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Rudby Parish Magazine: September 1892

More from the old parish magazines:


Any sick person in Hutton Rudby or the immediate neighbourhood wishing to be admitted must apply to Lady Falkland, at Skutterskelfe; or to Sister Florence, at the Hospital; or to Dr Snowdon.
In all medical cases a doctor's certificate must be brought.

No visitors to Nurse or Patients are admitted to the Hospital in the morning.
Visiting days for the patients, friends are as follows:
Sundays, from 2 o'clock to 4.30 pm
Saturdays, from 2.30 to 4.30 pm., and 6 o'clock to 7.30 pm.
Wednesdays, from 6 o'clock to 7.30 pm.
On fixed days Lady Visitors are visiting from 2.30 to 4.30 pm.


The Sunday School Children had their Treat, August 13th.  It was spent as usual at Redcar.  Rain was the order of the morning, but after midday the sun shone and there was great enjoyment for the nearly fifty children who had gathered up.  They amused themselves with tricycles on the sands, plodging in the sea.  Some went on the switchback railway.  The donkeys this year were at a discount.  During the rain a 10 o'clock meal was partaken of at the Temperance Hall.  At the end of the day another good meal before starting homewards.  Several parents joined the party to look after the welfare and amusement of the young ones.  Happily none were missing on their arrival at Potto Station.


The Hutton Rudby Choir Trip of 1892 were fortunate in having a fine day for their Annual Holiday.  They started by first train in the morning, August 4th, for Middlesbro', the scene of the Great Yorkshire Agricultural Show.  Not being provided with a sufficient number of third class carriages, some of the boys were put into first class seats.  At Trenholm Bar they were taken out, left on the platform, coming on in the next train, but they were put out at a different station from the first detachment, causing fatigue and trouble to those who felt bound to meet them.  At last, all together, they saw the place decided on for final meeting and tea, then adjourned to the Show, where they viewed the animals, implements, etc., and wandered about according to their various tastes and fancies.  They met as arranged, returned by the last train.  Though tired, all agreed that they had spent a pleasant day.



A Sale of Work was held at Linden Grove, by the kind permission of Mrs Percy Blair, on Thursday, August 18th.  The work had been done and the prizes were competed for by the members and candidates of the G.F.S., under the direction of Mrs Brigham.

Again this year we owe our thanks to Mrs Brigham for the untiring interest she has taken in the G.F.S.  The amount of time and thought she has devoted to the improvement, as well as the amusement, of the girls has been great, and perhaps only fully appreciated by those who have had the opportunity of seeing how much Mrs Brigham has the happiness and welfare of the girls at heart.

The work was judged by Lady Falkland and Miss Kate Park, and the following Prizes were awarded:-
Class I.  – D. Passman, Plain Work.
Division II. – E. Elgie, Pillow Case.
Class II. – M. Fawcett, Knitted Stockings.
Class III. – S. Garbut, Men's Socks.
Class IV. – D. Meynell, Patchwork.
Division II. – M. H. Johnson, Patchwork.
Class V. – S. Garbut, Dressed Doll.
Class V., Division II. – B. Rowell, Dressed Doll
Class VI. – Elizabeth Hall, Knitted Petticoat.
Division II. – K. Thorman, Knee Caps.
Class VII. – D. Passman, Crotchet Petticoat.
Class VIII. – B. Rowell, Grasses.
Class IX. – H. Brown, Wild Flowers
B. Rowell, Apron.  Minnie Smith, Pinafore.  H. Brown, Holland Apron

The unnamed author of the Parish Magazine is clearly very anxious to keep Mrs Brigham happy at her work!  I haven't been able to find Mrs Brigham in the censuses of 1891 and 1901 so far ... perhaps she left the village, worn out by her labours.

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