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The Weatherill family tree: compiled by Richard Weatherill (1844-1923)

Excerpt from Richard Weatherill's manuscript

Richard Weatherill (1844-1923) compiled a family tree from the memories of his father, the artist George Weatherill (1810-90). 

He supplemented it with further research, particularly in the Parish Registers of Easington and in the Easington, Whitby, Hinderwell and Guisborough churchyards.  A copy of his manuscript (missing one page) is held by the Whitby Literary & Philosophical Society.

Another copy is owned by descendants of the Guisborough Weatherills; this copy has later amendments by Charles Buchannan (Richard Weatherill's nephew) and others.

The information below is taken from both manuscripts.  Passages marked in quotations are taken directly from Richard Weatherill's manuscript. 


"Richard or James (he was a stout man) lived at Cowber House near Staithes.  He was married about 1719; and was buried at Easington Oct 1st 1754.  Dorothy Gaunt born 1695 (was a little woman) died Nov 1782, aged 87 years, and is buried in Guisbro churchyard.  This Dorothy had a brother Henry Gaunt."

[It is said in the family that Weatherill was farm bailiff to Dorothy's father and that he and Dorothy eloped]

Richard (or James) Weatherill (great-great-grandfather to RW) married Dorothy Gaunt.  They had 8 children:  Richard; Esther; Oeverel; James; Ann; William; John; and Dorothy.

1. Richard         b 1720                                       see below 1
2. Esther             bap Easington 11 Sep 1722
3. Oeverel          bap 17 Jul 1723
4.  James          bap 20 Mar 1725                       see below 4
5. Ann               bap 10 Jun 1728                         see below 5
6. William         bap 23 Jun 1730                         see below 6
7. John               bap 23 Jun 1733, bur 8 Oct 1747 aged 14
8. Dorothy        bap 13 Oct 1735                         see below 8

1.  Richard Weatherill
 "Richard (eldest child of James & Dorothy) died 27 Apr 1793 or 1794, aged 73 (buried at Guisbro).  Married Mary Osborne, daughter of Matthew Osborne of Lofthouse (by his first wife, who was married three times).  She died at Upleatham in 1813, aged 83 and is buried at Guisbro.  She was sister to Elizabeth Osborne who married my (RW) maternal great-grandfather.  He (Richard) married whilst he lived at Alburn, which he left on its changing owners, and then lived 2 or 3 years at Dalehouse; he then bought a piece of land at Swarthy Head (between Guisbro and Upleatham) and after living on it 20 years sold it for about £500 to Thos Jackson, who built a mill on it, - a little before the long French War.  Richard then went to live at Upleatham and died there about 6 years after (My great-grandfather RW)"

The children of Richard Weatherill & Mary Osborne were

  • Dorothy b at Dalehouse, d at Upleatham about 1820-4
  • Richard, born at Swarthy Head.  "GW never saw him, thinks he was a butcher, died at" [the writer then pencilled in 22 or 77 - evidently he was copying from something he found illegible]  
  • Ann, born at Swarthy Head.  She married a Daniel Carter - they had a son, possibly called Richard who may have died young
  • James, born at Swarthy Head.  see below (i) 
  • Mary, born at Swarthy Head.  She died 17 April 1805 aged 25 years, buried at Guisbro

"Dorothy and Mary were once at Hunmanby Hall, on a visit, and were kindly treated by Squire Osbaldiston"

4. James Weatherill
"James was a farmer and lived at Boulby Barnes on Rockcliff or Boulby.  On giving up farming he bought the house at Hinderwell (where Geo Stephenson lives say 1850?).  He was married earlier than his brother Richard.  He left his daughters £250 each.

Boulby Barnes = walking from Dale House towards Loftus by the high leading right over Boulby, the first farm (a good one) on right when you attain the summit of Boulby is Boulby Barnes.

James Weatherill  was the 2nd son and 4th child of Richard/James & Dorothy born 1725, buried at Easington 17 May 1807 died at Hinderwell.  Married Lucretia Hall of Oneholmes, nr Dale House (marriage registered at Easington 31 Mar 1755).  She died at Oneholmes aged 91."

The children of James Weatherill & Lucretia Hall were:
  • William born about 1756  see (A)
  • Ann or Nancy "bap 17 Jan 1758 died unmarried before the end of last century (18th) ??? W Dodds"
  • Everel bap 25 Mar 1760  see (B)
  • James bap 13 Oct 1762  see (C)
  • Thomas b 13 May 1765  see (D)
  • Lucy  see (E)
  • Dorothy  - Lucy and Dorothy were twins, bap 24 Jan 1768  see (F)
  • Esther bap 13 Feb 1771  see (G)

A. William Weatherill, son of James Weatherill & Lucretia Hall
"William Weatherill of Staithes, farmer and merchant, married [blank] Chilton.  He was church warden of Hinderwell in 1827.  He was elder brother of Thomas of Hollin Lap" (D)

The children of William Weatherill & Miss Chilton were
  • "Mary died about 1808 some 20 years old"
  • "Jane died unmarried.  Lived with Mr Buchannan" (she was his motherless children's governess, they called her Ebbie)
  • Margaret  - unmarried
  • Hannah married her cousin Samuel Galilee (see below).  She died 2 Nov 1856 aged 57 years and is buried in Hinderwell Churchyard beside her husband
The maiden name of Mrs Langborne and of Mrs Williamson was Galilee

(The Mr Buchannan referred to above was John Buchannan, solicitor in Whitby, father of Charles Buchannan who married Sarah Ellen Weatherill.  Mrs Langborne was Jane, the mother of his late wife Ann Langborne)

B. Everel Weatherill, daughter of James Weatherill & Lucretia Hall
 Everel was born in March 1760.  Married Robert Galilee, a shipowner and sailor, a farmer nr Staithes

The children of Everel Weatherill & Robert Galilee were
  • Maria Galilee, died at York 1878 aged 86 years, married Dr Appleby of Ripon: two children, a son and a daughter Maria
  • Everel Galilee
  • Samuel Galilee died 27 Jan 1831, buried in Hinderwell churchyard.  Married his cousin Hannah Weatherill.  Children: Samuel; Maria Jane (married Robert Hutton); Mary Hannah; 2 others died
  • Robert Galilee died unmarried
  • John or James Galilee. Died at sea.  Married.  A son
  • William Galilee married Elizabeth Verril of Staithes.  Lived at Liverpool.  Children:  Henrietta (married [blank] Eales and had children); Elizabeth (unmarried); William (unmarried); Everel (unmarried); Maria (unmarried)
The Robert Galilee who married Everel Weatherill was perhaps brother to Mrs Langborne and Mrs Williamson
Maria Appleby was niece to the above Mrs Langborne and Mrs Williamson

C.  James Weatherill, son of James Weatherill & Lucretia Hall
"Died somewhere about 1833 or a little later, unmarried.  Set up by his father on the farm at Hinderwell, afterwards Newton, at an expense of £700.  Afterwards lived at Hawsker where he failed.  Died at Poor House, Whitby." [failed = went bankrupt]

D. Thomas Weatherill, son of James Weatherill & Lucretia Hall
Born 13 May 1765.  Died 9 May 1840.  Married 21 Jan 1792 Rachel Peacock born 21 Jun 1769 & died 30 March 1828.  She was a Quaker with some £14,000.
Thomas Weatherill lived at Hollin Top. 
The children of Thomas Weatherill were all born at Hollin Top near Danby. 

The children of Thomas Weatherill & Rachel Peacock were
  • Esther born 18 Oct 1792 died 22 May 1817
  • Rachel born 16 Dec 1793 died 26 May 1799
  • John born 15 Apr 1795 died 14 Mar 1836.  He was a farmer with his father at Hinderwell (Thos W must have left Hollins after 1812).  When he was young he married Jane Theaker of Staithes, daughter of William & Jane Theaker fisherman. (sister of Capt of "Earl of Eldon"). "He went to live at Leeds in some manufacturing concern.  He died there and left several children, one a sailor now married living at Staithes, one died, another at Staithes a girl.  His widow married Geo Thurbeck, sailor".  Children of John & Jane: Edward Theaker Weatherill, who had sons and daughters himself (see below #); William Weatherill, who died 24 Aug 1905 aged 72 years, interred at Redcar Cemetery 25 Aug 1905; and Anne, wife of John Richard Verrill, Staithes, died 29 Jun 1893 aged 58, interred at Hinderwell Cemetery 2 July 1893
  • Thomas born 26 Nov 1796 died at Liverpool.  "Thomas was a schoolmaster at Hinderwell at first - went to America where he married & left her, she followed after him - became a Doctor at Liverpool where he died".  Had a daughter, living in 1880
  • William born 19 May 1798.  "Was in America when last heard of many years ago.  Schoolmaster at Guisbro first"
  • Hannah born 27 Oct 1799 died 7 Feb 1873.  Married [blank] Ainslie.  Had children, James, Peter and Mary
  • Peacock born 1 Jun 1801 died 29 Mar 1830. A currier.  Married.  No children.  Widow married again, living at York in 1880
  • Rachel born 21 Jan 1803, died at Leeds.  Married [blank] Baines.  Son, Theodore Weatherill, died young 16?  Clever violinist
  • James born 7 Oct 1804, died 5 Oct 1823
  • Peter born 21 Oct 1806, died 11 Apr 1835.  A doctor?
  • Lucy born 1 Sep 1808, died 4 Sep 1833 "of cholera at Whitby when visiting Mrs Anderson who afterwards married Cuthard grocer.  She was sister? to Allan Thornton.  She took laudanum (I remember her RW)"
  • Lawrence born 10 Aug 1810, died in America.  Supposed to have been killed in American Civil War 1862-3.  A druggist at first.  Married [blank] Duck at Stokesley
  • Mary born 4 Sep 1812, died 24 Sep 1817
[the information on the children of Thomas Weatherill and Rachel Peacock was supplied by James Ainsley, Capella House, Church Street, Whitby on 3 Mar 1880 - he was the son of Hannah Ainsley]

E. Lucy Weatherill, daughter of James Weatherill & Lucretia Hall
Born 1768.  Died young.  Married Kistley (or Kirtley) of Stainton near Stockton - a rich farmer
Daughters - Ann (died many years ago) married John Scarr Longstaffe now (say 1860) of Greenhouses; and Lucy, married Christopher Willis of Ellerby and Lofthouse, publican and mason

F. Dorothy Weatherill, daughter of James Weatherill & Lucretia Hall
Born 1768.  Married Michael Marley.  No children.  "Dolly Marley whom I saw at Hinderwell about 1856"

G. Esther Weatherill, daughter of James Weatherill & Lucretia Hall
Born 1771. Unmarried.  Living at Danby about 1850

5.  Ann Weatherill
"Ann married Matthew Ingledew of Hob Hill (where old William Weatherill of Tocketts near Guisbro afterwards lived) then of Haggitt Hill near Rounton.  Her son William was of weak intellect and died sometime after 1831.  Her son Matthew was a farmer near East Rounton (a famous fiddler and card player) living in 1830".  He had one son and one daughter.

6. William Weatherill
William was the 3rd son and 6th child of James & Dorothy, born 1730, buried at Guisborough, died 23 Oct 1797.  He married Elizabeth (Betty) Pickering, daughter of Thomas Pickering, farmer and miller at Skelton.  "William Weatherill's tombstone is in Guisbro churchyard and his wife's name is also on it (RW).  He lived at Tockets, afterwards at Hob Hill"

The children of William Weatherill & Elizabeth Pickering were
I.       John
II.     Hannah
III.    William
IV.    Thomas
V.     Elizabeth
VI.    Averel
VII.   Ann
VIII.  Dorothy

I.  John Weatherill, son of William Weatherill & Elizabeth Pickering
Married. Died 1848. The originator of the Cleveland Bay Horse         [see below]

The children of John Weatherill were:
  • Elizabeth Weatherill, died 1877, married Robert Ventriss.  Their children were: Mary Ann Ventriss, a dwarf, lived at Whitby, died unmarried Oct 1887; and John Ventriss, a cabinet maker at Newcastle with a numerous family
  • Jane Weatherill, married [blank] Knaggs, publican at Kirkleatham
  • John – "the "Jackey's Field" Weatherill.  His wife after his death married a Smales or Smailes (of whom probably Capt T Smailes) She afterwards married a Turner, father of butcher Turner of Whitby.  Turner & Wilkinsons of Skelton some connection or relation of the Weatherills probably of Elizabeth who married J. Ventriss"
II.  Hannah Weatherill, daughter of William Weatherill & Elizabeth Pickering
Married William Leng (brother to Thos Leng who married her sister Elizabeth) [at Wilton 8 May 1793, witnesses John, William and Thomas Weatherill].  They lived at Wet Furrows, east of Skelton.

Their children of Hannah Weatherill & William Leng were
  • Robert, farmer at Pinchinthorpe, married [blank] Corney
  • Thomas (married)
  • Hannah, who married [blank] a farmer at Skelton
III.  William Weatherill, son of William Weatherill & Elizabeth Pickering
William married Elizabeth daughter of Robert Corney of Guisbro.  Lived at Hobb Hill.  (RW lists among tombstones seen at Guisbro that of William d 1829 aged 61 and Elizabeth his wife, d 1816 aged 33.  He must have assumed that this related to this William.) 

The children of William Weatherill & Elizabeth Corney were
  • Robert Corney Weatherill, baptised Marske 24 Aug 1805. Married 1827 Marske.  Poor Law Auditor.  Marr Jane Wilkinson of Marske.  Lived at Lazenby & Kildale.  She died about 1830.  Her father was Vicar of Marske and baptised my mother (RW).  They had children
  • William Weatherill was a lawyer at Guisbro marr Ann Jackson.  Bap Marske 4 Nov 1807. Died 1873. They had children:
        George, who married Emma, daughter of Dr Henry Wilson
        Margaret Elizabeth
Margaret Elizabeth married firstly Dr John Richardson & had children: William (who married     Averil Mary Buchannan); Anne (who married Alfred Cochrane); and Helen ("Nelly") (who married William del Strother).  She married secondly Arthur Buchannan
        Anne Louise, who married firstly the Rev Henry Clarke of Guisborough and secondly William Hodgson
        William, who died aged 13
        Helen, who married Henry Savile Clarke & had children: Clara, Margaret and Katharine
        Emma, unmarried
        Clara, died of burns aged 20
  • Thomas Weatherill was a brewer at Guisborough [1809-76].  Married Margaret Jackson (sister of Ann). They had children:
        Ann, died unmarried aged 26
Katharine married Arthur Buchannan & had children: Averil Mary (who married William Richardson); Margaret Isobel (who married T D H Stubbs); and George Herbert (who married Lilian Walker)
        William, who married Maria Pickersgill & had children Thomas & Mary
  • Elizabeth Weatherill was the postmistress at Guisbro.  She died unmarried 15 Feb 1876
IV.  Thomas Weatherill, son of William Weatherill & Elizabeth Pickering
"Thomas married Esther Newton of Hinderwell.   She was living at Guisbro about 1850.  They lived at Tockett's Farm - no children.  The 'Highland Laddie' Inn at Guisbro belonged to this Thomas Weatherill"

V.  Elizabeth Weatherill, daughter of William Weatherill & Elizabeth Pickering
"Elizabeth married Thomas Leng, brother of W Leng who married her sister Hannah.
They lived first at a farm (perhaps Dunsdale) between Wilton and Guisbro then at Northfields (where the Trowsdales afterwards lived).  Thos Leng fell off his horse near Easington and was killed sometime about or before 1832.  Elizabeth kept the 'Highland Laddie' Inn at Guisbro after her husband's death" (the inn was owned by her brother Thomas, see above)

The children of Elizabeth Weatherill & Thomas Leng were
  • John died about 1829
  • Ann, married Thos Wilkinson of Coatham.  They had 2 or 4 boys, John a butcher at Gateshead and Richard
  • Thomas, died unmarried, butcher at Guisbro
  • James, killed on Runswick Sand
  • Elizabeth, married Charles Smith, wine merchant at Lincoln.  The widow and daughter lived at Norton.  Their daughter was Elizabeth Weatherill Smith, who married Thomas Nelson of Norton
  • Dorothy, married John Watson, they lived at Gt Ayton and had two sons
  • William,  a currier, who married [blank] Garbutt, died at Stockton.  She was living in 1896.  Lived next door to Jno (?) Watson 1887.  They had children
  • Robert, died young, he fell downstairs and was injured
VI.  Averel Weatherill, daughter of William Weatherill & Elizabeth Pickering
"Averel married Ralph Greathead of Guisbro.  She died about 1830.  No children.  She lived at the 'Highland Laddie' before Mrs Leng.  Ralph Greathead married again and lived to a great age"

VII. Ann Weatherill, daughter of William Weatherill & Elizabeth Pickering
Ann married Robert Corner of Carling How, a farm one mile from Guisbro [or Robert Corney.  Marske parish registers 4 Feb 1804, Robert Corney, master mariner of Guisborough parish, married Ann Weatherill, witnesses Dorothy Weatherill, William Corney, William Weatherill and Ellen Corney].  Ann died in childbed.  They had possibly four children, including Elizabeth who died aged 24 and William "who went away and was never heard of".

VIII.  Dorothy Weatherill, daughter of William Weatherill & Elizabeth Pickering
Dorothy married Thomas Walker, a butcher at Lofthouse.  She died young.  She had perhaps three or four children: William, died in 1888;  John; Francis, living in 1888; and Mary Ann, who died

8.  Dorothy Weatherill
"Dorothy married Richard Anderson, farmer of Hailstone Moor near Northallerton.  Her son James died unmarried.  Her son Francis married Jane Gaines and moved to near Thirsk".  He had three children, no names given

Richard Weatherill's father and mother were second cousins, their grandmothers being sisters.

Elizabeth Osborne was sister to Mary Osborne who married RW's great-grandfather Richard.  The father of Elizabeth and Mary "was married two or three times, thence connection with the Smiths of Lofthouse".

William Stainton married Elizabeth Osborne.  Their children were
  • Jane, who married Robert Sheldon, a pilot, they lived at Coatham.  Their children were:
        Ann (who married (blank) Fiswick, capt of the 'Judith')
        Robert (a pilot, came to see us at Grape Lane, RW)
        Hannah (who married J. Rhodes of Leeds, wine merchant, and had children: Mary,                 William, Osborne, and two daughters)
  • William, who married Jane Wherrit of Whitby.  He was a timber merchant at Driffield.  They had children
        Thomas (who had children Thomas, Clara and others.  Thomas's daughter was Nora. Clara married W. Dunn, lawyer of Driffield, had a son who died young and a daughter Eva K)
        Samuel ("all dead and their children also")
  • Ann, who married (blank).  He was drowned, they had no children.  She then married Rt Bogie and had a numerous family.
  • Elizabeth see (ii)
  • Matthew, who married E Nicholson of Whitby for his first wife.  He married again.  He lived at Malton.  His children were
        William (who had daughters)
(ii)  Elizabeth Stainton, daughter of William Stainton & Elizabeth Osborne.
Elizabeth married John Coulson, born near Helmsley

The children of Elizabeth Stainton & John Coulson were
  • Sarah born 13 Apr 1802, died 11 Oct 1885, married George Weatherill (see earlier)
  • John, born 1803, died in infancy
  • Elizabeth, born 1805, married Matthew Webster, and had children
        Sarah Margaret*
        John (who had a family)
        Matthew (who had a family)
  • William, born 1808, died in America
  • John, born in 1810
  • Ann, born 6 Aug 1812             see Richard, son of James Weatherill (i)
  • Joseph, born 1815, d 1882, married Christina Sleightholm, they had no children
  • Thomas, born 12 Apr 1818, married Margaret Dobson.  They had 6 children:
        Wm John, who died young
        Elizabeth Ann, who married and had 4 daughters
        Sarah Jane, who had a family
        Joseph, who died unmarried
        Hannah, who married [blank] Morris and had a family
        Mary Ellen
  • Jane, born 24 Aug 1822, who married [blank] Pearson, then Christopher Gale, they had no family
* "Sarah Margaret Aslat (she married Walter Ham Aslat) had one son Edgar Ham and 2 daughters Isabel and Helena.  The latter died 14 (?) Dec 1895.  W H Aslat and his son were drowned in the famous collision between the SSs 'Bywell Castle' and 'Princess Alice' in London River in 1878".  Isabel "lived at Whitby with my parents 1915-20. CB"

# Edward Theaker Weatherill born at Hollin Top Farm 8 May 1820, died 15 May 1905, interred at Hinderwell Cemetery aged 85 years.  Married Lavinia Brown on Nov [?] 25 1849 at Middlesbro (daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth Trattles[?] Brown of Staithes) who was born on 24 Jan 1824, died 30 Jan 1883 & was interred at Hinderwell cemetery

The children of Edward Theaker Weatherill & Lavinia Brown were
  • Elizabeth, born 25 Feb 1851, died unmarried
  • John, born 25 Dec 1852, marr Margaret Mackenzie of Dublin, had children
        Archibald Mackenzie
        Lavinia Brown (marr Dr P Ball [?] had John Charles Preston)
        Edward Theaker
  • Edward Theaker, born 20 Dec 1854, went to sea in 1872.  "Not heard of since"
  • Lavinia, born 13 Jan 1857, unmarried
  • Joseph Brown, born 8 Jan 1859, marr 18 Mar 1891 Mary Jane (born 23 Mar 1864, dau of Thomas & Jane Rodham of Staithes) had
        Hilda Rodham, b 26 Feb 1893
  • Sarah Hannah, born 22 Sep 1861, marr John Smallwood Brown, July 1891, died 30 Mar 1910 (?), had
        Edward Matthew, b 26 Mar 1893
        Lavinia b 27 Aug 1894
        William John, b 12 Dec 1895
        Joseph Weatherill & Addison b 29 Mar 1901 (twins)
  • William, born 25 Dec 1865, marr Margaret Anne, Feb 1892 (dau of Zebedee & Margaret Verrill of Staithes), had
        Florence, b 26 Jan 1893, d 1893
        William Brown
        Lawrence Zebedee
        George Curzon
  • Ada, born 18 Oct 1866, marr 2 Aug 1892 John Walton (engineer of Bill Quay b 5 Jan 1857), had     Frances Anne, b 6 Jun 1893
        John, b 1 May 1897
        James b 21 Mar 1899
        Edward b 13 Sep 1902
        Ada b 26 Sep 1901

Notes on the names of Weatherill and Weatheril found in the Register of Easington, taken from a letter from G W Waddington, 11 Feb 1884

Rogerson & Weatherill  of Staithes & Isobel of Easington  26 Jan 1698
Lewis & Weatherill  James & Mary of Easington 2 Feb 1698
Weatherill & Duck  Robert* & Margaret# 10 Jun 1723
(probably a brother of James of Cowbar RW)
Weatherill & Hall James & Lucretia both of Easington 31 Mar 1755

Weatherill Burials
8 Jan 1704 Jane
26 May 1705 Richard
16 July 1710 Ann, wife of Richard
1 July 1717 Richard, labourer
7 Dec 1723 John of Staithes
*7 Dec 1723 Robert, labourer
8 Oct 1747  John, son of James
#29 Mar 1753 Margaret
1 Oct 1754  James of Lower Cowber
13 Feb 1786  Ann of Barnes
6 Feb 1786  John, son of Ann
17 May 1807  James of Hinderwell

Weatherill Baptisms
16 Mar 1720 John, son of John of Easington
11 Sep 1722 Estar, dau of James of Cowbar
17 July 1723 Everel    "
20 Mar 1725  James, son  "
10 Jun 1728  Ann, dau "
23 Jun 1730  William, son
           1733  John, son "
13 Oct 1735 Dorethe, dau
17 Jan 1758  Ann, dau of John? James
25 Mar 1760  Everil   "
13 Oct 1762  James, son "
24 Jan 1768  Lucy & Dorothe, dau "
13 Feb 1771  Esther, dau "

Weatherills in rate book
James from 1788 to 1801, William from 1799 to 1813

Tombstones seen by me (RW) 1878 (?) in Easington Churchyard
Ann, daughter of James and Lucretia Weatherill d 11 Feb 1786 aged 28 years
Averil Weatherill
[a note reading] Osborne bap at Lofthouse 11 Apr 1704 son of Will de Wapley GWW

In Guisbro churchyard (RW 1879)
Richard Weatherill died 27 Apr 1793 aged 73
Mary his daughter d 17 Apr 1805 aged 25
Thomas Weatherill d 18 Nov 1851 aged 84
Esther his wife d 13 May 1853 aged 79

Dorothy Weatherill d 29 Nov 1782 aged 87
William Weatherill d 23 Oct 1797 aged 66 (?)
Elizabeth his wife
Mary wife of John Weatherill
William Weatherill d 27    1829 aged 61
Elizabeth his wife d 15 Nov 1816 aged 33
Elizabeth wife of John Weatherill d 29 Sep 1752 aged 49
William Osborne d 1791 aged 32

Whitby Register GWW
Weatherill George, son of Mr John of Skelton, bur 31 Oct 1754

Thomas Weatherill of Upleatham (typewritten note)

1. THOMAS WEATHERILL of Upleatham & his wife Mary left one son, viz

2. THOMAS WEATHERILL: born at Upleatham.  Married to Ann, daughter of Wm & Grace Chapman on 2nd August 1744.  (Grace was sister to Oliver Presswick of Guisbro) leaving four sons, viz

3. THOMAS WEATHERILL: born 20 Sep 1745. Married to Jane, daughter of Joseph and Ann Newby of Whitby, on 7 Nov 1771 (she died 19 Apr 1784) and died 13 Nov 1802 leaving 7 children:
    William, b 8 Nov 1747
    Christopher, b 3 May 1749
    John, b 12 Apr 1751

4.  JOSEPH WEATHERILL: born 22 Aug 1772.  Married to Elizabeth Coates, spinster, at St Mary's Parish Church, Whitby, 10 Jun 1794  (She died 11 Feb 1850 aged 79).  He died 13 Apr 1848, aged 76.  They left one son, William
    Thomas, b 3 Mar 1774, d 13 Nov 1802
    Mary Ann, b 14 July 1775, d 27 Mar 1807
    William, b 7 Apr 1778, d 15 Feb 1790
    John, b 7 Oct 1780
    Oliver, b 8 July 1782
    Newby, b 20 Mar 1784

5. WILLIAM WEATHERILL: born 1796. Married to Mary, daughter of William & Mary Foxton (she died 21 Feb 1853 aged 49) and died 28 Dec 1863, and unto whom were born:

6.  WILLIAM FOXTON WEATHERILL: born 31 Aug 1819.  Married 14 May 1846 to Lucy Dorton Cole of Plymouth, County Devon, in Cathedral Church, Gibraltar, by Archdeacon Burrows. (She died 30 Oct 1863 aged 36) and died 4 March 1906, aged 86 years.  His second marriage was to Hebe Chippindall, daughter of Edward Chippendall, on 8 Jun 1864.
Elizabeth, b 5 Dec 1822, married to William Dale of Whitby.  (He died 4 Apr 1878)  She died 16 Aug 1867 leaving 2 daughters, Mary Jane and Annie Laura
Mary Foxton, born 24 June 1824 and died 1 Apr 1831
Jane, born 25 Mar 1826. Married to Edward Windross of Mbro, 12 Oct - - (He died 4 Sep 1877) She died 1891, leaving 3 children, James, Joseph and Mary Foxton Weatherill
Joseph, born 24 Aug 1831, drowned on passage from America Jan 1851
George Miller, born 27 July 1836, died 7 Aug 1856
Eliza Mary, born 21 Dec 1839, marr at Whitby Parish Church to William Head (Mead?) Corner 18/5/?3
Laura Ann, born 7 Jun 1843, married to Frederic Elliott at Whitby Parish Church 187? and died 21 Oct 1889 leaving 7 children - Frederic John William, Ernest, Minnie Mary, Eliza Mary, Arthur George, Thomas Jackson & Percy Elederidge (Albert Edward deceased)
Thomas, born 23 July 1845, died 13 Apr 1849

John Weatherill & the Cleveland Bay Horse

Extract from the Cleveland Bay Stud Book (volume 1):
Retrospective volume containing pedigrees of stallions foaled previous to January 1st 1880
collected & compiled by William Scarth Dixon 1884

The history of the breed presented considerable difficulties … Another source of trouble has been the many ingenious theories propounded respecting the origin of the breed.  Writers on the subject seem to have taken little or no trouble to collect information respecting it, but have complacently set themselves the task of showing how the Cleveland Bay was the result of an elaborate system of crossing.  Strange to say, the very obvious theory that the breed was originally what we term a pure one, has, with one or two exceptions, been lost sight of …
… no one at all acquainted with Cleveland Bays requires to be reminded of the estimation in which such horses as Dart, Ralph Jackson's Forester, Skyrocket, Summercock, and The Hob Hill Horse, were held by breeders, and a glance at the genealogical tables will show what numbers of celebrated sires have descended from, or been allied to, these equine heroes …
Page 47:
Cleveland Bay Families
Cleveland Bay horses may be divided into three great families, to one of which almost every horse of note belongs.  These are the descendants of Dart 83, Barley Harvest 447, through his grandson, Milner's Volunteer 338, and The Hob Hill Horse 316.  Other horses celebrated as the ancestors of many famous sires are Nailor 208, Skyrocket 280, and Summercock 302, but most of their progeny are members of the three families alluded to …
The Hob Hill Horse
Farmer's Glory 316, better known as The Hob Hill Horse, was the property of John Weatherill, of Hob Hill Farm, Skelton-in-Cleveland.  Mr Weatherill bought him at Yarm Fair when a yearling, and, unfortunately, no pedigree of him is forthcoming.  Indeed, tradition says that he was bought out of a drove without a pedigree.  Reliable information regarding the date when he was foaled is likewise wanting, but probably some time in the last decade of the eighteenth century may be assigned as the period of his birth.  His grandson, Barnaby 15, foaled about 1808, would make this appear likely.  It is subject for regret that there is no description of him extant, or that so little is known of him excepting his services as a stud horse.  The "noted Hob Hill old horse" are words which every horse breeder is proud to be able to print on his cards and bills, and to him every breeder of Cleveland Bays likes to be able to trace the pedigree of his stock.  Beyond the fact that he lived to an advanced age nothing more is known of the horse who is held in the same estimation by breeders of Cleveland Bays as is Broomfield Champion by breeders of Clydesdales
From the list of breeders and owners:
Weatherill John, Hob Hill, Skelton        15, 56, 316, 468, 477
Weatherill Thomas, Jun., Guisborough     148
From the list of horses:
15      Barnaby
Foaled about 1808
Bred by J Weatherill, Hob Hill, Skelton
The property of (1) Christopher Pomfret, Wolviston; (2) John Langton, Fencote, Bedale
Sire     Golden Hero 123
Dam     by John Connell's Horse 496
Served mares at Wolviston at 2 guineas each, and was sold to John Langton, Fencote, Bedale, for 300 guineas, when 20 years old

56     Chance
Sire of Royal Cleveland 267
The property of J Weatherill, Hob Hill, Skelton
Sire     Golden Hero 123

316     The Hob Hill Horse
Circ 1798
The property of J Weatherill, Hob Hill, Skelton
Pedigree lost or unknown
This horse was named Farmer's Glory, but as he is more generally known as The Hob Hill Horse, it was thought better to register him in that name.  He was purchased at Yarm Fair when a yearling – rumour says without a pedigree.  However that may be, he filled the country with good horses, as a glance at the Genealogical Table will show.  W Barker, of Tollesby, who died in 1860, aged 82, remembered seeing The Hob Hill Horse and six of his sons shown at the Guisborough Stallion Fair on the same day, Mr Weatherill challenging anyone to find a white hair in the seven.

468     Direction
Sire of Incog 157 and Sire of Dam of Commodore 76
The property of J Weatherill, Hob Hill, Skelton

477     Fireaway
The property of (1) J Weatherill, Hob Hill, Skelton; (2) J Trenholm, Barnard Castle

148     Hob Hill
Travelled in 1847
The property of Thomas Weatherill, Jun., Guisborough
Sire     Reformer 425
Dam     by Volunteer 345
G dam     by Forester 108A
G g dam by Golden Hero 123

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