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John Stubbs' diaries (1853-60): people E to F

These are my original working notes, made quite a few years ago in the days before broadband and easy access to census records etc.  I have done a certain amount of extra work in getting them ready to post here, so some of the entries are now up-to-date.

They include quotations from George Whitehead's Journals, ed. Helier Hibbs, which have been an invaluable resource for which I am very grateful. 

As with the A-Z of Hutton Rudby people, my accuracy is NOT guaranteed!  And I'm afraid they are not quite in alphabetical order.

Diary references:
3 Oct 1856: “ Crawshaws to have tea...Leond [etc] were there Mrs Elgood  it was rather sticky”
14 Oct 1856: “ Miss Stotts...Mrs Elgood & Mrs Crawshaw...&c &c....”

Emma ETESON of/in  Knaresborough
Diary references:
9 Jul 1855: “ Emma Eteson &c to tea”
14 Oct 1856:  “ Miss Stotts...Emma Eteson & Jacob...&c &c”
15 Oct 1856: “ Mrs Powells party  Had cards  Emma Eteson & I played Joe & Miss Smith”
21 Oct 1856: “ Humburton..had a large party  Emma Eteson was there  had a jolly dance”

20 Jan 1857:  “Mother was at Mrs Powells at tea.  Mrs Eteson of Knaresboro was there”

Diary references:
21 Sep 1857:  “ Uncle Wms  Lascelles & wife  Miss Hddon  Howe & wife  Old Pick & wife  Richd Paver  Ellison & wife were there”

Diary references:
31 Aug 1856:    “went to Langcliffe Church where I saw Jane & Sally Edmondson & Robinson”
2 Sep 1856:    “called at Edmondsons   saw dear Sally”

Whites 1837:        “Attorneys:  Edmondson & Cowburn, Market Place, Settle”
Slaters 1849:        “Attorneys:  Cowburn, John, Settle”
Post Office 1857:    “Mrs Sarah Edmundson, Market Place, Settle”

Tithe Map c1840
Sarah Edmondson is a tenant of Mary Ann Shepherd, at TM no 74.  This is on Church Street, in the area where Mrs Ann Redmayne (Mrs Robert) is living at the time of the Census.  Mrs Edmondson appears to have moved from there at some time between the Tithe Map and 1851, to somewhere in the south-eastern block of the Market Place

1851: Settle:  Market Place                [p 58]
Sarah Edmondson, head, W, 44, annuitant, b Lancaster [?Warton]
daughters Jane 19, Ellen 17, Sarah 12 and son Christopher 15 (all b Settle)
Lodgers – scholars: R.H. Kilby 18, b Wakefield; Arthur Dunn 16 b Scarbro; Benjamin Hinde 18 b Featherstone
and servant Judith Foster 22

General histories etc:
“The churches of the deanery of North Craven”:  the first interment in Settle church was in 1839 - Christopher Edmondson, solicitor, of Settle

John Cowburn is a neighbour of Isabella Henlock, at The Terrace, in 1851 [p39]

Diary references:
30 Apr 1856:  “Went..with Joe to Charlotte Farmerys to ask her to let them anchor the boat of her field end”

Slaters 1849:    “Taverns & public houses:  Fox & Hounds, Charlotte Farmery, Langthorpe”

Humphrey Fletcher of Minskip was a partner in the Boroughbridge Bank

Diary references:
3 Mar 1856:  “ meet Aunt Hirst  Mama & Aunt Bell coming from Mrs Fletchers of Minskip”
13 Apr 1857:  “..rode Joe’s mare to Minskip to inquire after Mrs Fletcher”

3 May 1859:  “Walked with Uncle on business to Mrs Fletchers of Minskip”

calls on Mrs Fletcher once in July 1860

Pigots 1834: “Humphrey Fletcher, Minskip”
Slaters 1849: “Mrs Arabella Fletcher, Minskip”

1851: Borobridge:  Minksip Lodge
Arabella Fletcher, widow, 63, Proprietor of land etc, b Ripon
three servants

worked for Stubbs family

Diary references:
3 Jun 1856:  “Mary Dixon & Sophy were set by Fletcher to Sampsons”
6 Jun 1856:  “Fletcher drove Dora & Mary Stubbs”
27 Jun 1856:  “Fletcher bro.t. back the dog cart”
27 Jun 1857:  “..went to Taitlands  Fletcher drove us to Starbeck”

Miss Mary Fretwell kept a boarding and day school in Boroughbridge.  Her father was Lieut John Fretwell, a timber merchant, and they were related to the Stott family.  In the 1881 Census Miss Fretwell, aged 63, still kept her school at “New Street Ivy House”; a teacher Miss Lonsdale, aged 30, was also in the house.

The Story of Boroughbridge and of two Versatile Clerics at the Church of St James in the C19 (1987) by Kathleen M Reynolds:  John Fretwell was managing clerk to the Boroughbridge Bank.  His son Richard was proprietor of The Crown and on his death in 1811 his brother-in-law Dr Hugh Stott took it over.

Miss Fretwell and Miss Calder are on several occasions to be found in the diaries having tea with Mary.  “Miss Calder Aunt Bell & Dora were having tea at our house   It was thought rather rude my going out to tea” wrote John in March 1856.  Miss Calder is mentioned the more frequently, on a dozen occasions, and John noted in his diary years later that his nephew Joseph William in 1898 married Miss Isabel Maud Calder, daughter of Rev Wm Calder, at Kingston upon Thames, which suggests there was some family connection between the two Misses Calder of different generations

Diary references:
21 Jan 1856:  “...Miss Stott  Miss Fretwell Sophy & Aunt Bell to tea”
9 Jul 1856:  “At night Edwin Charles Clarke  Steele  Miss Ruth Stott & Miss Fretwell & I rowed up as far as Mulwith”
[etc  often at parties]

    mentioned 3 times in 1857, not in 1858-60

Pigots 1834:        “Fretwell, Lieut John, Borobridge”
Slaters 1849:        “Academies & Schools: Fretwell, Mary Ruth (boarding & day),

1851: Borobridge
Jane Fretwell (64), pensioner as a naval officer's widow, b Stokesley & daughter Mary R Fretwell (35) b Borobridge

Parish Registers:
bap:25 Jan 1817, Mary Jane, dau: of John & Jane Fretwell, Bbdge, timber merchant, Borobridge:
bap: 3 Oct 1824, Charlotte, dau: of John & Jane Fretwell, gentleman

General histories etc:
“Records of a Yorkshire Manor” by Sir Thos Lawson Tancred 1937
In 1779 Sir Thomas Tancred conveys to Mr John Fretwell those 5 several mess: &c in Bbdge occupied by Francis Naylor, W Naylor, John Stead, Matthew Glenton and Hugh Stott.

Aldbro PR’s:  15 May 1810:  Hugh Stott = Dorothy Fretwell, spinster; witnesses:  Elizabeth [Stead], Dorothy Hirst, Richard Fretwell, Jno Fretwell

Mrs & Mrs William FOSTER of LANGCLIFFE

Diary references:
16 Aug 1856: “drove Sophy Jane & Aunt to Langcliffe...saw Mrs Wm Foster”
19 Aug 1856: “went to Billy Bowskills  Wm Foster was there”

26 Aug 1856: “saw Mr Foster...asked me to go & spend tomorrow with him”
27 Aug 1857:    “did not go to Horton it was so wet   Wrote to Mrs Foster to fix tomorrow if fine”
29 Aug 1856:    “went to Horton to Fosters but they were both out”
30 Aug 1856:    “got up early to go to Horton but met Mr Foster going from home so I turned             back with him & said I would go on Monday”
1 Sep 1856:   
“went to Mr Fosters at Horton  Mrs Foster gave me some sandwiches  I shot 10 very wet about the legs....Mrs Foster lent me a pair of trowsers  stockings & shoes  We dined at six  had beef a brace of grouse  plumb pudding &c”
2 Sep 1856:    “Mrs Foster of Horton called at Taitlands”

6 Dec 1858:  “Aunt Redmayne & Harry came to Bradford & James Foster came to us”

10 Oct 1859:  “...with Uncle & Thos Stackhouse to Austwick Wood to shoot   Mr Foster  Mr Ingleby  John Ingleby  Robt Hargraves  Thos Clapham  Joe Birkbeck  Thos Stackhouse  John Hartley  Uncle & I were there.  We shot 46 hares  17 pheasants & 18 rabbits   We all dined at Thos Claphams at 7 o’clock”

JAMES FOSTER is mentioned March to May 1860 in London

Post Office 1857:    “Attorney:  at Townhead, William Foster, Union clk, h in Langcliffe”

Mr Fawcett & Mr Fawcett, clergymen
Diary references:
31 Aug 1859:  “ trip to Scarbro  Waited 4 hours at Pilmoor  Got to Scarbro about 2 o’clock    Michl Smith of BB, Miss Lambert  Chr Lambert   Fawcett & his sister all of Helperby went...”
8 Sep 1859:  “to Helperby... Miss Ellen Fawcett  Tom Roulston & Richd went with me to the train”
13 Sep 1859:  “.. to Helperby ... Rd Hirst & Miss Fawcett set me to the station...”

8 Jan 1860:  “Mg & evg to the new church at Knaresbro  Mr Fawcetts eldest son preached in the mg & his youngest son at night”

1851 Census, Helperby
William Fawcett U 29 Landed proprietor b Ampleforth
Ellen Fawcett, sister 14, b Brafferton
and housekeeper

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