaration Form for Ministry of Food, under Rationing Order 1918

Cards depicting military and naval cap badges etc

Cutting:  aids to memory by Mr Thomas Gray for steam ships meeting

Hutton Rudby entertainments

Notice:  In aid of St Dunstan’s:
An American Lawn Tennis Tournament at Linden, Hutton Rudby, and neighbouring courts on Sat 15 Aug 1925

Photograph from Amateur Dramatic Society

Programme:  Council School Hutton Rudby:
“Dramatic Entertainment Tuesday 3 April 1906 of “The Jacobite” by J. R. Planché”, starring Mr G H Bowes-Wilson, J G Mills, Harold Kitching, Hilda Morrison, Nina Forbes, Miss M Bowes-Wilson, A Forbes and W H R Hopkins.  “During the interval between Acts 1 and 2 Mr P A F Blair has kindly consented to give a Gramaphone Entertainment”
Programme:  Hutton Rudby Council School:
An Operetta entitled Bold Robin and the Babes:  Fri Oct 17th 1913:  in aid of Hutton Rudby Sunday Schools

“Please Help Our Brave Men … A Unique Entertainment will be held in the School Room … on Friday, April 28th, at 9 p m” 1916: including Miss Banning’s Mandoline Troupe and Toy Symphony by Miss Banning, Misses Blair, Mr & Mrs Foster, Misses Kyle, Miss McConchie, Miss Morrison, Mr & Mrs Scott and Master Thompson
Programme:  Hutton Rudby Choral Society:
“Dogs of Devon”:  cast including Mr L Sidgewick, Miss S Milburn, Mr Macfie, Miss M Milburn.  Advertisements by J Milburn, draper & grocer; J W Sidgwick, butcher, A A Smith, carrier, J T Tarran, builder, E Barr, boot & shoe repairer, V Honeyman, butcher, P Honeyman, hams & bacon, T Metcalfe, cab proprietor, Reveley & Son, fruiterers & confectioners, J Carter, hackney carriages, J T Barthram, grocer, and Wanless Bros gun makers of Stockton
Programme:  Hutton Rudby Choral Society:
comic opera “King of Sherwood”.  Pianist Miss Mary Sidgwick L.R.A.M, Organist Mr Bernard Foster, Conductor The Rev E W French, Stage manager Mr T Croft, Dresses by Nixon & Co London, Scenery by Mrs Johnson, Arncliffe Hall
Announcement:  The Grove Tennis and Bowling Club, Hutton Rudby:
A Performance of the Farce “Eliza comes to stay”:  in the Council Schoolroom on Fri 6 Apr 1923.  Cast:  W Hamilton, J R Milburn, Ray Hall, Miss M Weighell, Miss E M Chapman, Miss E P Richardson, Miss G Sidgwick, Miss M Milburn, pianoforte selections between Acts by Miss M Sidgwick
Programme:  Hutton Rudby Council School Christmas Concert 1922

Programme:  Hutton Rudby Choral Society:
comic opera “Highwayman Love” 27-30 Dec 1922.  President:  W L Johnson, Crathorne Grange

Programme:  Hutton Rudby Choral Society:  “Merrie England”

Handwritten programme:  Xmas 1923 of a village production

Announcement:  Council School, Hutton Rudby: 
Primrose League:  “Midsummer Night’s Dream” presented by Mrs Bedford Dorman and Miss Blair by the members of the junior branch:  Fri 26 Nov 1926
Announcement:  Council School, Hutton Rudby:
Primrose League:  “Midsummer’s Night’s Dream” presented by Mrs Bedford Dorman and Miss Blair by the junior branch:  26 & 27 Oct 1927
Grand Concert 1st Hutton Rudby Girl Guides, in the Village Hall on Fri 18 May 1928.  Excerpts from Maeterlinck’s “The Blue Bird”, dancing
Programme:  Hutton Rudby WI Dramatic Society and friends, 8 Nov 1928:  “Daddy Longlegs”

Programme:  G.F.S, Hutton Rudby: “Scrooge”:  14 Dec 1928

Programme:  Yorkshire County Federation of WI Drama Competitions 17-20 April 1929:  Saturday 20th, Hutton Rudby competing

Yorkshire Federation of Women’s Institutes, Cleveland School of Drama held by Miss Gwen Lally 15-17 Apr 1931 at the Church House, Stokesley, and
Yorkshire Federation of WI:  Drama Competitions at St George’s Hall, Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough 14 May 1931:  including both Hutton Rudby and Nunthorpe performing “The Black Horseman”, and Marton “Everybody’s Husband”
Yorkshire County Federation of Women’s Institutes:  Drama Competitions at Rowntree’s Theatre, The Cocoa Works, Haxby Road, York on Tues 19 Apr 1932:  including Hutton Rudby performing “Safe Custody” and a scene from “The Winter’s Tale”, and Nunthorpe performing “A Troubled Conscience”
Newspaper cuttings:
York Drama Competitions 19 Apr 1932:  photographs of Mrs Burton and Mrs McPhie in “Safe Custody”

Newspaper cutting:  Leeds Mercury 20 Apr 1932
the Yorkshire Drama Competition, organised by Yorks County Federation of WI.  Photograph of Hutton Rudby Players performing a scene from The Winter’s Tale

Yorkshire Federation of Women’s Institutes:  The Cleveland Drama Area:  A School held by Miss Gwen Lally, at Guisborough, Hutton Rudby and Marton

Notice:  Hutton Rudby WI:  An Entertainment in the Village Hall on Sat 28 Mar 1936

Programme:  Hutton Rudby Choral Society:
“The Sleeping Beauties”:  words and tunes by Mrs Walter Johnson and music by Mrs Arthur Wynne-Finch and Mrs Geoffrey Dixon

Royal Celebrations in Hutton Rudby

“Ye Ceremonyes and Games at ye Rejoycyngs on Ye Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, at ye town of Hutton Rudby, June 22nd , 1897…Chairman:  Myster Allan Bowes Wilson … Commyttee:  Mysters P A F Blair, William Chapman, Alexander Park, Henry Chapman, Barthw. Goldsbrough, George Smith, John Goldsbrough and Dr Snowdon"
Programme for the day, starting at 8:30 with boys and girls at school being given 1/- (one shilling) each by Allan Bowes Wilson – cricket – thanksgiving service – parade – Maypole – children’s tea – aged people given half-crowns – games and sports – great fyre at 10 o’clock

“The Coronation of their Majesties King George V and Queen Mary”  on Thurs 22 June 1911:  starting 8:30 with presentation of Bibles and mugs to the children – church service – cricket – Maypole – sports –
“Public Tea in the Council School, Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist Chapels. 
Those having RED Tickets take Tea at the Council School.
     "         "   WHITE     "         "       "    "    "   Prim. Methodist Chapel.   
     "         "   BLUE       "         "       "    "     "  Wesleyan Chapel.
Tickets can only be used by the person whose name is on it.  It will be impossible to obtain Tea without a Ticket.” 
followed by a continuation of the sports – dancing on the Village Green – Bonfire at 10 pm

Form of Prayer for George V’s Silver Jubilee 1935

Hutton Rudby Coronation Celebrations 12 May 1937:  starting 8:50 with children assembling at school and marching to the Village Hall – presentation of mugs and souvenirs – cricket – service – sports – children’s tea at Village Hall, followed by tea for over 65s – fancy dress parade – sports – broadcast at the Village Hall – King’s speech broadcast from the Village Hall – dance in the Village Hall at 9:30

St Paul’s Cathedral, thanksgiving services for the preservation of the cathedral, evensong Fri 27 Jun 1930

Programme:  Reopening of St Paul’s Cathedral by the King & Queen, 25 Jun 1930

Form of prayer for general use on coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth


Len. Sidgwick, West End Dairy, 'Lowfield' –
50 years connection and a life-long experience at your service
Scupham’s Enterpen Farm Dairy –
“You can whip our Cream.  But you can’t beat our milk”


Wedding invitation:
Mrs Martin Morrison’s daughter Reva, with Guy Winterbottom, at Carlton Church on Friday 5 July 1912 at 2:30 pm

Hymn sheet:  Faceby Church 5 Mar 1923, for a wedding

Wedding invitation:
by Mrs P A F Blair for the marriage of her daughter Elspeth to Dr Maurice H Jones, at Hutton Rudby on 12 May 1927 at 2pm and afterwards at Linden

Wedding service sheet:  Carlton church 7 Aug 1929, JLP and SGLK


Child’s handwritten programme:
“Bluebeard” on 1 Jan 1931:  cast:  White Polar, Charles Bruin etc

“LOST on the night of the 30th September a smooth coated black Labrador Dog collar attached name thereon “Blair, Hutton-Rudby” the property of Miss Blair, Millans Park, Ambleside …"
Hand-drawn Christmas card:  Aunt from Didsie

Local Entertainments

Matinée in aid of The Mayor’s Distress Fund Thurs Feb 3rd 1910, Theatre Royal, Middlesbrough

“Warriors’ Day!”:  a Dance at Stokesley Town Hall in aid of Lord Haig’s Fund on Tuesday 5 Apr 1921:  Patronesses:  Lady Bell, Mrs Blair, Mrs Percy Blair, Lady Blake, Mrs Charles Bolckow, Mrs Constantine, Mrs Clive Dixon, Lady Dorman, Mrs Arthur Dorman, Mrs Bedford Dorman, Mrs Dugdale, Lady Fry, Mrs Pennyman, Mrs Gjers, Mrs Hustler, Mrs Kitching, Mrs Kyle, Mrs Morrison, Mrs Punshon, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Ropner, Mrs Scott, Mrs Penry Williams, Mrs Joseph Whitwell, Miss Whitwell, Mrs Wynne Finch.  Secretary:  Miss Blair, Linden, Hutton Rudby
Northallerton Amateurs in Opera:  “The Mikado” at the Town Hall Northallerton, 6-9 Dec 1922

Programme:  Arts League of Service, in Yarm Parish Hall 15 May 1928, one-act plays

Programme:  British Red Cross Society at Town Hall, Stokesley:  “The Optimist” 5 & 6 April 1929

Darlington Railwaymen’s Effort on behalf of The War Memorial Hospital and The Queen’s Nurses’ Association:  Exhibition of New High-Pressure Locomotive No. 10,000 at Bank Top Passenger Station, Sat 19 Jan 1930
Programme:  Broncho Bill’s Circus, Stokesley, June 1929
Programme:  Barrett’s Canadian Circus:  Northallerton 31 July 1931
Programme:  Bertram Mills’ Circus & Menagerie:  Bradford 8 Aug 1931

Private Theatricals

Typewritten programme:
“The Proof of the Pudding” at Faceby Manor.  Cast:  Harold Kitching, Winifred Blair, Percy Snowdon, Misses Nora Richardson, Gwen Richardson, Katharine Blair, Frances Kyle, Rita Constantine, Violet Richardson and Elspeth Blair, Master Eric Sutton  (the last 4 woodland elves)
Pastoral Play “A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream” in Linden Grove Garden in aid of The Fresh Air Fund on Wed 21 Aug 1912 at 3 pm (seats 1/-, tea 1/-).  Cast includes Misses Richardson, Morrison, Kyle, Dobson, Constantine, Blair, Harrison and Hunton and Messrs Morrison, Crosby, Faber and Blair
Programme, good card, gilt edged:
“Theatre Royal, Drumrauck.  Monday, January 4th, 1904.  Grand Gala Performance.  Beauty and the Beast, a Fairy Extravaganza by Miss E H Keating.”  Cast:  Mr M Morrison, Miss Winifred Blair, Mrs Thomas, Misses Sutton, Blair and Reva Morrison and Mr G Y Blair as Ursinorsonot, a most unbearable and malignant Magician [GY Blair, son of Mary & Percy]
“Poor Rose of Nothing” a play in three scenes by Anne Wynne Finch:  cast:  Chaloners, Constantines, etc
Commemorations etc

Unveiling of a Memorial In Memory of Sir Samuel Alexander Sadler (Knight) also of Captain Gerard Gloag Sadler, 3rd Dragoon Guards, att 6th Dragoon Guards, who fell in the Great War”  Sat 15 July 1922
Order of Service at All Saints’:
Re-Dedication of the Bells by the Ven. the Archdeacon of Cleveland, Sat 2 Jan 1938

Hutton Rudby Village Hall

“Hutton Rudby Proposed Village Hall”: 
“It has long been felt that a Village Hall is essential for the needs of the inhabitants, and this is now emphasised by the fact that the Education Authority are seriously considering the restriction of the School for Education only … The Design shows a Hall capable of seating 360 people.  This is the minimum necessary for a village the size of Hutton Rudby.  A permanent stage, dressing rooms (one of which can be used as a reading room), kitchen, and a billiard room with two tables are also provided.  Arrangements also included for a cinematograph.  Space has been left for another room similar in size to the billiard room, when funds permit for its erection … The Architect estimates that the building will cost from £3,500- £3,800 … About £1,500 has already been promised, so that another £1,200 to £1,500 must be raised before the building can be started.  A book is in the Post Office where you can put down what you propose to give.  Those who do not want their names published can give anonymously.  If those who desire to give so much a week, will give their names to the Collectors, arrangements will be made to collect the sums weekly.  Certain employers have offered to deduct the proposed subscriptions and hand them to the Collectors.  The Hall cannot be a charge on the rates.  Give all you can.  It’s your Hall and you are going to benefit by it.”
Announcement:  Sat 15 Oct 1927:
Hutton Rudby Foundation Stone Laying Village Hall:  Programme:  children and Choral Society sang “Land of Hope & Glory”; introduction by W L Johnson of Lady Ropner, Mrs W L Johnson, Mrs Blair and Mr Mease; presentation of mallets by architects Messrs Ward & Leckenby and laying of stones assisted by builder H W Tarran; vote of thanks by John Hall and Rev E Leeper;  report of treasurer, Mrs Williams;  community singing by children and the Choral Society;  God Save The King
Announcement:  Mon 9 Apr 1928 at 3:30:
Opening of New Village Hall by Sir Hugh Bell, Bart., C.B.  “There will be Tea after the Opening Ceremony, Price 1/-”.  Grand Whist Drive and Dance at 7:30pm “Valuable Prizes.  First Class Band”


British Red Cross Society Ambleside Branch:  students performing “Quality Street” by J M Barrie

Festival of Drama, singing, dancing at Escrick Park, 28 July 1928:  “The Merry Wives of Windsor”

Handwritten programme (by a child?):  Newton Stewart August 1928, circus programme

Handwritten programmes:
Camusdarrack Artists Exhibition 12 June 1914, and scenes from Shakespeare 18 Aug 1911

Notice:  The Carlisle Catholic [deleted:  CYM written above] Comedy Co: “The Arabian Nights”

Programme:  Subscription Concert at Middlesbrough Town Hall on 21 Jan 1932

Programme:  Rugby Football Union:  International Trial:  Old Edwardians’ Ground, Birmingham, Sat 11 Dec 1926

Cutting from The Argosy Magazine August 1926
“Great Literary Discovery – The Lady of the Ladle by Lewis Carroll”, a nonsense poem published in the Whitby Gazette on 31 Aug 1854.  Carroll stayed in Whitby that summer – the poem refers to the pleasure boats Whitby and Goliath and to Jacob’s Ladder

Newspaper cutting:  from the Daily Telegraph 3 May 1916,
re Shakespeare’s tercentenary Programme:  School of Drama Display at the Technical Schools, Henly Street, Stratford-on-Avon

Programme:  The English Folk Dance & Song Society:
Concert of Folk Music at Stratford-on-Avon, 20 May 1934

Service sheet for The Priory Church, Great Malvern, in the time of the Malvern Festival 1934
Programme:  Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford, “Twelfth Night”Brochure:  Stratford College of Drama, Sept 1937
Cutting from Punch, 3 Nov 1926:  County Songs – Westmoreland
Cuttings of comic verse about dogs
Photograph of Mary Pickford
Cutting from The Westmoreland Gazette:  photograph of haymaking in Langdale in November
Letter re Conversion of War Loan, 1932
Flyer for a horoscope from Prof Elroy in Paris


  1. Thank you so much for itemizing the contents of the scrapbook. It provided the only full date I have found for the wedding of Reva Morrison and Guy Winterbottom. That is important to me as I have been researching Winterbottom family history.