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John Stubbs' diaries (1853-60): people L to M

These are my original working notes, made quite a few years ago in the days before broadband and easy access to census records etc.  I have done a certain amount of extra work in getting them ready to post here, so some of the entries are now up-to-date.

They include quotations from George Whitehead's Journals, ed. Helier Hibbs, which have been an invaluable resource for which I am very grateful. 

As with the A-Z of Hutton Rudby people, my accuracy is NOT guaranteed!  And I'm afraid they are not quite in alphabetical order.

Diary references:
8 Sep 1855:  “Aunt Bell  Mrs Lascelles & Miss Haydn called”
10 Sep 1855:  “Took Aunt Bell to illeg  Supped Lascelles
21 Sep 1857:  “ Uncle Wms   Lascelles & wife ..[etc]..were there”

20 Mar 1859:  “ Uncle Picks.   Aunt Bell came with Mr Lascelles governess (Miss Welch) & one of Lascelles boys to Church at night  Aunt Bell stayed at Uncle Picks   I set the Governess home to Little Ouseburn but I did not go in”
24 Apr 1859:  “Had tea at Aunt Bells   Two Miss Lascelles & the Governess were there”
12 Nov 1859:  “BB Hirings  Mr & Mrs Lascelles  Mr & Mrs Henlock & Mr & Mrs Pick dined with us”

1851: Gt Ouseburn
Edward R Lascelles 42    vicar of Little Ouseburn    b Surrey       
Frances        46    wife        
Catherine     8     [all children b Little Ouseburn]                       
Anna         7                           
Charles     5                           
John W        4                           
Arthur        2                       
Egbert        9mths                       
Elizabeth May    U    20    cook   
Betsey Glossop    U    29    nurse   
Elizabeth Mark    U    15    housemaid

George Whitehead’s Journal:
Revd Robert Edward LASCELLES & Fanny Watson  Married  Dec 7th 1841
Charles Edward Lascelles son of E R Lascelles b May 9th 1845
Mr Lascelles got first gig they ever had  May 25th 1846
Mr Lascelles Drop’d down in a sick fit in the reading desk at Church Feb 11th 1849
Lascelles got their first governess viz Miss Chapman  Sept 6th  a south countrywoman  1851
Revd Edward Robert Lascelles vicar of Little Ouseburn d Aug 6th a55     years (he was the vicar at         L.O. about 27 yrs)  1864
Mrs Lascelles sale at L.O. Mar 28th  they left L.O. & went to live at Bbdge Apr 6th 1865
Charles Lascelles got to be Bbdge Post Master, spring of 1870
Charles Lascelles & --  Married 1880
Mrs Lascelles d Feb 16 a78 yrs  1884
Chas Ed Lascelles son of Ouseburn late clergyman d Jan 3rd a46 yrs  1892

The children of the Revd Lascelles are frequently mentioned in the 1870s letters from Mrs Mary Stubbs.  Three of the Lascelles children were to die before they reached the age of 27 and Charles Lascelles, who became Boroughbridge postmaster in 1870, was taken very ill in 1873 with what seems to have been a stroke in his mid twenties.  Charles recovered, and in the 1881 Census is to be found in Harrogate, working as a solicitor’s managing clerk.  His mother and sister Anna are in the same household; Anna sometimes went on holiday with the Stubbs family. 

Mr LAWSON of Boroughbridge
Andrew Sherlock LAWSON
Diary references: (goes on business - inc..)
9 Feb 1856:  “Went to Mr Lawsons with 2 petitions”
6 Oct 1856:  “Went to Mr Lawsons to try two men for begging”
2 Jan 1857:  “went to a party at Owens met the illeg & the Lawsons”

23 Nov 1858:  “drove [a surveyor of Post Office to Helperby] in Uncle Hirst’s Dog Cart   Had luncheon at Mr Roger Butterys & had old port & claret at Mr Lawsons”

22 Jul 1859:  “at the Cricket Ground where Mr Rhodes’ 11 played Lawsons 11  but the former had the better of it”

4 Aug 1860:  “went to the White Horse to a sale of property at Roecliffe by the Trustees under the Will of the late Mr Lawson”

Pigots 1834:       
“Lawson, Andrew esq (magistrate)           
“Lawson, Mrs Barbara Isabella, Boroughbridge Hall”

Slaters 1849:       
“Andrew Lawson Esq (magistrate), Boroughbridge Hall”
Post Office 1857:    
in acting magistrates for West Riding:             
“Andrew Sherlock Lawson, esq, Aldborough Hall, Boroughbridge”

Kellys 1908:        
Andrew Lawson, Aldborough Hall; John C W Smith, Boroughbridge Hall

Tithe Map c1840:  major landowner, Borobridge, including the Hall

General histories etc:
“Records of a Yorkshire Manor” by Sir Thos Lawson-Tancred 1937         
The Wilkinson family built Boroughbridge Hall.  They purchased the site of the manor of Boroughbridge from the Tancreds in 1659.
Early in the C19, the Rev James Wilkinson, last of the Wilkinsons of Bbdge Hall, died leaving his property to his niece, who had married the Rev Marmaduke Lawson.  Marmaduke Lawson died 1815.  His son  Andrew Lawson (1800-1850) built the present Aldbro Manor in 1825, by adding on to an existing house called Aldbro Lodge.  He had come to live there soon after his marriage to Marianne Gooch in 1823.  His mother, Mrs Barbara Isabella Lawson, was living in Boroughbridge Hall at this point, and up to her death in 1834 (or 1838?).  After Mr Lawson bought the manorial rights in 1850 the Lodge became known as Aldbro Manor.  [This is not reflected in the Directory entries?]

Isabella Bird (Mrs Bishop) the noted Victorian traveller was born at Boroughbridge Hall 15 Oct 1831.  So presumably Mrs Lawson was not living in the hall at this point

There are two Miss Lawsons he meets at parties in 1856

George Whitehead’s Journal:
Andrew Sherlock LAWSON heir of A S Lawson Aldbro born Feby 22 1855
Mr Lawson Aldbro died May 22  aged 47 years  1872

Diary references:
31 May 1856:  “...drove Mary Stubbs & Dora to Humberton to call   M. Dison & Sophy walked  we then drove on to Mr Leafs of Spellow Grange   made a call & retd”

4 May 1858:  “Walked with Sd to Leafs of Spellow   got leave to shoot rabbits” [went 4 times that month, 4 times in June]
5 Jul 1858:  “At Night Sd & I walked round by Spellow & Staveley  called at Mr Leafs”

In 1859, J goes on half a dozen occasions to Mr Leaf’s, & has porter with him on 23 July

Not mentioned in 1860

George Whitehead’s Journals:
Edward LEAF Spellow Grange near Staveley d Nov aged 75  1865
Mrs Leaf sale at Spellow Grange Apr 2nd & 3rd 1866

Diary references:
18 Apr 1857:  “.....Two Misses Howe  Miss Wisdom  Miss Lockey Mrs Pick & Richd Paver were at Aunt Anns  I sent them a short way home”
19 Apr 1857:  “After [Gt Ouseburn] church at night I set Mrs Howe Miss Wisdom  two Misses Howe  Miss Lockey & Rd Paver past the workhouse”
13 Oct 1857:  “went to the Concert   Heard Mrs & Mr Lockey sing...”

J meets Miss Lockey twice at Grassgills in 1860

Thomas LUND                of/in    BOROUGHBRIDGE
Diary references: eg
14 Jun 1856:  “... to the Station met with Thos Lund  set him nearly to Kirby Hill Lane”
13 Feb 1857:  “ Norton to young Rich Walburns  Thos Lund was there”
16 Feb 1857:  “..Joe & I took Pincher & Button to Thos Lund’s..”
26 Sep 1857:  “..walked to Broom Close   Thos Lund was from home”
13 Sep 1858:  “ ½ past nine I drove Smallwood in Uncles Dog Cart to Dishforth   from there to Norton to Thos Lunds...” [Sd to leave for Scarboro 15 Sep]
6 Jul 1859:  “ Norton le Clay  from there a very nice party (who were at Thos Lunds wedding yesterday) of us went on an omnibus to hack Fall & a very jolly day we had  Miss Lund was there (a very nice girl)”
15 Sep 1859:  “went to meet Thos Lund & his bride at Miss Stotts”

No mention in 1860

Christopher LAMBERT               

Diary references:
19 Feb 1856:  “a party to Mrs Rogers [Buttery]....[.Miss Lambert among those present]”
31 Aug 1859:  “ trip to Scarbro  Waited 4 hours at Pilmoor  Got to Scarbro about 2 o’clock    Michl Smith of BB, Miss Lambert  Chr Lambert  Fawcett & his sister all of Helperby went...”

Slaters 1854:       
Brewers:  William Lambert, Helperby

Wilson LAMBERT of/in    Boroughbridge
Diary references:
13 Oct 1856:  “At Night Uncle Hirst gave me a ticket to the Concert (Singers Miss Barwick & Miss Newbound  Mrs Wilson Lambert & Delavanti)  It was very nice  All passed off well”

Diary references:
14 May 1859:  “At noon Steele  Capes Joe & I went to Chr Lofthouses stable to see a corpse which was found in the canal”

Slaters 1854       
“Taverns & public houses:  Grantham Arms, Langthorpe, Christopher Lofthouse”

Diary references:
22 Oct 1853:  “Spent the day at Taitlands  H & Mr Lee came”

Thomas Lee, aged 47 in 1851, master blacksmith in Settle

LEEMING of Giggleswick School
Diary references:
Giggleswick class lists 1853

Diary references:
16 Aug 1856:  “...went to Settle  saw Old Loewe & came home”

LUPTON of Giggleswick School
Diary references:
Giggleswick class lists 1853

Diary references:
Friday 24 Jul 1857:  “At night went to Church  Revd Arthur Maister preached”

Diary references:
6 May 1857:  “ Mr Michael Smiths   Two Misses Milthorp were there”
8 May 1857:  “ M L Smiths...Miss Mary Milthorp & I played [cards]”
12 May 1857:  “ Uncles   Miss Milnthorp  Mrs M Smith & Miss Fretwell were there”

Elizabeth (53) Fowler (31) Joseph (33) and William (47) Milthorpe are in the 1851 Boroughbridge Census Index, fol 254

Diary references:
19 Jun 1857:  “Edwin Mitchell came to Barnaby   Jas Morley & he dined with us...Edwin Mitchell slept in my room”
20 Jun 1857:  “Mr Barroby & Edwin Mitchell dined with us”
17 Jun 1858:  “Edwin Mitchell dined with us”

15 Nov 1860:  “business to Wetherby  Dined at the Market Table at The Angel  Edwin Mitchell was there”

Slaters 1849:       
“Mitchell, John, bookseller, stationer & printer, Borobridge”

John (69) John (29) and Anne (27) are in the 1851 Boroughbridge Census Index

Mr John MITCHELL  at Barnaby Fair
Diary references:
22 Jun 1857:  “After dinner Mr John Mitchell & I had a walk in the fair”

Diary references:
16 Jan 1856:  “Bessie [Carass] went to ask Miss Eagle a Clairvoyant Lady at Mrs Morrells about Uncle Henlocks”

12 May 1857:  “Capes & Jane set off in Mrs Morrells Cab to Joes Wedding”
14 Aug 1857:  “...with Capes  Jane  Sophy  Hebe & Nelly to Joes in Morrells Cab”
2 Feb 1857:  “Capes & I went to sale of books at the White Horse”

22 Feb 1858:  “At Night Sd & I & Joe went in Morrells phaeton to H.E.Clarks evening party”
10 Mar 1858:  “Smallwd & I went about 3 o’clock in Morrells phaeton to Ripon”
29 Jul 1858:  “At Night Sd  Aunt Bell   Fanny Stubbs & I drove Mrs Morrells phaeton to Uncle Picks”
8 Sep 1858:  “At One o’clock Sd & I drove Mrs Morrells phaeton to Starbeck   went on by train to Leeds”
29 Oct 1858:  “Went to dine with the Borobridge Jury at Mrs Morrells where we had a splendid dinner   left about 5 o’clock”

11 Feb 1859:  [Morrells Dog Cart]
15 Nov 1859:  [Morrells Omnibus]

14 Aug 1860:  “Rd Hirst & I rowed Tom Morrell his children & his wifes sister to Westwick”

Pigots 1834:       
“Porter Merchants:  Morrell, Joseph, Boroughbridge”           
“Inns at Boroughbridge:  White Horse, Mary Morrell”   
“Subscription News Room, White Horse Inn - Wm Hogg, secretary”

Whites 1840
Slaters 1849: “White Horse (& excise office)  Mary Morrell”

He never indicates where the newsroom is, but likely still to have been at the White Horse

William, Hugh & Miss MARRINER of/in    SETTLE area
The Marriners were related to the Redmaynes.  Miss Mary Redmayne “gentlewoman annuitant” lived at Clapham (Yorkshire) with her niece Miss Mary Marriner.  John Marriner was the vicar of Clapham from 1841 to 1876. 

Diary references:
Giggleswick class lists 1853

In Payments section 1853 diary:  “Mrs J Marriner, 12 South Place, Finsbury, London”
21 Aug 1856:  “Wm Marriner & Hugh came to tea”
2 Sep 1856:  “..went to Clapham had tea with Miss Marriner  Miss R  Mrs M & Mr Marriner were out”

3 Oct 1859:  “Uncle [Redmayne] went to Clapham Fair    Aunt   Henry  Lizzie & I went to Clapham in the large carriage   I drove there  We had dinner & tea at Miss Redmaynes   Called at the vicarage & Miss Ingleby’s & had some good fun in the fair  Hy Marriner was at home”
20 Nov 1859:  “Uncle Wm had a letter to say Miss Marriner was dead”

Censuses: 1851
Clapham with Newby:
Redmayne    Mary    head    U    59    gentlewoman annuitant    b Yks, Ingleton
Marriner    Mary    niece    U    47    do.-                do.-
Walker        Ellen    serv    U    37    cook                b Lancs
Flemming    Sarah    serv    U    21    house servant            b Westmorland

General histories etc:    “The Craven & North West Yorkshire Highlands” by Harry Speight 1892
The incumbent of Clapham Vicarage 1841-76:  John Marriner

Diary references:
21 Mar 1856:  “...walked to Ouseburn  Bell Baldwin & her little girl  Mary Metcalf  Aunt & Uncle Henlock were at Uncle Picks..”
24 Mar 1856:  “...walked to Ouseburn to see the Craven party mentd on the 21st”
26 Mar 1856:  “...went home to dinner at 2 o’clock as the Ouseburn party mentd above came to dine at our house”
27 Mar 1856:  “ Aunt Bells to meet the Ouseburn party”
29 Mar 1856:  “Bell Baldwin Mary Metcalf & I walked up to Uncle Wms”
5 Apr 1856:  “Called Bell Baldwin & Mary Metcalf up went into their bedroom & had a little talk  I then wished them good bye as they were going away”
14 Apr 1856:  “I read the letters they [Uncle & Aunt Pick] had had fom Bell Baldwin  Mary Metcalf & Mary Jane”
27 Aug 1856:  “Sophy & I went to the [Settle] station with Leonard in the pony carre   called for Mary Metcalfe as we came back.....James took Mary home at night”

Redmayne    Ann    head    W    62    stamp distributor    b Lancs, Tunstal
Metcalfe    Mary    dau:    U    39    at home        do.-        Church St.

cf Ann Redmayne

John's grandmother was Jane Morley (1794-1833)                  
Diary references: eg
14 Jun 1857:  “Called at Morley’s   Annie was from home”
4 Dec 1857:  “At night went to Langthorp  Mary & Charlotte Smith  Miss Morley and Annie & Jacob Smith   Leond Sedgwick & Mary were there”
9 Dec 1857:  “Spent evening at Uncle Hirsts   Miss & Annie Morley were there”
10 Dec 1857:  “Miss Morley  Miss Annie  Dora & Sophy had dinner tea & supper at our house”
15 Aug 1858: [while staying at Baldersby] “Mrs C Barroby  Annie Morley & I walked to Skipton church in the morning..”

12 Jun 1859:  “[at Baldersby]  in the afternoon I went to see Annie Morley”

J sees Annie twice in 1860

Tithe Map c1840:    Dishforth
Thomas Morley had 130a in hand, & a Crown tenant also, holding the better part of 150a from the Crown, and also gardens, woodyard & a house which he held with the Rev Thos Paley (probably therefore trustees)

John's grandmother was Jane Morley (1794-1833)                  
Diary references:
19 Jun 1857:  “Edwin Mitchell came to Barnaby   Jas Morley & he dined with us”
15 Aug 1858:  [while staying at Baldersby] “I walked home with James & Annie Morley”
25 Oct 1858:  “Mr Chr Barroby  Mr Jas Morley  Uncle Wm  Uncle Pick & Mr Miles Rainforth dined with us - at noon was in the fair with Uncle Pick”

Post Office 1857:        Baldersby:  Morley, James, farmer

John's grandmother was Jane Morley (1794-1833)   
Diary references:
28 Nov 1857:  “At Night had tea at Uncles   Miss & Miss Annie Morley of Effingham were there”
29 Nov 1857:  “Miss Morley   Annie & I had a walk on the Common”

4 Jul 1859:  “at Sedgwicks  ... Annie Morley of Effingham”

22 May 1860:  “Went by train to Dorking   Mr Morley met me half way in the Dog Cart & I went on to Effingham  Mrs Morley Jane Lizzie Fanny Bill & Mr Morley were at home...”
J goes to watch the Derby with Bill & Mr Morley, and travels north with Bill on 26 May, Bill going to Humburton, which suggests they are related to the Yorkshire Morleys

Diary references:
13 Nov 1855:  “Helped Thos Mason with steam thrashing machine  rode down with Chas mason to Mr Barrobys men on B.B. Road”

9 Feb 1856:  “At Night went with Mr Capes to Dishforth to hear a little more about Cousin Marks Horse Cause    Mr Charles Mason & John Appleton were there”
20 Jun 1856:  “...was in the fair   Thos Mason of Dishforth & Chas dined with us”
4 Oct 1856:  “Mr Barroby & Chas Mason came & I went back with them........we all went to Chas Mason’s to tea   Thos Mason came in after”

18 Jan 1857:  “[at Barrobys’]  After [Dishforth] Church   Thos Mason & Chas   Cousin Mark & I had a walk”

18 Jun 1859:  “At noon in the fair.  Thos & Chas Mason  Peter Stevenson jr  Uncle Redmayne & Uncle Wm dined with us”
J met Charles at Tom Mason’s in Oct 1860

Diary references:
13 Nov 1855:  “Helped Thos Mason with steam thrashing machine  rode down with Chas mason to Mr Barrobys men on B.B. Road”

20 Jun 1856:  “...was in the fair   Thos Mason of Dishforth & Chas dined with us”
21 Jun 1856:  “Thos Mason & I went out & shot a Leverite”
22 Jun 1856:  “I had tea with Thos Mason”
6 Jul 1856:  “At night Thos Mason  Cousin Mark & I walked up to Windsor Castle from there on to the Moor & home   went & sat with Thos Mason a short time & then went home”
4 Oct 1856:  “Mr Barroby & Chas Mason came & I went back with them........we all went to Chas Mason’s to tea   Thos Mason came in after”

18 Jan 1857:  “[at Barrobys’]  After [Dishforth] Church   Thos Mason & Chas   Cousin Mark & I had a walk.   I had tea with Thomas Mason”
19 Jul 1857:  “Thomas Mason had tea with us”

11 Jun 1859:  “drove to Dishforth ... called to see Thos Mason”
18 Jun 1859:  “At noon in the fair.  Thos & Chas Mason  Peter Stevenson jr  Uncle Redmayne & Uncle Wm dined with us”
J mentions Tom Mason twice in 1860

Whites 1840: Dishforth:  John & Thos Mason

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