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The family of George Langborne (1735-1817), son of Michael & Eleanor Langborne

George Langborne was baptised on 19 August 1735. 

On 10 Feb 1763, George married Mary Rymer of Whitby, by licence.  The entry in the register gives his occupation as Ship builder; the marriage was witnessed by Nathaniel Langborne and Michael Blackbeard.

George Langborne (1735-1817) and Mary Rymer (1733-96) had seven children:

•    Mary, born 10 Jan 1764 and buried 18 March
•    Michael (1765-90)   
•    John, born 13 March 1767 and was buried aged five on 15 Nov 1772
•    William (1768-1844)
•    Mary (1770-1804)          
•    Eleanor (1773-1804) 
•    Margaret (1774-1816)
Mary (Rymer) Langborne died on 8 Apr 1796, aged 62.  She had married at the age of 30 and had seen three of her children buried.  When she died the surviving four children were unmarried and in their twenties. 

Her husband George survived her by many years, dying in 1817.  He outlived five of his children and his granddaughter. 
His Will was proved by his son William, his nephew William Jameson and his nephew George Langborne.  His estate (gross personalty) was valued at under £8,000 and was divided into three parts: for his son William; his son-in-law William Grenside (husband of his daughter Mary); and his son-in-law Thomas Jones (widower of his daughter Margaret) and her children Thomas Rymer Jones, Mary, Edward and Eleanor.  He made further provision for his son William, who had recently bought lands and grounds in Newham Dunsley for £4,800, which had since considerably decreased in value; William was to receive money to cover the depreciation.

Brigantine (from Richard Weatherill's book)

William Langborne (1768-1844), son of George Langborne & Mary Rymer

William was born 17 May 1768. 
He married Anne Mead (born 9 Dec 1775) on 12 June 1798.
William is in the 1823 Baines' Directory as a Ship Owner living in Baxtergate.
Anne died on 21 Sep 1826 aged 50, and William on 3 Feb 1844. 
They had four children:
•    John Langborne was born 20 June 1799.  He was of ‘Fernhill’, Newholm.  He married 5 Feb 1822 Hannah Barrick.  She died on 27 Dec 1828.  The Whitby Panorama and Monthly Chronicle reported the death: “At Fernhill, Mrs Langborne, wife of Mr John Langborne, and daughter of the late Mr Thomas Barrick, Ship-builder, aged 28.” She left two very young sons, the youngest boy having died some months earlier:
o    John Medd Langborne, b 26 Feb 1823, died in Canada.  He is possibly the youth living in the house of Henry Barrick, shipbuilder, at the 1841 Census (perhaps learning his trade with his mother’s relations)
o    Thomas William Langborne, b 5 Dec 1824, d 7 Sep 1896.  Unmarried.  Probably the last of the Langbornes to be a shipowner.  He does not seem to have been a ship builder in his own name.  According to the list of shipping in Richard Weatherill's book in 1848 he held 16/24 share in the brig Ellen built by his maternal uncle Henry Barrick [1]. Thomas is to be found in the household of his uncle Henry Barrick for the 1861, 1871 and 1881 censuses.  After Henry Barrick's death he lived with Thomas Forrest, a retired master mariner, in Mulgrave Place.  Forrest was a widower; his niece Miss Mary Allot seems to have kept house for him.  Thomas Langborne left Forrest and his niece his clothing, jewellery and trinkets, with a legacy each, and asked to be buried "as near as may be" to his uncle's grave.
o    Henry Langborne, b 26 Jan 1827, bur 25 Mar 1827
•    George Langborne, b 4 July 1801, bur 18 Mar 1803
•    William Rymer Langborne, b 18 Sep 1804. He is listed as an attorney in the 1834 Directory.  He died in May 1846
•    George Langborne, b 18 Apr 1807, he is mentioned in the Will of Susannah Langborne, his uncle Nathaniel's widow, in September 1852.  He was married, and had a son born 7 Feb 1829.  It seems likely that he is the George Langborne born 1807 who gained his Master’s ticket in Feb 1852.

Mary Langborne (1770-1804), daughter of George Langborne & Mary Rymer

Mary was born 3 Sep 1770.  She married William Grenside, a surgeon, on 26 Jan 1804.  Baines' Directory 1823 gives his address as 10 New Buildings, along the road from the well-known Dr Loy.  This address was later known as St Hilda's Terrace.  He does not appear in the 1840 Directory.  They had sons:
•    Ralph Grenside, bap 5 Dec 1804.  Clergyman in Warwickshire.
•    George Grenside, bap 10 Jan 1807.  Solicitor, lived in the Stokesley area.

Eleanor Langborne (1773-1804), daughter of George Langborne & Mary Rymer

Eleanor was born 13 Jan 1773.  She married her cousin George Langborne on 10 Dec 1801.  In 1804 their daughter was born and within a week Eleanor was dead.  She was buried in the parish churchyard on 25 November.  Their daughter:
•    Mary Ann Eleanor Langborne, baptised on 18 Nov 1804.  She died at the age of three, and was buried on 5 Jan 1808.

Margaret Langborne (1774-1816), daughter of George Langborne & Mary Rymer

Margaret was baptised 23 Nov 1774.  On 30 Nov 1808 she married Lieut Thomas Jones RN, an Excise Collector.  She died in 1816, aged 41, leaving four young children:
•    Thomas Rymer Jones (1810-80), surgeon, academic and zoologist.  A photograph of his memorial in King’s College Chapel, University of London is here
•    Mary Jones, b 27 Oct 1811, bap 29 Oct 1811
•    Edward Jones
•    Eleanor Jones

Barque (from Richard Weatherill's book)

[1]  There were two contemporary Henry Barricks, shipowners, who were known as Henry Barrick of East Side and Henry Barrick of West Side [letter A J Buchannan to H P Kendall, 31 Jan 1934].  One of the Barricks had a dry dock which was used by the Langbornes in 1838.

… next time – the family of Nathaniel Langborne (1739-1807), son of Michael & Eleanor Langborne

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