Friday, 19 October 2012

Edwardian Hutton Rudby

Some photographs from the Hutton Rudby History Society collection.  Most are from the early 20th century, showing North End and North Side in Edwardian times:

Hutton village pond

The pond was opposite the end of Doctors Lane.  The photograph shows the view looking east towards the Green and the back of the houses on North End.

Elwick House is on the left and the back of Elwick Terrace can be seen - it was built in 1905.

North End

This row of cottages on the right hand side of North End is much changed today but still recognisable.
The view beyond is quite different now!

The top of North End with the junction with North Side and the Post Office.

North End - North Side

Now a little further along, turning around to look back along North Side, westward towards the Post Office:

North Side
The mounting block and the King's Head can be seen in the distance.

The Green, and the view from the Green, were changed substantially by the planting of the avenues of trees in 1878.  Here is an early view of North Side before the trees had grown:

North Side c1885

Stringer's Row and The Elms are visible at the right of the picture.

The eastern end of North Side after the trees had begun to mature - Stringer's Row is to the right.

North Side

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