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People of Hutton Rudby in the C18/19: Jackson to Jowsey

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John Jackson 1743-1808 was the master of Hutton Rudby School (see schoolmasters)

5 Jun 1790:  Let the Ordinary be Cautious that no licence be granted to James Hird to teach a Petty School in the Parish of Hutton Rudby in the Diocese of York till John Jackson the licensed Schoolmaster to the Established School there be first called or William Ashwith Notary Public his Proctor who entered this Caveat the fifth day of June in the year of our Lord 1790 [Borthwick Faculties etc 1769-93]

7 Dec 1797:  HR:  William Surtees married Eden Dodds; witnesses:  Thomas & Mary Jackson, Ann Brigham, John Eland, Thomas Hird and Elizabeth Catchaside

1799    Jno Jackson paid a salary of One Guinea “for playing on the Violin Cello in Church time”

Yorkshire Poll Book 1807:  Hutton Rudby:  Thomas Jackson tailor

15 Dec 1809:  William Jackson born Hutton (godparents John Meynell, Sarah Bainbridge) baptised RC

14 May 1810:  house & garth and garth:  Tipping & Wardell exors of Thos Wayne to Thomas Eland:  house & garth 1a 2r 28p occupied by Eland, bounded by street to S, river Leven to N, Francis Tweddle & Francis Stainthorpe to E, and Christopher Sleigh to W;  garth 1r 28p on north side of Hutton, formerly occ by Hannah Kay widow, now by Thomas Eland, bounded by B D Suggitt to S, Thomas Jackson to E, street to W and Isaac Whorlton to N

4 Jan 1817:  Oliver Jackson, son of Thomas & Elizabeth, weaver, Hutton, was baptised.  This appears to be the Primitive Methodist minister mentioned in 1887

Oliver Jackson occupied the Whorltons’ house on North Side before it was occupied by Major Shout.  Thomas Jackson owned property further east on North Side, owned and occupied by William Jackson in the Tithe Map.

EB 412:  21 & 22 Mar 1817:  ppty on North Side: Thos & Jos Whorlton (1) Wm Whorlton (2), late in occ of Oliver Jackson

EH 212 & EG 295:  relate to the same ppty:  a house which had been divided into two tenements and in 1818 was “lately occupied in four different tenements or dwellinghouses”:  tenants were previously Jane Whorlton & her tenants William Easby, Oliver Jackson & William Honeyman; tenants were in 1818 William Honeyman, Thomas Graham, Robert Walton and Robert Codling:  bounded to E by Christopher Flintoff decd, to S & W by townstreet, to N by David Simpson decd

EO 107:  11 & 12 Aug 1820:  land near Jakebarn, recently puchased by Thomas Jackson from Simon Kelsey:  parties:  Thomas Jackson of Hutton tailor, Robert Brigham of Rudby gent & William Wood of Hutton yeoman, John Jackson of City of Durham innkeeper, and William Jackson of Hutton tailor

EP 148:  3 Feb 1821:  mortgage to Wm Whorlton by John Shout:  house previously occupied by Oliver Jackson and now by Major Shout, land and weaver’s shop

ET 257:  2 & 3 Jan 1823:  garth, orchard & houses, probably North End:  Thomas Jackson was an occupier

ET 258:  7 & 8 Jan 1823:  southern part of land occ by Mundell and bought by him from Simon Kelsey:  parties:  George Mundell of Hutton gardener, John Thompson of Faceby yeoman, William Jackson of Hutton tailor, Robert Brigham of Rudby gent and William Wood of Hutton gent:  bounded by land bought by John & Thomas Sidgwick from Sir Wm Hy Pennyman to E,  by Mr Sanders and Mr Wigham to W, by northern part of land bel to Thomas & William Jackson to N, by Simon Kelsey to S

ET 293:  21 Mar 1823:  sale of ppty of Samuel Hebbron late of Hutton nr Rudby butcher dealer & chapman now or late a prisoner in the gaol of the Castle of York:  being the Shoulder of Mutton public house [predecessor of King’s Head], occ by Samuel Hebbron, then by David Hebbron & now by Robert Moss:  bounded by Thomas Whorlton and Thomas Jackson, Thomas Cust, B D Sugget and Thomas Wayne to W and N, by street to S, by Thomas Jackson to E; also the stable; a close of 5a 2p bounded by William Wood to N, by William Dawson to E, W & S, and occupied by William Dawson; also land in Potto

26 Dec 1823:  burial of Thomas Jackson 69

1823 Baines:  Hutton:  Nathaniel Jackson, baker
1823 Baines:  Hutton:  William Jackson, tailor, draper & hatter

FQ 434:  14 & 15 Apr 1829:  Thomas Jackson occupied land belonging to Elizabeth Sleigh

FT 294:  26 & 27 Dec 1830:  Jakebarn:  Michael Sidgwick of Hutton yeoman & John Sidgwick jnr of Hutton farmer to William Jackson of Hutton tailor:  a fenced off close of 1a called Jakebarn:  previously occ by Richard Shepherd & now by his widow Ann:  bounded by Isaac, Joseph & William Whorlton’s land to E, by land recently bought by QAB from vendors to W & N, by road to S

Churchwardens’ accounts 1830/1:  Mr Jackson’s bill 1s 1d

FS 461:  2 & 3 Feb 1831:  John Jackson had been a tenant of Rudby estate
FS 461:  2 & 3 Feb 1831:  cottage 1r:  occ by William Jackson at £10-3s p.a

FS 461:  2 & 3 Feb 1831:  Thomas Jackson had been a tenant of Rudby estate

Sarah Jackson is in a List of Girls – Middleton Book
Wm Jackson gave 5s to Rudby School, Oct 24th 1832 – Middleton Book

Tithe Map from Elizabeth Sleigh:  Nicholas Jackson occ 143
Tithe Map from Elizabeth Sleigh:  John Jackson occ 144

1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  William Jackson, tailor

1841 Census:  William Jackson 30 ag lab and Mary 60, Tisbut Row
1841 Census:  John Jackson 35 linen weaver and family, with Elizabeth Seamour 50 ag lab, North End
1841 Census:  Nicholas Jackson 30 linen weaver and family, North End
1841 Census:  James Jackson 35 linen weaver and family, with William Coverdale 4, North End
1841 Census:  Elizabeth Jackson 65 ag lab, John 10 linen weaver, with John Charlton 20, linen weaver, North End
1841 Census:  Oliver Jackson 80 linen weaver, Eleanor 50, William 75 linen weaver, William 13 linen weaver, North End
1841 Census:  William Jackson 50 draper & tailor, Mary 40, Samuel Hebbron 14 tailor apprentice, Jane Allan 13 servant, North Side
1841 Census:  George Jackson 30 independent, Susanna 35, William 15 linen draper, with Maria Oates 15 servant and Thomas Boyd 15, North Side
1841 Census:  John Jackson 40 linen weaver and Nancy 20, Enterpen

Mar 1842:  William Jackson, draper & hatter, gave evidence about Huntley, who he “supplied … occasionally with hats” [Yorkshire Gazette 12 Mar 1842]

‘The Cleveland Repertory’
1 Jan 1843:
“Temperance”:  “On Thursday evening, the 15th ult, a meeting was held at the Bethel Chapel, for the purpose of advocating the principles of true temperance.  Mr George Jackson of Hutton Rudby was called to the chair …”

‘The Cleveland Repertory’ 1 Jun 1843:
“Queries by Mr Oliver Jackson, Hutton Rudby
Where is that spot which the sun but once shone on, and never will again?
What Bird was it, that sat so high, that when he call’d, all the World heard him – and where did he sit?”

Jacksons Yard:  at Bay Horse:  so-called in 1851 Census.  Perhaps named after the prosperous David Jackson, who appears at that time

1851 Census:  South Side:  Nicholas Jackson 41 handloom weaver, Elizabeth 42, Richard 17 tailor’s apprentice, Dorothy 11, Jowsey 9, Elizabeth 6 and Thomas 4, all b Hutton
1851 Census:  South Side:  William Jackson 40 ag lab b Lofthouse, Elizabeth 34 and daughter Mary 5, both b Hutton
1851 Census:  North End:  John Jackson 46 hand loom weaver linen, Jane 43, and children William 22 hand loom weaver linen, Jane 17, Ann 12, Oliver 8, John 7, and Thomas 4, all b Hutton
1851 Census:  North End:  Sarah Jackson single 23 cowkeeper and children John 1 b Sedgefield and Sarah Jane 1 mth b Hutton;  with brother Robert 21 hand loom weaver linen, sisters Elizabeth 19 dressmaker, Jane 9 and Margaret 3 orphan children;  all b Hutton
1851 Census:  North Side, near Bay Horse:  David Jackson 37 tailor employing 5, b Hutton, wife Christiana 40 b Swainby, and children William 12, David 9, Elizabeth 8, and Dorothy 1, all b Middlesbrough, with servant Jane Jackson single 20 house servant b Hutton
1851 Census:  Cottage [Jakebarn]:  William Jackson widower 65 farmer b Hutton Rudby and housekeeper Sarah Hoggard single 38 b Bilsdale

Details of cutting the hedge at Jackson paddock Jacque Barn in 1850-62 – Barlow’s Notebook.  William Jackson was the tailor who gave evidence at Goldsbrough’s trial, and then moved to farm Jakebarn.  Mr Barlow had problems with William Jackson and his wife (Jackson’s second marriage was to his housekeeper;  it does not appear in the Hutton Rudby registers, nor do the baptisms of their sons).  Jackson died in Apr 1874

20 Nov 1855:  Eland to Codling:  the garth on North Side of 1a 2r 28p with the 6 messuages formerly in 3 tenements with barn, cowhouse & carpenter’s shop occ by Thomas Milestone, - Kearsley, George Snary, Nicholas Jackson, John Mudd, Robert Batty and James Eland

1861 Census:  Cottage [Jakebarn]:  William Jackson married 76 farmer of 11 acres b Hutton and wife Sarah 46 b Bilsdale, with sons John Thomas 7 and Bennison 5 both b Hutton Rudby
1861 Census:  Hutton:  David Jackson seems to have been replaced by George Honeyman, grocer & draper, and further east is:  William Jackson 33 butcher, Jane 32, Mary 8, John 5, brother Thomas 30 butcher’s lad:  all b HR.  The family continues here until the turn of the century and beyond

Dr Robert Jackson had practised at Gateshead and moved to North Ormesby in 1867.  In 1868 he gave his home address as Hutton Rudby, but had returned to Gateshead in 1869.  [Dr Stout]

1871 Census:  Hutton House:  George Wilson 60 sailcloth mfr emp 24 men & 9 women & landowner, Ann 55, Allan Bowes 31 and Thomas Bowes 26 both sailcloth mfrs;  cook Ann Milestone 18 b Hutton and housemaid Mary Jackson 18 b Hutton

1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  Nicholas Jackson, grocer
1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  Richard Jackson, tailor
1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  Thomas Jackson, butcher
1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  William Jackson, butcher

Oddfellows Board:  Bro:  James Jackson, Hutton, 25 Jun 1850, a47 [linen weaver, JBTurner]
Oddfellows Board:  Bro:  A Jackson, Hilton, 6 Dec 1864, a64
Oddfellows Board:  Bro:  O Jackson, Hutton, 2 Mar 1873, a31

1881 Census:  Vauxhall Bridge Road, Runham, Norfolk:  Oliver Jackson, minister, 64, b Hutton, York, and wife Sarah 61, b Bircham Tofts, Norfolk

1887:  memorial stones at the new Primitive Methodist chapel were laid by K Rickatson, W Seymour (Spout Bank), Mrs Honeyman, Mrs Eden, Mrs Hall and Mr E Bainbridge; and on behalf of Viscount Falkland, G Y Blair, and Rev Oliver Jackson, a Primitive Methodist minister born in Hutton Rudby [G Milburn’s notes]


Elizabeth Joblin was a subscriber to the (Methodist) Youth’s Instructor in 1840


1823 Baines:  Hutton:  Lewis Johnson, farmer; Richard Johnson, farmer

FS 577:  9 Jun 1831:  Robert Norman paper maker to Robert Holliday Dobson of Potto gent:  6a close in Hutton known as the Cottages bounded by Widow Johnson to S, road to the Rountons to N, William Spencer to W, Mr Rickaby to E, occ by Robert Norman

Mary Johnson is in a List of Girls – Middleton Book

GG 130:  31 Oct 1835:  Thomas Spence of Hutton weaver & Dorothy his wife (1) Henry Collins of Stokesley gent (2):  2 houses now used as one, the weaver’s shop adjoinging & the garden or orchard of 1r behind, occ by Thomas Spence; the butcher’s shop adjoining the weaver’s shop occ by William Sherwood:  bounded by Lord Falkland to E, street to W, Mrs Kingston to N, Edmund Taylor to S; also Gowdie/Gowlay Hill Garth 1a with cowhouse occ by Thomas Richardson:  bounded by John Charlton to E, by Francis Stainthorpe to W, by street to N, by Jane Willans & Edward Meynell to S; also house with garden & garth behind 2r, occ by William Merrington:  bounded by street to E, William Wood to W, John Seamer to N, John Rymers & Francis Stainthorpe to S; also 3 closes formerly 2 closes called the Cottager 7a, previously occ by William Braithwaite as tenant to William Spence decd:  bounded by Robert Halliday Dobson to E, George Hunter & William Ableson to W, by Rounton road to N, by Richard Johnson to S; “& all other the messuages lands tenements and hereditaments formerly belonging to Thomas Smith late of Hutton yeoman decd and comprised in his Will”

1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  Richard Johnson, farmer

1841 Census:  Hutton Thorn:  Johnson


12 Dec 1804:  Richard Jowsey married Jane Lamb [witnesses:  John Seymour, Thos Eland]

7 Aug 1822:  George Drydale, Richard Jowsey & Thomas Gill witnessed the Will of B D Suggitt

ET 257:  2 & 3 Jan 1823:  garth, orchard & houses, probably North End:  Richard Jowsey was a previous occupant

FQ 434:  14 & 15 Apr 1829:  Richard Jowsey occupied land belonging to Elizabeth Sleigh

FQ 560:  2 & 3 Nov 1829:  ppty bought by Jane Willans widow in Enterpen:  garth of 1r 3p where a cottage formerly stood, formerly occ by John Miller, then by George Wilson, Mary Young & Hannah Young, then by Matthew Richardson jnr, then by John Burden, bounded by Thomas Wayne to N, E & W, and by street called Enterpen to S; with the houses “lately erected upon the garth” & now occupied by Simeon Burden, John Smelt, Paul Oates, John Goldsbrough, William Jowsey, Abraham Holdgate and William Burnsides

Richard Jowsey was a leader of a Wesleyan Methodist class in 1836, 1838 and 1839
He was a weaver in the 1841 Census

John Joucy occupied a house and house and garden owned by William Whorlton at the bottom of North End in the Tithe Map

1841 Census:  South Side:  Richard Jowsey 60 linen weaver, John Jowsey 25, Thomas 9 and Charlotte Sidgwick 15 linen weaver
1841 Census:  North End:  William Jowsey 55 linen weaver in household of William Sidgwick

1851 Census:  North Side:  Richard Jowsey widower 71, hand loom weaver linen, b Aiselby Park, Durham, son John 36 hand loom weaver linen and his wife Elizabeth 36, and grandchildren Thomas 18 and Mary 14 house servant;  the last four all b Hutton
1851 Census:  North End:  William Jowsey 67 widower handloom weaver linen b Middleton lodging in the household of Charlotte Sidgwick single 28 and her children James 9 and Isabella 1, and nephew William Sidgwick 5 and niece Mary Ann Sidgwick 2

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