Friday, 17 January 2014

Rudby Parish Magazine: August 1892

The parish magazine was made up of two parts.  The first half consisted of a nationally-produced section and the second half contained the local news.

From the local section for August 1892 we learn of baptisms & burials:
Baptism – July 9th,  of Hannah, daughter of William and Kate Ainsley of Rudby

Burial – July 16th, of John Seymour, aged 78, of Rudby
Burial – July 19th, of Margaret Ward, aged 17, of Hutton
and there are two pages of cricket scores, three matches having being played at the "Skutterskelfe Park Ground."

In the national section of the magazine, there is this enticing recipe:

by M. Rae
Certificated Teacher of Cooker

Pare away entirely the stringy rind, cut the turnips in quarters, and boil for twenty minutes or half an hour (according to age) in salt and water; when tender, drain well.
Make a batter, with a quarter of a pound of flour, one egg, and a breakfastcupful of milk.  Put the flour into a basin, put the egg in without beating it, add a very little milk, and begin stirring with a wooden spoon.  Mix in the rest of the milk by degrees, beating well all the time so that the batter will neither be lumpy nor stringy.
When quite smooth, put the turnips in a greased dish, pour over the batter, and bake in a quick oven about half an hour.

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