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People of Hutton Rudby in the C18/19: Illegitimacy to Ingledew

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As can be seen from these notes, there was considerable illegitimacy.  Alan Marchant calculated it at
1762-71    43 per 1,000 births
1782-91    65 per 1,000 births
1812-21    100 per 1,000 births (when Rudby overseers began to keep a detailed and separate Bastardy Account)
1862-71    88 per 1,000 births


FO 157:  12 Jul 1828:  Baillieur’s remtge:  Robert Tweddale the occupant of his house in Hutton and Richard Imenson the occupant of his house & farmlands in Hutton

1823 Baines:  Hutton:  John Imeson, shoemaker
1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  John Imes [sic], boot & shoe maker

6 Oct 1840:  Jane [transcript – in fact, Ann] Bewick 28, daughter of George Bewick, linen manufacturer, married John Imeson 21 shoemaker, son of John Imeson, shoemaker [witnesses:  William Douglass, Matthew Bewick]

1841 Census:  North End:  John Imeson 55 shoe maker, Elizabeth 50, Elizabeth 20 dressmaker, Mary 15, Nicholson 15 shoemaker
1841 Census:  John Imison 20 shoe maker and Ann 25, North End

1851 Census:  North End:  John Imeson 65 shoemaker b Masham, Elizabeth 63 b Potto, unmarried children Mary 28 and Nicholson 26 journeyman shoemaker, with granddaughter Jane Ann Imeson 8, all b Hutton
1851 Census:  North End:  Ann Imison 39 shoemakers widow with children Elizabeth Ann 9 and Robert 8, and visiting niece Jane Sherwood 12;  all b Hutton

1872 Post Office Directory:  Hutton Rudby:  Nicholas Imeson, boot & shoe maker

John Imison jnr died 1(4) Dec 1843 a24, grave401 – not in PRs
Mary Imeson’s burial is jotted in Barlow’s Notebook as 28 Oct 1852, in the burials register as 28 Sep 1852, and on the death certificate her death is recorded as 4 Oct 1852.  She was 30 years old, a labourer, daughter of John Imeson of Hutton who was present at her death of “hydrothorax certified”; deputy registrar Edwin James Wilson

Oddfellows Board:  Bro:  John Imison, Hutton, 14 Dec 1843, a24


DY 88 & ET 601:  Sarah Ingledew was a tenant of Philip Gowland in the Bay Horse area pre-1816

14 Apr 1828:  Margaret Cook married John Ingledew [witnesses:  Robt Whorlton, Saml Hebbron]

FT 30:  12 & 13 May 1830:  East Side:  John Kay of Hutton cartwright & others to Mark Barker & trustees:  house heretofore used as a coachhouse & formerly occ by James Ingledew, Mary Collyerson & Diana Swales, then by Elizabeth Farnaby, then by Charles Hall, then by Hannah Best, & now by Matthew Garbutt:  bounded by street to E, Mark Barker to W & S, Arthur Douglas to N

15 & 16 Feb 1830:  John Ingledew had occupied a house (or the north end of a house) which had lately been taken down and rebuilt by Edmund Taylor [East Side deeds]

James Ingledew was a former occupant of property, once used as a coachhouse, sold by Kay and Colebeck to Mark Barker in 1830

1841 Census:  James Ingledew 80 ag lab and Easter 70, Enterpen
1841 Census:  South Side:  Mary Cook 59 linen weaver, Margaret Brusby 32 linen weaver, Robert Ingledew 12 and Joseph Ingledew 5

Ann Ingledew died 13 Mar 1843 a24 grave216 – not in PRs

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