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John Stubbs' diaries (1853-60): people T to Y

These are my original working notes, made quite a few years ago in the days before broadband and easy access to census records etc.  I have done a certain amount of extra work in getting them ready to post here, so some of the entries are now up-to-date.

They include quotations from George Whitehead's Journals, ed. Helier Hibbs, which have been an invaluable resource for which I am very grateful. 

As with the A-Z of Hutton Rudby people, my accuracy is NOT guaranteed!  And I'm afraid they are not quite in alphabetical order.

William THOMPSON of London, auctioneer
husband of Sophy Hirst (qv)
William Thompson, an auctioneer of 4 Kings Road, Bedford Row, London. 
He was the son of James Thompson, a wine merchant.

Rev James? THOMPSON of LONDON and Bridlington
officiates at wedding of William Thompson and Sophy Hirst
Diary references:
J mentions him repeatedly in 1860:  he sees him at Mrs Charles’ in London.  Thompson makes visits to Yorkshire in the early summer, and stays at Bridge Foot before marrying Sophy in July

28 Feb 1860:  “Went with Sophy to Mr Thompsons & had luncheon with him”
12 Jul 1860:  “Sophy Hirsts wedding day    I was groomsman  went with the bridegroom & Mr Jas Thompson to Church at ¼ to 11   they got married   had lots of races &c   Had breakfast about ½ past 12   The bridal pair left about two   Had all sorts of games in the field after that .then Joe Steele & I rowed Miss Thompson Mr Jas Thompson & Mary Hirst to Westwick..”
Miss Thompson is still staying in Bbdge on July 24, when she comes with the Hirsts to tea at Bridge Foot
Mr Thompson of Bridlington Quay?  preaches at Bbdge Church morning and evening on July 15th

Parish Registers:  Boroughbridge
12 Jul 1860
William Thompson – 35 – bachelor  – auctioneer  – 4 Kings Road, Bedford Row, London –  (father)  James Thompson, wine merchant
Sophia Hirst – 22 – spinster – Boroughbridge –  (father) William Hirst, solicitor
by licence
witnesses:  William Hirst,  JR Stubbs, Dora Hirst,  HH Capes, Mary B Hirst
Diary references:
18 Sep 1858:      “went with Dora to meet Miss Thompson at the station...”
22 Sep 1858:    “Went to Uncle Hirst   Steele  his brother & Mary Sedgwick were there   stayed supper  Had a very pleasant evening  Miss Thompson of Hatfield was there”
28 Sep 1858:    “...to the train to meet the Hirsts & Miss Thompson coming from Duncombe Park...”

also see William Thompson

Robert THOMPSON of Aldborough
Diary references:
25 Sep 1856: “Walked to Aldbro to see Robert Thompson & Mr Holdsworth on business”

Pigots 1834
Whites 1840
Slaters 1849: in Boroughbridge,   
“Henry S Thompson, Esq, Moat Hall
Richard John Thompson, Esq, Kirby Hall”

Diary references:
3 Dec 1858:  “went with Joe & Capes to a sale at Thompsons of Langthorp of some property belonging to Mr Jno N Warwick”

Diary references:
27 Sep 1858:  “drove Uncle Hirsts Dog Cart with Sarah thro Ripon to Harrisons of Fountains respecting a horse of Sampsons of Langthorp  from there back to Ripon  from Ripon to Turners of Quarry Moor on whom I personally served a notice that if he did not return the money & take back the horse he would be sold by auction, when he offered to give Sampson £45 for the horse back or give him £15 to keep it...”

Diary references:
20 Aug 1856:  “..Rode the black horse to Settle  Went to John Tathams  Miss Hargers & the Terrace...”

Slaters 1849:       
“Savings Bank, Settle- John Tatham, jun secretary           
“Fire &c Office Agents:  Yorkshire, John Tatham & Son, and John Cowburn, Settle           
“Grocers & tea dealers:  John Tatham & Son, Settle           
“Linen & Woollen Drapers:  John Tatham & Son, Settle”

D TOMLINSON    of Giggleswick School
Diary references:
Giggleswick class lists 1853
8 Jun 1853:  “Had a bath at Stainforth Foss.  D Tomlinson jumped in off the Foss”

Slaters 1849:       
“Boot & Shoemakers:  Jonathan Tomlinson, Long Preston”

Miss TRISTRAM     of/in SETTLE
Diary references:
19 Aug 1856:  “...After tea Uncle & Aunt  Miss Tristram & Thos Stackhouse & I went to Billinger”
20 Aug 1856:  “Jack Ingleby  Old Ingleby [etc] Thos Stackhouse  Miss Tristram & Misses Preston of Settle took tea with us”
21 Aug 1856:  “Miss Tristram & Thos Stackhouse called”
4 Sep 1856:  “..Thos Stackhouse & I got 1 rabbit.........Miss Tristram & he had supper with us”
5 Sep 1856:  “Went to Thos Stackhouse’s.........said good bye to Miss Tristram...”

1851:  Stainforth under Bergh
Anthony, W, 69, landed proprietor, b Stainforth
Thomas    , son, 17, scholar, do.-
Ellen TRISTRAM     visitor, U, 33, b Islington

Mr William & Mrs Margaret WORKMAN of Doncaster
WORKMAN of Almholme
Margaret Workman was the daughter of George Henlock (John's great uncle) and Anne Clough.  She married William Workman in 1840.  She is referred to in the diaries as "Cousin Margaret Workman".

Diary references:   they visit Bbdge at least once or twice a year 1856-8, and Mr & Mrs Stubbs visit them.

Robert Crawshaw Workman, b 6 Jan 1805 bap 22 Apr, at Owston, York, son of Nathan & Mary

Leeds Intelligencer 26 Sep 1840: Marriages
Thursday last, at Knaresborough, Mr William Workman, of Adwick-le-Street, near Doncaster, to Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr George Henlock, late of the former place, merchant

Sheffield Independent 31 July 1847
On Thursday, at Arksey, Mr Charles James Fox, of Doncaster, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Nathan Workman, Esq., of Almholme, near Doncaster

11Jul 1856:  “Cousin Margaret Workman came from Redcar to stay at our house”
20 Jul 1857:  “Father & Mother set off for Doncaster”
24 Jul 1857:  “Father & Mother came home from Mrs Workmans”
25 Jun 1858:  “Mr & Mrs Workman left us [from visit]  they took Lizzie & Alice with them”

On 12 Jan 1859 J went to stay at "the Workmans" – who seem to be relations of William Workman, and who farmed at Almholme. 

He and attended a grand Christmas Ball at the Mansion House, Doncaster, with them, and a juvenile party at the Mansion House a couple of days later.  He went shooting, hunting and calling on people.  Mr Workman has a Dog Cart, grey horse, a horse ‘Jenny’, and a horse ‘Nancy’.  J takes rose trees as a present for Mrs Workman, and she gets him a dressing case, which he receives on 23 Dec.  Their niece Kate is staying there.

In June the Workmans visit Boroughbridge, and in October Mr Workman comes to the fair.

1851 Census: Adwick le Street, nr Doncaster
William Workman, 73, farmer 301 a b Owston
Margaret, 41, farmer's wife b Knaresborough
2 house and 4 farm servants

1851 Almholme, Bentley with Arksey
Robert C Workman, U, 40, Farmer of 500 acres emp 12, b Skellow
Mary Workman, mother, widow, 68, b Almholme
Robert W Hewitt, nephew, 16, b Skellow
2 house servants, 2 ag labs

1851 Census: last house in hamlet of Almholme, parish of
Bentley with Arksey
Mary A Hewitt, widow, 39, retired farmer's wife, b Skellow
dau Mary Ann, 10 and son Henry 8, both b Skellow and servant

Sheffield Independent 2 June 1860
Workman - On Sunday, at Almholme, near Doncaster, Mrs Workman, relict of Nathan Workman, Esq.,in the 78th year of her age

1861 Almholme hamlet
Robert Crawshaw Workman, 55, farmer of 1100 [?] acres employ 20 labs & b boys b Skellow
Margaret, wife, 51 b Knaresboro
Robert W Hewitt, U, nephew, b Skellow
Catherine Worrill Hewitt, niece, U, b Skellow
Henry Hewitt, nephew, 18, b Skellow
2 house servants

1871 Almholme hamlet
Robert C Workman, 65, landowner, farmer of 150 acres, 15 labourers, 6 boys and 5 women b Skellow
Margaret, wife, 62, b Knaresborough
Catherine W Hewitt, niece, U, 32, farmer's daughter b Skellow
Henry Hewitt, nephew, U, 28, farmer's son, b Skellow
2 servants

Sheffield Independent 15 Apr 1871
Workman, April 11, at Almholme, Margaret, wife of Mr R C Workman, aged 61

Robert Crawshaw Workman, b abt 1804, died Oct qtr 1878, Doncaster

JRS’ sister Lizzy married William Workman Dunhill of Doncaster, whose name suggests a family tie

Charles WALKER of Boroughbridge
Diary references:
20 May 1856:  “went to Charles Walkers”

1851 Boroughbridge
Charles Walker 37, Saddler (master) b Northallerton
Margaret, wife, 36, b Topcliffe.-

Mrs WARWICK of Boroughbridge
Diary references:
26 Mar 1856:  “I led the pony carr:e past Mrs Warwicks”

1851 Boroughbridge
Mary Warwick, W, 50, Victualler, b York
7 children aged 6 to 22, all b Boroughbridge

Mr WARWICK, Solicitor of Knaresborough
Diary references:
8 Nov 1859:  “Mr Capes & I drove to Knaresbro & purchd the practice of the late Mr Warwick Solr (for £300 to include the library & papers &c) who died the other day   Dined at Mr Waltons (Mrs Warwick’s brother)  got home about 8 at night”

John Naylor WARWICK, Maltster of BOROUGHBRIDGE          
Diary references:
10 Sep 1859:  “At night I went with John Warwick to his barn below Aldbro to meet Blackburn with his ferrets”

24 Jul 1860:  “Tom & I went with J N Warwick to his brickyards”
2 Nov 1860:  “J N Warwick & I went shooting to Helperby”
5 Dec 1860:  “Rode with J N Warwick to Knaresbro”

10 Sep 1860:  “Rd Hirst ... & I drove with John Warwick to his farm shooting”
25 Sep 1860:  “Went with Warwick to his Aldbro farm shooting”
26 Sep 1860:  “Went with Mr Warwick to Knaresbro”

1851 Boroughbridge
John N Warwick, 31, Porter Merchant & Farmer of 60 acres emp 5 men b Boroughbridge
Frances M, 29, wife b Ripon

WALKER of Giggleswick School
Diary references:
Giggleswick class lists 1853

Miss WISDOM of Ouseburn
Diary references:
18 Apr 1857:  “Two Misses Howe  Miss Wisdom  Miss Lockey  Mrs Pick & Richd Paver were at Aunt Anns   I sent them a short way home”
19 Apr 1857:  “After [Gt Ouseburn] church at night I set Mrs Howe  Miss Wisdom  two Misses Howe  Miss Lockey & Rd Paver past the workhouse”
Squire WOOD of Skelton   
Diary references: visited frequently by JRS, Smallwood and others 1856-8

Miss & Miss Jane & Richard WALBURN
Diary references:
7 May 1859:  “to Stotts to tea   Miss & Miss Jane Walburn & Rd W.  Miss Kyme & Miss Eliza Kyme were there   we went out into a field & played Tessey & after that we had a polka in the house  Had a very pleasant evening  got home about ½ past ten”

Tithe Map c1840
Thomas Walburn let to Thomas Iddeson a 100a farm

Thomas YEATES of Langthorpe
Diary references:
9 Jan 1857:  “Joe Tom & I went with Joe Barker & his ferrets to Langthorp   got 2 rats in Thomas Yeates’ stackyard”

Whites 1840: “Thomas Yeates, farmer, Langthorpe”

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