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Extracts from the York Herald, 26 January 1850

Middle class emigration and climbing boys:-
Emigration of the Middle Classes – We are glad to learn, from an announcement which appears in our advertising columns, that the reputable firm of Sir John Pirie and Co., have chartered several vessels for the purpose of carrying out emigrants of the middle class to Australia.  The numerous complaints of want of punctuality, as to the time of sailing, of the badness and deficiency of provisions, of the absence of proper accommodation, and of gross disorder during the voyage, have had a considerable effect in deterring intending emigrants of decent character and habits from proceeding.  In all these respects, Sir John Pirie and Co. promise better things, and the high character of the worthy Baronet at the head of the firm, is a guarantee for the punctual and complete fulfilment of their engagements.
Darlington Police, Jan. 21 – Before R H Allen, G J Scurfield, and Robert Colling, Esqrs., Hannah Leybourne was charged with stealing from the person of Thomas Horner, butcher, two £5 notes and about £3 10s in gold and silver.  After a partial hearing, the case was dismissed, in consequence of the prosecutor having previously offered to compromise the robbery, if part of the money should be returned. – Peter Barney alias Corney, a sweep, was charged with allowing a young boy to ascend a chimney for the purpose of removing the soot.  The defendant was liberated upon payment of the costs, and judgment was deferred.

(In 1850, we were half way through the battle to protect the "climbing boys" from exploitation – for the relevant Acts of Parliament, see here)

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