Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hutton Rudby in old photographs

East Side 1879

This photograph of East Side was taken the year after the trees were planted on the Green - they were protected from livestock with iron guards.

To the right of the picture can be seen Hutton House - the tower had not yet been built.  The tree guard nearest to the photographer masks the point where Barkers Row ends - the houses in the centre of the picture are set back from the Row.  The pump has not yet been installed.

East Side in the early 1900s

This photograph shows the entrance to the Wheatsheaf Inn was via the archway, which led through to stabling and a cottage.

Hutton House

Hutton House now has its tower, and there are railings at the front of Barkers Row.

The pump on the Green c1905

Geese gathering round the pump and children playing on the Green ...

A photograph of Enterpen in quieter times, looking in the direction of the Green.

On the left can be seen a blacksmith's shop and the Station Hotel.  The smithy stood at the junction with Doctors Lane.

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