Friday, 2 May 2014

The Middlesbrough Opera House for sale, 1907

I found this amongst my old papers:

It has two rather nice sketches "for purposes of illustration only, and their accuracy in points of detail is not guaranteed":

The Particulars show that:
The Theatre, designed from Plans prepared by Messrs Hope & Maxwell, Newcastle-on-Tyne, the well-known Theatrical Architects, was erected in 1903, and is a Building with a commanding appearance.  It is well built, and has a frontage to Linthorpe Road of 100 feet and to Southfield Road of 152 feet 6 inches, and an area of 1,750 square yards or thereabouts.  The premises are built with Accrington bricks and artificial stone dressing, and are in a thorough state of repair.

The position is a most central one, on a splendid site in two of the principal thoroughfares of Middlesbrough, and a population of about 250,000 is resident within a radius of 4 miles, with an excellent tram and train service to all parts.
It had a holding capacity of 3,300 persons, with 10 Private Boxes, Orchestra Stalls, Dress Circle, Upper Circle, Pit Stalls, Pit, Amphitheatre, Gallery and Standing Room.  There were two Foyers "of ample dimensions" with "hand-painted and elaborately decorated ceilings and mosaic pavements".  There were six Cloak Rooms and four Saloon Bars.  It was lit throughout by Electricity, and had Gas laid on in case of emergency. 
There is a Glass Verandah covering the Entrances and Exits and Shops on the Linthorpe Road side, which is continued to the Grand Entrance in Southfield Road, forming an excellent protection in wet weather to those waiting admittance.

The Chocolate Machines annexed to the seats, and their contents, are not the property of the Vendor, and are not included in the Sale; these Machines are the property of the Theatres' Sweetmeat Automatic Co., Ltd ...

Sadly, this grand building was being sold by the Receiver appointed by the Debenture Holders of the Middlesbrough Grand Opera House Company Ltd.

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