Thursday, 11 October 2012

At Whitby Museum until 4 November

Another exhibition that finishes on 4 November - this one is at the Whitby Museum in Pannett Park

True Tales of Whitby Folk
"an exhibition about moments from Whitby history from the time when King Henry VIII shut down Whitby Abbey, to the Victorian age. 
The story includes the man from Mulgrave Castle who was hung, drawn and quartered by King Henry, the sea captain from Bagdale Hall who was beheaded on Tower Hill by Cromwell in the Civil War, and a narrow-minded Puritan whose descendants are allegedly still being paid damages by the family of those who made fun of him. Then there's a local man who fell foul of Bonnie Prince Charlie, and the team of quarrymen from Whitby who were taken to Tangier in Morocco to build sea defences, and sections about the eighteenth and nineteenth century Whitby ship-builders, a Whitby bank crash, whaling, a theatre fire, the origins of the Steam Railway and the jet industry."

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