Monday, 19 November 2012

Wars of words in Stokesley in the 1840s

In the 1840s, another print war broke out in Stokesley - and this time it was a war of newspapers.

The political opponents were George Markham Tweddell with his Stokesley News & Cleveland Reporter and his former employer William Braithwaite with The Cleveland Repertory & Stokesley Advertiser.

Visit the Tweddell history website and the George Markham Tweddell hub for more on the fascinating life and works of George Markham Tweddell and his wife Elizabeth, whose poetry appeared under the pseudonym Florence Cleveland.

You will also find there information on George Markham Tweddell's link to Hutton Rudby - the Rudby schoolmaster, William Sanderson, was his inspirational teacher.

Well worth a look!

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